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Can we make SHOKUPAN with ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR? (EP184)

Today, I’m going to be making Shokupan with all-purpose flour and bread flour.

I have received so may question about my Shokupan video that can we make Shokupan with all-purpose flour?

My answer is always; I don’t think so.
But you can give it a try!

I have learned from so many books that you can’t make nice fluffy and tall bread from all-purpose flour.

So I answered to your questions like that.

But I think I should do it for you as a piece of evidence, and I am curious what it look like.

Level ☆★★

8 inch-by-4inch loaves
(My mold 188(179)×99(93)×h105mm)

Preheat the oven 100℃(212℉)
Reset after pop in the oven to 200℃(420℉)


312g (11 oz.) all-purpose flour

15g ( 1 1/2 tablespoons) sugar

6g ( 1 1/4 teaspoons) salt

4g ( 2 teaspoons ) instant dry yeast

225ml lukewarm (38℃/100℉)water

17g (1 1/2 tablespoons ) unsalted butter

Full recipe:

Shokupan mold: almost same as mine

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Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo Japanese everyday food today i'm gonna Be making Shokupang with all-purpose flour and Bread flour I have received so many questions about My shokban video Can we make shokupan with all-purpose Flour My answer is always i don't think so but You can give it a try It's not a kind answer i have learned From so many books that you can't make Nice fluffy and Tall bread from all-purpose flour So i answered to your questions like That But i should do it for you as a Piece of evidence and i am curious what It look like Let's get started these are the flowers That i always Have in my pantry the difference is Defined mostly by the protein content Cake flower is made from soft wheat low In protein Content and finer than any other flour It gives a tender and airy texture to Sponge cake or it can make crispy Cookies All-purpose flour contains more protein Than cake flour makes more chewy texture I use all-purpose flour mostly for

Cooking Making the butter for deep frying or Okonomiyaki What i like the most is chinese flat Plate Check the video if you are interested in French bread flour is blended for french Bread It contains a little lower than 11 Percent protein It makes light on the inside and crispy On the outside bread If you cannot find it replace 10 to 20 Percent of bread flour With all-purpose flour bread flour Is high in protein content and it makes Wonderful bread My favorite bread flour contains 12 Protein and you don't fail in the bread Making Let me explain what happens to your Dough in kneading process There's a molecule in wheat which is Gluten It sticks each other and forms cross Links To form a gel and that structure holds The carbon dioxide in the dough When you proofing and then carbon Dioxide Expand while baking the oven And your bread will rise and make nice And tall Bread so you can't make exactly the same

Shock pan with all-purpose flour Because of the lower content of protein Okay let's do the experiment this is the Yeast I usually use in my baking the red soft Instant yeast the gold one is for Sweet bread by the way the water content Of my chocolate pan is 72 percent Which is high some of you add more flour But i don't want you to add more flour Because the ratio of The bread will grasp reduce the water to 180 to 190 if you don't want the sticky Dough I usually need my dough in the stand Mixer But i'll hand need today for you Add salt and sugar into a bread flour Bowl And blend well salt and sugar might cure The yeast Add separately to avoid touching each Other Adding yeast and stir it may seem Weird that i'm using chopsticks but Actually it is very convenient adding Water in three stages Mix until it forms the dough Cover with the plastic wrap and let it Sit 10 minutes until the flour moisten Completely Next all-purpose flour Add water in three stages but the

Dough is very sticky so i left One tablespoon of water All-purpose flour though doesn't spring Back Like bread flour and it comes together Easily it is very different from Bread flour let it sit 10 minutes As well Let's start kneading it's not that easy But do like this to make it easier Knead with a left hand and scrape with The Right hand that makes my kneading a lot Easier Take off the dough stick to your hand Occasionally After 5 minutes my dough becomes smooth And looks good Let's check the gluten by stretching When you stretch the dough And it forms a thin film it's time to Add butter Adding butter weakens the bread Structure So you want to add in the last minute of Kneading it's a little bit Messy job but knead until the dough Comes back together Now the dough looks shiny and smooth The kneading is done Shape into a bowl and put it in a Greased bowl Let it rise for 30 minutes at room Temperature

Today it's 26 degrees celsius in my House Meanwhile let's take a look at All-purpose flour It looks quite different it is too wet To handle But let's give it a try surprisingly It looks the dough is already needed Just to make sure that no pocket of Flour is remaining Spread the dough and put it back Together Repeat the process several times and Check the dough If the gluten developed or not Stretch the dough but it tear apart Easily But we should be going on to the next Step Because this is an experiment Add butter and knead until the dough Comes back together I think the best way to incorporate the Butter Is to spread the dough and put it back Together Spread and put it together several times Until the dough is smooth and shiny I realized that the butter makes the Dough very very soft And that makes me so nervous Put it back to the greased bowl and Stretch the surface As much as you can and cover with the

Plastic wrap And let it rise for 30 minutes After 30 minutes the both dough rises And look like this To activate the yeast punch the dough to Release the gas And put it in the fresh air [Music] Shape into a bowl again and let it rise 30 more minutes We are making two short pan robes grease The inside And set aside after 30 minutes The dough rises double in volume and Ready to go On the next step before that Let's do the finger test dust your Finger and Poke the dough in the center if the hole Is not shrinking but it is okay to Proceed The next step is shaping the dough i Usually divide the dough into Two to rise evenly but the all-purpose Flour dough is so wet I don't think i can divide the dough so I decided to shape into One loaf take out the dough onto the Working surface And roll it out to remove the gas Roll it up tucking the dough to give a Tension on the surface Put it in the mold and press down gently Cover and let it rise for the final

Proofing For the all-purpose flour dough take out Onto the dusted working surface the Dough Became easy to handle a bit folding tool And put it in the mold press down gently To fill the corner Cover and let it rise for the final Proofing After 30 minutes the dough seems to be On the good truck Let it rise 10 more minutes today i am Going to bake it With a cold stud method which is start Baking On lower heat after 10 minutes the dough Is almost Okay to bake but i think i should rise Them Five more minutes all purpose flour Dough is not come up like bread flour Dough That's because the gluten structure is Not strong enough And it's time to bake pop in the oven to The 100 degree celsius Oven and reset the oven to 200 degrees Celsius My album took 10 minutes to reach 200 Degrees celsius Start baking on lower heat affects the East Slow but steady and it is more likely to Raise the bread bake them for 40 minutes

In total It looks good let's take out onto a wire Rack I am so excited that the all-purpose Flour bread looks Much better than i expected what do you Think about this Result let it cool to room temperature Before slice The texture to the touch is Large but crisper the bread flour loaf Look more dense let's see the inside The bread flour loaf is soft and moist As usual Smells wonderful The all-purpose flour bread looks the Air bubbles are bigger than the Bread flour dough but it's good enough Let me taste it tastes like Cheap low grade bread unfortunately But still okay i think I think i should toast it it tastes so Much better The all-purpose flour bread makes Crisper toast Alright that's it for today I hope you learned something from this Video and i hope the video is helpful For you What i learned from this experiment is There is no need to knead the All-purpose flour dough Just leave it 10 minutes mix the dough I think i can apply this method to

Improve baking Adding milk or egg yolks makes the Bitter all-purpose flour bread wait for My new videos But for now give this recipe a try and Let me know how you like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and share the video with Your friends and families And don't forget to subscribe to my Channel for more delicious japanese Recipes Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post If you give it a try and go to my Website for the printable recipe And more information and my store on Amazon Has pretty much everything that i'm Using in my video Stay safe and stay healthy and i will See you soon Bye You

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