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(中文/ENG)汤种火腿芝士餐包/面包 – 汤种餐包/汤种面包 – Cheese Ham Dinner Bun/Pizza Bites with Wateroux(tangzhong)

How to make Cheese Ham Dinner Bun/Pizza Bites with Wateroux(tangzhong) – 汤种火腿芝士餐包 – 汤种火腿芝士面包 – 汤种餐包/汤种面包

和面时如何控制水量,请参看视频 https://youtu.be/mFgNbMAvd9k

Cheese ham dinner bun with wateroux (tangzhong) 汤种火腿芝士餐包/面包

Recipe for wateroux (tangzhong) 汤种材料
300g flour (高筋面粉)
375g water(水)

配料 Recipe for bun (24 serve 个)
100 to 125g water(水)
***For best results, use the smaller amount of water in summer, the greater amount of water in winter.
120g milk (牛奶)
2 eggs (about 60g each with shell) 鸡蛋(每个带壳大约 60g)
60g sugar (白糖)
5g instant yeast (即溶酵母)
5g salt (盐)
500g all purpose flour (中筋面粉)
60g soften butter (软化黄油)
125g tangzhong (汤种)

140g mozzarellas cheese (马苏里拉乳酪)
150g ham (火腿肉)
1/2 tsp garlic powder (大蒜粉)
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning (意大利香料)

配料 Recipe for bun (16 serve 个)
66 to 82g water(水)
80g milk (牛奶)
66g eggs liquid 鸡蛋液
40g sugar (白糖)
4g instant yeast (即溶酵母)
3g salt (盐)
330g all purpose flour (中筋面粉)
40g soften butter (软化黄油)
82g tangzhong (汤种)

92g mozzarellas cheese (马苏里拉乳酪)
100g ham (火腿肉)
3/4 tsp garlic powder (大蒜粉)
3/4 tsp Italian seasoning (意大利香料)

Preheat oven to 400℉/200℃
Use baking pan or baking dish 13x9x2inch
Bake 20-25 mins or until bun is golden brown


For all bread I’ve made, the best flavour is achieved when finish-mixed dough has a temperature between 75 to 80℉(24 to 27℃).
To decrease the dough temperature, especially for kneading by hand,
1. In winter time, all ingredients should be room temperature(around 22℃)
2. In summer time, all ingredients should be refrigerated. Only butter need to be softened.
3. For wateroux (tangzhong) , it’s must be cool down completely before cut into pieces. Cut into exact pieces you need for the recipe, then keep it in the freezer.
4. Take wateroux (tangzhong) out of the freezer and thaw it before use
5. The boiled-water wateroux will make bread more softer, fluffy than 65℃ wateroux
6. Wateroux will enhance bread’s texture, and keep it fresh, moist for more days

Secret homemade dinner bun that will stay soft for days! Boil 375g water Mix 300g flour with the boiled water, stir well Covered with plastic wrap, let wateroux(Tang Zhong) cool completely. It is better to wait 8 hours before using it. When making bread, the wateroux (Tang Zhong) is 20% -30% of the weight of flour Divide wateroux into several parts according to the required weight of the recipe This boiled-water wateroux (Tang Zhong) is more soft and fluffy than 65°C wateroux Wateroux can be stored for 3 days when refrigerated , and longer when frozen. Combine 125g water, 5g instant yeast, 60g sugar, 5g salt, 120g milk, 2 eggs Add 500g all purpose flour. Bread flour (high-gluten flour) will work even better Mix until everything is combined Add 125g wateroux (Tang Zhong), mix well Left dough rest 20 minutes, similar to Autolyse method It improves gluten development when dough resting Add 60g softened butter Knead and beat well until dough is smooth and elastic The finished dough’s temperature should be between 75 – 80℉ (24 – 27°C) for best flavour Lightly oil a large bowl, place the dough inside the bowl Cover and let dough rise until double sized ( about 1 1/2 hour) Poke hole on the dough with finger covered in flour.
Basically the hole does not retract or deform when dough is well rised Brush oil onto the pan Cut cheese and ham into small pieces Pat dough lightly, put the dough on a board and shape it Cut the dough into 24 pieces Fill each piece of dough with some cheese and ham, seal the dough around the filling Place seam side down onto the baking pan Brush bread top with olive oil or egg wash Evenly sprinkle over with garlic powder and seasoning blend Cover the baking pan with plastic wrap for 20mins Bake in preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden, then serve warm.

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