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8 Japanese Convenience Store Neko Cat Sweets FamilyMart February 2023

8 Japanese Convenience Store Sweets. I bought them at familymart. It’s Neko Cat day on February 22th in Japan.
Cat’s Paw Pads Milk Cream Bread(150 yen) : very soft. milk cream and milk bread is good!
Caramel Cream Nyatte(228 yen) : creamy and sweet
Taddy’s Tail Caramel Milk Cream Bread(145 yen) : fluffy and soft. I didn’t know Taddy’s tail was so yummy!
Chocolate Brownie(198 yen) : cat shaped brownie. rich chocolate flavor.
Milk Paw Pads Bun(130 yen) : a hint of milk flavor
Manmaru Yaki(225 yen) : Manmaru is round. soft, moist and chewey treats. It contains a sticker as a free gift.
Cheesecake(220 yen) : rich cheese taste
Souffle Pudding Cafe Nyatte(328 yen) : Cafe Latte flaovr pudding with souffle. moist and jiggly souffle is good.
total:1624 yen(12.1 USD).
Which do you want to eat? My favorite is Taddy’s Tail Caramel Milk Cream Bread. I like the fluffy texture and caramel milk cream.
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