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Couple days in my life as a baker | bakery work| London

Couple days in my life as a baker recently! Hope you all enjoy behind the scenes of my micro bakery. Much love, Lily x

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Hey guys welcome back to another video I Hope you're all well I wanted to share a Little insight into a couple days in my Micro Bakery so yesterday I spent the Day prepping my products and that always Starts with mixing my sourdough I use a Blend of beautiful whole grain flour Dark rye flour and strong white bread Flour from the businesses world found And shipped and mill I love wild France Ethos of farming in a way that nurtures The soil which is the foundation of a More sustainable way of life and crucial Aspect of reversing climate change And more than this it is a beautiful Product to work with and tastes amazing Too So next up I prepare my morning bundo Which is my take on a cinnamon roll I Use a sweet brioche style dough and fill It with a citrusy cinnamon sugar filling And they are my best seller Over the next three hours it's my job to Stretch and fold the sourdough dough This basically supports the Strengthening of the gluten during the Bulk fermentation phase In this time I also prep my other Products while the dough is rising So January has actually been a bit quiet In terms of sales which is to be

Expected after the busy Christmas period It is normal to see a slight drop in Demand as people are starting New Year's Resolutions Cutting out bread and gluten and all the Good stuff and not to mention feeling The effects of the cost of living crisis I do find it difficult not to get too Attached to the flux of business and how Successful or unsuccessful it is from Week to week But I have to remind myself To see it as an opportunity to focus on Other projects Most recently I've actually started Writing a book which is very exciting And something I've wanted to do for a While It will be an e-book with recipes inside And a few stories that I would like to Share with you all I've also been searching for premises Still in the local area which is Definitely more difficult than it seems When it's quiet in the bakery I also Tend to lean on marketing techniques Such as sending out newsletters where I Feature other small businesses or Trends Or recipes that I'm loving as well as Sharing what's new in my business and on My menu that sort of thing So some other things that have been on My mind recently are how on Earth I'm Going to be able to run a bakery if so

Many well-established businesses are Already going out of business it's Really heartbreaking to see so many Small businesses go under In all different aspects of life In London across the world which is why It's more important than ever to support Those in your local area There are so many factors to consider When opening a bakery space including The ever Rising London living wage Rising energy bills The right location Will we have enough customers to support Our business Will we offer workshops as well as our Products to teach our local community How to make bread and plant-based Pastries There are so many factors involved which I'm trying to work through logistically And this is something that doesn't come Naturally to me and Running a business means you are Constantly challenged and There are so many hats that you have to Wear and so many logistical things that You have to figure out But I'm sure there will be a way and I'm Determined to get there with the support Of so many people however long it will Take Thank you [Music]

Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] So thank you so much guys for tuning in Your support for me and my business Means so much and I hope you know that I Hope you found this video peaceful Helpful or informative in some way I Can't wait to share some new recipes Next week did somebody say sourdough Bagels or maybe a baguette tutorial That's something that you can look Forward to so much love guys thank you So much take care and see you soon Foreign [Music]

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