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a bakery production hack you have to try! #microbakery #smallbusiness #bakerylife #sausagerolls

Hey guys so I just wanted to share this Little Bakery production hack with you If you are opening up your own micro Bakeries or if you're just a very very Keen Homemaker Um so I'm currently making a massive Batch of plant-based sausage rolls here They are Um and what I'm gonna do with them is I'm going to refrigerate two of these Trays then I'm gonna freeze them all and Then you can bake them literally from Frozen say if you're selling them at Farmers markets or if you do home Deliveries or however you sell your Product but a lot of bakeries tend to Prep most of their products and then Freeze them and then save their yeasted You would bring them out maybe the night Before And approve them and then give them Another proof in the morning I believe I Haven't tried that out but this works Really well baking sausage rolls from Frozen like it's still super

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