About Us

“Respect each other and Never stop learning”
“I did not realise I love bread until I lived in Malaysia. I used to eat
bread everyday when I was in Japan, however, once I moved to
Malaysia, I rarely eat bread until I got involved with the business
chance of doing own bakery.”
Tomohisa Haraguchi
Managing Director of Pan Kobo Cafe

Pan Kobo Cafe Introduction

Pan means Bread in Japanese; Kōbō means workshop. A straight forward name that means bakery in Japanese.

We mainly focus on in-house produces daily freshly baked additive free artisan bread.

We produce 12 types of doughs daily from European Bread to Asian type sweet bread.

We strongly go for original so we cook our own recipe fillings and toppings.

We deliver and supply our bread to some mini marts and cafes around the town. In addition, we aim to provide consultation service for set up mini bakery and food & beverage business. We are developing our products to frozen packaging in order to achieve highly demand from customers in business and end customers.


1.    Through the spirit of high-level service, we can achieve the deep understanding among people.

2.    Enable individual self to compose “feeling, thought, practice” into a complete and unique own self.

3.    Building a warm and helpful platform to let people feel their owned affluence through giving and contributing, and alternating negative attitudes.

4.    Humanity contribute to world.


“Be part of people’s daily life, to let everyone in the world can share joy of having physical and mental of good health.”

With heartfelt passion, to achieve a healthy lifestyle

After prudent of selection, Pan Kobo Cafe’s location is decided to be at Horizon Hills, where the air is fresh and the environment is elegant, a place that providing greenery and comfortable space for people who have busy lifestyle.

Pan Kobo’s technique introduced from Japan to Malaysia, the original purpose of Pan Kobo has not changed, it aims to produce natural and delicious bread. which do not use chemical additives to achieve gorgeous appearance that to cover or affect the most primitive nutrition and taste of ingredients.

Since the very beginning, we insist not using any chemical colorings, preservatives, softeners or any chemical additives that with no health benefit to make the dough. In addition, we cook our own fillings and sauces to achieve our uniqueness and the best food quality. We believe only naturally fermented and additive-free bread can become a part of people’s daily lifestyle, and we determined to provide to Malaysia residents with daily fresh bread.

With a delicate and warmth welcoming Japanese style baking culture, we hope that these natural

breads will create a healthy lifestyle for people, and through the sincere service, ignite the frame of happiness within everyone’s ordinary life.

Our advantages

“Respect each other and Never stop learning”