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★Pumpkin Bread★ for Holidays and Halloween! ~Bread Series #3~(EP142)

Today I’m going to be making pumpkin bread. 

I’ve been making the recipe at this time of the year for long periods.

I have some more Meal prep video but set aside for the pumpkin bread.

I love making them because of the shape!  How adorable!  Kids love it!

It might take a little bit longer time to shape but totally worth it.

And it’s so delicious.

Full recipe:

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Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo japanese everyday food Today i'm going to be making pumpkin Bread I've been making this recipe at this Time of the year I have some more meal prep video but set Aside for the pumpkin bread I love making them because of the shape How adorable It is kids love it it might take a Little bit longer time to shape it But totally was it and it is so Delicious Fluffy and sweet but not too sweet so With roasted pork or chicken that would Be so nice For the autumn table i found some videos Making into pumpkin shapes with the Kitchen strings and i Gave it a try as well let's see what Happens in the end Let's get started you can use pumpkin or Squash Whatever you have on your hand first Let's cook the pumpkin I am using the japanese kabocha squash If you don't want to use the microwave Steam or boil In the pot while cooking let's prepare The ring mold Grease inside with the butter wrap your Finger with the plastic wrap and Take a generous amount of butter and

Grease the inside Crack your egg and beat until the yolks And egg quite well combined We need 30 grams and save the rest for The egg wash Take off the skin from the pumpkin and Keep the rest for the Later use we need 100 grams of pumpkin Puree If you are using a canned pumpkin puree Add rice milk as i indicated today i Also make sweet pumpkin bread I mix the rest of the kabocha squash Puree with the White bean paste i make it into a Cylinder And rub in a plastic and set aside Mix all the wet ingredients together Add bread flour and salt and sugar in a Bowl And mix well Add instant dry yeast and mix i always Told you Salt and sugar might deactivate the Yeast So do not add at the same time add wet Ingredients into dry In two to three parts and mix to combine Add more milk if needed When you hold the dough and if the Consistency is like Play dough it is okay to proceed Take out onto the working surface and Start kneading

Do you remember my kneading position Of the feet and shoulders watch my cream Pan video After three to four minutes of kneading The dough Becomes elastic and smooth like this and When you pinch the dough And it stretches like paper thing the Time to add the butter when you add the Butter The dough will fall apart but it comes Together In a couple of minutes After adding the butter the dough Becomes more elastic And shiny like this shape it into a bowl And put it back in the bowl Cover with plastic and let it rise Until double in box at the wrong place It took 15 minutes at 30 degrees celsius Let me check the fermentation went right Or not Poke the dough with your dusted four Finger in the center The dough stay as it is it's okay to go If the whole shrinks leave 10 minutes Longer Divide the dough into four pieces of 60 Gram And leave the rest shape into both And cover with wrap to prevent from Drying To make a small pumpkin take 1 60 gram Dough

And shape into a log [Music] Cut into six equal portions Shape into a bowl and put them in a Prepared ring The dough is so small it's not easy to Stretch the surface But have fun with that maybe your kids Love to help For larger pumpkin i'm using 12 Centimeter In diameter cake tin we need 12 pieces Of 15 grams dough Keep the rest for the tasting This is how i tried the pumpkin shaped Bread with the kitchen strings This is 30 grams of dough with 20 grams Pumpkin and white bean paste Inside take a one meter long string So clean oil to prevent from sticking Get your string around the dough and Cross on top And go another way to go around and Repeat two more times and tie It loosely on top Line them on a baking tray and cover With the plastic wrap to prevent from Drying Leave it on a warm place about 30 Minutes Until double in bulk brush the egg On the surface put it in a 190 degree celsius oven for 10 minutes Or until golden brown on the surface

Rotate the pen halfway through How adorable they are but here's the Problem How can i take out the strings snip off The strings At the bottom and top and take out like Pulling out i have a feeling that this Method Will not go well but not too bad Take a look at the small pumpkins it Looks so good The small pumpkin bread takes 10 minutes To bake But the larger pumpkin takes 50 minutes To cook through So leave it another 5 to 6 minutes in The oven And reduce the heat to 160 degrees Celsius For the small pumpkin stick in a skin Cut into strings in the center To make it more attractive apply butter While still hot The butter makes it shine and make it Even more flavorful It looks so gorgeous Let me taste it take out one from the Small pumpkin And you can see how fluffy it is [Music] Some of you asked me about how can i Keep the Roughness for the next couple of days The homemade bread

Has no additives of course so the Homemade bread just keep the roughness Until the next day if you want to keep More extended days Just freeze it or i recommend the Overnight method when you finish Kneading the dough Keep in the fridge overnight 8 hours to 15 hours Longer proofing time makes the Long-lasting dough You have to eat in two days in any ways I keep the bread for the next day but i Always freeze it for the rest of the Bread Take it out from the freezer one to two Hours before you eat And reheat in the warm oven it is just Like a freshly baked from the oven My pumpkin bread is really good for Upcoming holidays And of course halloween party give it a Try And let me know how you like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and subscribe to my Channel For more delicious japanese recipes and Tap the bell icon to be the first To know my new video is updated Follow me on my social media and tag me On your post If you give it a try and in case you are Wondering

What i'm using in my video you can check That out on my store on amazon They have pretty much everything that I'm using in my video And go to my website for more Informations and printable recipes I put all the link in the description Box below Again and i will see you soon bye

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