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August 2021

ūüíěHow do you find your peace?

What time zone are you in? In this fast speed society, most people want things fast to be done Sometime we forgot to appreciate the efforts behind Sometime we take things as granted without feeling grateful Maybe sometime, we can slow down, we can give appreciation, we can give acknowledgement, we can let go of our pride, we can write a message or give a call just to show we care, we love For baking, we need to slow and steady stage by stage. Each process is equally important, so we don’t focus on only the result of the taste of bread, but also every process since how we choose… Read More »ūüíěHow do you find your peace?

No-Dine in Covid19 SOP

ūüď£PanKobo Bakery announcement for SOP 20/Aug./2021

Take away is available as usual!¬† Good morning You might miss enjoying #dine-in your breakfast at PanKobo… But you might still need to wait a bit more To protect the well-being of you (our dear strong supporters) and us (to still continue providing daily freshly baked bread), no dine-in at #pankobobakery until further notice Let’s hold our desire a bit longer, and we believe the better will be coming soon To break the chain of COVID, let’s start from ourselves You could still enjoy our freshly baked bread everyday (except Tuesdays and replacement holiday) PM us to order your bread ya Please follow : Facebook :¬†PanKobo Bakery ÁĄľ„Āć„Āü„Ā¶„ÉĎ„É≥„ĀģŚļó Instagram :¬†PanKoboBakery… Read More »ūüď£PanKobo Bakery announcement for SOP 20/Aug./2021

Raisin Scone

PanKobo Scone is Scone or Bread???

Who like to eat scone?? Do you like #Scone as a breakfast or an afternoon tea? Do you like to have it with #jam or #thickcream or both? Do you like to eat it with #coffee or #tea or #chocolatemilk? Do you know what is different between Scone and Bread?? ¬† A¬†scone¬†(/sk…ín/¬†or¬†/sko än/) is a baked good, usually made of either¬†wheat¬†or¬†oatmeal¬†with¬†baking powder¬†as a¬†leavening agent, and baked on¬†sheet pans. A scone is often slightly sweetened and occasionally¬†glazed¬†with¬†egg wash.[1]¬†The scone is a basic component of the¬†cream tea. It differs from¬†teacakes¬†and other types of sweets that are made with¬†yeast. Scones were chosen as the¬†Republic of Ireland¬†representative for¬†Caf√© Europe¬†during the¬†Austrian¬†Presidency of the¬†European Union¬†in 2006, while… Read More »PanKobo Scone is Scone or Bread???

Tuna Onion Cheese Ball

Is it your lazy day? You don’t need to cook, just grab PanKobo Bakery Savory Breads!

PanKobo Bakery provides many types of savory bread choices! Sometime we feel “lazy” to eat rice or noodles as so “formal” meal, don’t we? Sometime we just feel like having some savory taste of bread to replace a main meal~~ We have some very filling bread choice for you Which one do you like?? Please check below items pages for order CHEESE BACON EGG ROLL FRUT-DOG LONG BOARD PANINI SESAMI CHEESE