PanKobo bakery was futured by jb city guide


🤩PanKobo Announcement📣

The video is out👏🥳 thanks to 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide It was also the first time I watched the video last night! ✨I am so surprised that we were doing the shooting for a couple of days, and they spent days for editing! Finally the video is less than 3 mins😳😲🤣None of the final product has easy process💪🏼🌈 We should always appreciate what we are having now!🥰

If you have 3 mins, please feel free to watch the video👇🏻

And if you don’t mind to click “share” with good comments 🤭 your small action could lead a big effect for us 🤗 thank you for supporting always❣️

Have a nice day🌈

Some recommendation bread for you!

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