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hey guys! Hope you’re all really well. Here’s a little sneak peak into a typical prep day in my life as a baker… everything from preparing all my products, packages, meetings, walking my dog and going to the gym. Every day is different, I just try to find the balance of what makes me happy, healthy and strong. Lily x

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Foreign Guys welcome back to my series I hope You're well it is Monday morning I've Been working for the past couple hours It's about seven in the morning as you Can tell I'm mid prep already today I Wanted to do a full day in my life as a Baker so everything from prep work to Getting all my packages ready to take my Dog out for a walk getting some sunshine Well hopefully sunshine today Um to going to the gym later on this Video and Yeah I will see you in a bit So on prep days in my micro Bakery I Always set my alarm for half four in the Morning and that just gives me a little Bit of time to wake up get dressed brush My teeth put on some moisturizer and SPF Before I start my working day at 5am And my working day consists of Starting off by mixing my sourdough so I mixed together a blend of whole grain Flour whole grain World Farm flour Strong white bread flour dark rye flour And my starter which has been building Overnight I feed it about Half four or five p.m on the Sunday Evening and yes it will be building for About 10 to 12 hours ready for me to Start work with at 5am And then I mixed that for about about I Would say 10 to 15 minutes depending on How heavy the load is because obviously

The more dough you have in there the More mixing it tends to need in my mixer Anyway because it's a bit old and Secondhand and it's not top of the range So for the rest of the morning I prepare Chocolate chip cookies morning bundo my New breakfast bars which are naturally Sweetened and just a kind of alternative To The mega sweet stuff that I Supply to Local businesses and like little coffee Stands in the local area so I thought it Was a nice idea for morning commuters if They wanted something a little bit More substantial than just like a very Very sweet breakfast Oh A lot of my days are also spent cleaning And tidying up because it's just me Working in my small little Bakery I am obviously responsible for keeping It as clean as possible so as soon as I'm done using my mixer I tend to fill It up with boiling hot water from the Kettle very liquid and get that dough Straight off because I'm sure many of You guys will know if you leave dough Hanging about it will set like concrete And that is not what you want so a lot Of my days are actually Spent cleaning cleaning all of the Utensils all of the big bulk containers Mixers the floor all the surfaces Everything I try and keep it as clean as

Possible on a day-to-day basis and then I also do one deep clean a week Um just to make sure that we are as Hygienic and clean as possible Okay so it's a bit later on now and I'm Very hungry I'm gonna take a pause from My prep I can't decide between having Weetabix or Weetabix and like some extra Seeds because we need to fix by Themselves just isn't enough for me Or avocado on toast with like a few Little seeds on top I think I'm gonna go For the avocado on toast because I've got this loaf spare that I didn't Sell at my weekend Market Um the market went pretty well actually So we sold out of all the morning buns But I did come back with a couple loaves A couple baguettes and loads of soup Um I would say it was steady but it Wasn't very very busy it was pretty cold As well but It was a nice day onion like I was quite Stressed Because it was my first Market of the Year and I didn't sleep very well and I Was just a bit frazzled and markets Always push me there's just so many Moving parts and like setting up the Stool taking all down trading all the Bakes yeah Um but it was really nice to see Customers see regular faces to meet some New people too

Um So yeah it was it was pretty good day in The end and then I just chilled out for The rest of the day so yeah so I've got This loaf span here and now that I'm Going to the gym more So I have like exercised I would say consistently for the past Six seven years or so Um ever since I was like in my third Year of uni Um But like more recently I've been doing I Would say a little bit more at the gym Or just like More like more weights style exercise so I'm trying to increase my protein Um and I just want to put a disclaimer Here by the way that I am not a Nutritionist I'm not a doctor so I'm not Advising in any way at all and everyone Is unique everyone is different you've Just gotta Eat the foods that you like that you Enjoy Um and yeah this is just something that I'm trying to increase and it just it Just makes me feel better like around Energy and just keeps me going a little Bit longer Um so I think I'm gonna add in a few Like Kemp seeds top because I think They're high in protein I don't know Don't kill me I'm not an expert in these

Things Um but yeah I just I like to eat the Foods that I enjoy and I just think that Should be the end of that Um but yeah this is what I'm gonna make Now a couple slices of this and avocado And maybe an apple too because I'm Pretty hungry so yeah and also a coffee I haven't had a coffee today yet Because I've just been flat out so yeah I'm gonna make this Um So for the rest of the morning while my Sourdough is bulk fermenting I get on With a few emails a few little admin Bits sometimes I need to order in more Ingredients like flour or sugar or milk Or whatever I need and I just kind of Keep track of this on my notes on my Laptop so whenever I think of something That I need to order I just write it Down there instantly on my phone and Then It's just on my to-do list to do so I'm Trying to stay as organized as possible And then my morning also consists of Organizing all of the packages for the Deliveries the next day so this involves Putting all the allergen labels on the Bags writing all of the names out Writing any handwritten notes for new Customers to say thank you for ordering From me or for any special occasions Like birthdays or that sort of thing

And then my final task of the morning is To shape my sourdough so this takes on Average 30 to 40 minutes in total I'd say so First of all I scale all of the Sourdoughs at 900 grams and then I pop Them on Boards of six on plywood and Boards dusted with a little rice flour And then I let them bench rest for let's Say 20 minutes to 30 minutes And then I will do the final shape and Pop them in the baskets and leave them In the fridge for a long cold ferment Overnight Then finally I do a big old cleanup so Hoovering all the floors washing all of The surfaces again washing up all of the Utensils that I've used all of the big Boxes everything and then I get change And then I can get on with the rest of My day and by this time it's normally Either midday if I've worked quickly or One o'clock or two o'clock if it's a Particularly busy prep day Hey guys so as you can tell I have Finished my prep now all of my clean up All of my packages everything Um and now I am running on to my meeting Which is in balham Um so I'm just kind of walking over There The common the local park Um My favorite parts of the day when I get

To go outside get some fresh air get Some sun Um it's always funny because I feel like It gets to midday and I still haven't Been outside Um yeah it's such a nice day today so Yeah we're just getting out I'll let her Off the lead probably on the way back Home because I'm kind of rushing there Now so yeah I will check in later on Foreign So around 4 30 or 5 I then head up to my Local gym and this is something that I've been doing Let's say at least three times a week if Not four times a week Just whenever I have the energy and Whenever I feel like it I don't force Myself to go but I know that I'll always Feel really good and strong afterwards So as I said earlier I've been Exercising consistently for the past Six or seven years and so much of that Was to do with my mental health and even When I was really struggling I always Kept up with the exercise because I knew That it was beneficial in some way To my brain to my body just My overall Health and I just really enjoy it because it makes Me feel really strong and it just helps Me throughout my days and I I just Really like that feeling of feeling Strong and knowing that I'm doing

Something really beneficial for my Mental health for my brain and my entire Body and especially as a baker when You're on your feet the whole day I just Think it's so important to look after Yourself in the best way possible and Then I head home and I have a bath have Some dinner and then honestly my bedtime Is about eight o'clock well that's kind Of my wind down time And then lights are definitely out by 9 Pm just so that I have enough sleep and Rest before it all starts again the next Day so I really hope you guys enjoyed This video leave me a comment down below Hopefully it was helpful in some way and I will see you very soon thank you so Much for your support bye

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