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Halloween compilation | 7 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

I love pumpkins that I can eat every day.
Here are my favorite pumpkin recipes to share with you for Halloween.
Hope you like it!

〈pumpkin pudding〉3 pumpkin pudding
4 mini pumpkins
Two large eggs
Pumpkin puree 100~120g
Heavy cream 120ml(1/2cup)
50g sugar
One teaspoon vanilla
a pinch of salt
One tablespoon rum

<Pumpkin chiffon cake>17cm chiffon cake mold
2 egg yolks
20g sugar
50g pumpkin puree
2 tablespoon milk
3 tablespoon vegetable oil ※canola oil
55g all-purpose flour
3 egg whites (100g)
40g sugar

<Pumpkin Mitarashi Dango>
100 g Mochiko sweet rice flour, glutinous rice flour
100 g Kabocha
A pinch salt
2~3 tbsp water adjust to the moisture in your pumpkin
・Mitarashi sauce
3 tbsp water
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp sugar
½ tbsp potato starch
½ tbsp water

<Pumpkin Shokupan>
215×110×120mm Shokupan mold
         (Baker’s Percentages)
375g bread flour (100)
40g sugar (10)
5g salt (1.3)
12g dry milk (3)
1 large egg /60g (16)
7g yeast (1.8)
38g butter (10)
180g Kabocha puree or pumpkin puree (48)
100~150ml lukewarm water (26~40)

<Stuffed Pumpkins>5 individual
1/4 Kabocha (350~450g)
80g ground chicken
1/4 onion
3 shiitake mushrooms
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 tablespoon Sake
1 tablespoon Mirin
1 tablespoon soy sauce
・Ankake sauce
1 cup Dashi (240ml)
2 tablespoons Mirin
2 tablespoons light soy sauce
2 teaspoons potato starch
dissolved in 2 teaspoons water

<Pumpkin Scones>
yields 12
200g all-purpose flour
35g light-brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tbs baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/6 tsp nutmeg
70g unsalted butter
3 tbs toasted walnuts
1 large egg
70g pumpkin puree
2 tbs yogurt
5 tbs powdered sugar
1 tbs milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder


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[Music] Today we are going to be making pumpkin Chiffon cake it is airy and fluffy yet Moist and soft it is delicious on its Own but even better when you serve with Slightly sweetened whipped cream Let's get started The first thing you will need to do is Cook your pumpkin Cut your pumpkin into big chunks put That in a heatproof bowl Cover it with a plastic wrap and Microwave it 2 minutes on 800 watt Or cook until the skewer goes through Easily Peel and pass through the sieve There you have silky pumpkin puree set Aside separate egg yolk from the white As soon as take it out from the fridge You can easily separate the yolk from The white when it's still cold Put your egg yolks into a big bowl add 20 grams sugar and whisk to combine well Add oil and milk The oil gives the moist and tender Texture to the cake And it won't get firm when it chilled Add pumpkin puree and mix well Sift all purpose flour into the bowl Whisk until sticky All-purpose flour contains more gluten Than cake flour less than bread flour What i need here is some gluten to hold Melanin

Let's make melon you guys already know How to make melon but for those food for The first time to see how to make melang Let me walk you through step by step First set your hand mixer on low cut the Stiffness When it becomes foamy add one third of The sugar Keep whisking on low add next one third Of sugar when the first sugar had Dissolved Repeat the process one more time when All the sugar dissolved set the speed on High Whisk until just before stiff peaks form Here is a perfect glossy and dense Melang Let's combine with the butter Scoop melon into the butter Use whisk to mix This is my method to mix without Deflating the melon Use whisk to cut the melon into butter Quickly Most of the people use spatula to mix Melang but it takes more time which Means more chance to deflate Trust me you can make perfect chiffon Cake butter mix the rest of the melon Like so Switch to spatula to mix the bottom to Even the butter Transfer the butter to ungreased mold The reason why we are not going to

Grease the mold is As the butter bakes it will rise higher And higher The butter should stick to the mold Without falling off Take your chopsticks or skewer swirl and To make sure no big air bubbles remain Even the surface with spatula Bake at 180 celsius for 15 minutes Drop the temperature to 160 celsius for 15 minutes or until done Turn it upside down and cool completely If you have time wrap it up in a plastic And let it sit overnight in the fridge Next day the cake becomes nice and soft Let's take it out from the mold I don't use spatula Everybody surprised how i take it out From the mold you don't need spatula to Take it out your finger around the mold To tear off from the mold You don't want to push too hard Tear off chiffon cake gently from the Side of the mold little by little in This way you won't lose your beautiful Crust around the mold I don't like to use spatula to take it Out because i can't keep my beautiful Brown crust around the cake trust me you Will have a beautiful cake there you Have the most beautiful chiffon cake i Like to serve with slightly sweetened Whipped cream

Sprinkle chopped pistachio and cinnamon So fluffy but moist perfectly spongy Seafoam cake is done I don't add baking powder to this cake So the cake will rise by merling You can have the most fluffiest cake Without baking powder in my method what I like the most about this cake is you Can enjoy it even if you are full at the End of the rich dinner It's perfect for thanksgiving dinner Dessert give it a try and let me know How you like it [Music] Today i'm gonna be making mitarashi Dango with pumpkin Mittanashi dango is one of the typical Japanese wagashi for a daily snack If you have mochiko in your pantry add Some water to make a dough and it's Ready in no time but today i used Pumpkin to make it extra healthy Let's get started take out seeds from Your pumpkin Cut off the skin and cut into bite size Put it in a Heatproof bowl and cook in the microwave On 800 watts for 1 minute and 30 to 40 seconds or until soft Mash the pumpkin while it's still hot Add a pinch of salt and mochiko Mix until the dough forms Adjust the consistency with water The consistency is like play-doh

Not too soft but not too firm take it Onto your working surface and divide the Dough into two Roll out the dough into ropes 2 Centimeter in diameter Cut into 2 centimeter lengths In this way you can divide the dough Into the same size Roll the dough into small balls on your Palm put the dangle into boiling water And cook on medium heat for five to six Minutes The dangle will sink to the bottom at First then it throw to the surface after Floating to the surface cook three to Four minutes more meanwhile let's Prepare the metallic sauce put all the Ingredients except diluted potato starch In water Bring it to a boil and lower the heat Stir in diluted potato starch in water And cook until thickened The sauce can be more sweet or savory You can adjust the taste Take out the cooked dango with a slotted Spoon Soak in water for a few minutes to cool It down Drain and skew if you like Cover with the sauce and it's ready to Enjoy You can serve the dango in a small bowl Like this The natural sweetness from the pumpkin

And the chewy texture goes so well with Mitarashi sauce You can para fry the dango to add the Crisp before covering the sauce [Music] Today i want to share with you how to Make pumpkin pudding This pumpkin pudding is served in a Small pumpkin with fresh stealing you Can have sweet pudding and nutritious Pumpkin fresh at the same time I use japanese kabocha squash but you Can use orange pumpkin How about cute little pumpkin for your Halloween let's get started Cut top of pumpkins Scoop out and discard the seeds and Fiber around the seeds Correct the fresh from the upper part And put them in the ramekin Line them on a steamer and steam for 15 Minutes or until soft Preheat the oven to 160 degrees celsius Carefully take off the skin from the Pumpkin Add in the fresh from the ramekin and Mush to get a smooth puree It's okay if you get more or less Add in sugar while still hot and whisk Until the sugar dissolves Crack your egg one by one and beat until Well mixed Add in salt vanilla and rum Pour in the heavy cream and mix well

Set the sieve on the jug and pass Through the mixture Pour the mixture into the pumpkin Pour the leftovers to a warm kim Pop in the oven for 15 minutes Rotate the tray half way through When the pudding is no longer jiggling It's done Take out and leave until it comes to Room temperature You can serve warm or chill These are chilled overnight to set Let me cut The moment of juice Look at that golden rich and creamy Pudding Cut into wedges to serve if you wanted To This recipe is not too sweet so you can Add more sugar or dissolve maple syrup Or honey to your liking The texture is velvety and smooth nacho Sweetness from the japanese kabocha Squash is so comfortable Give it a try and let me know how you Like it [Music] Today i'm going to be making pumpkin Bread I've been making this recipe at this Time of the year I love making them because of the shape How adorable it is kids love it It might take a little bit longer time

To shape it but totally was it and it is So delicious fluffy and sweet but not Too sweet so with roasted pork or Chicken that would be so nice for the Autumn table i found some videos making Into pumpkin shapes with the kitchen Strings and i gave it a try as well Let's see what happens in the end let's Get started you can use pumpkin or Squash whatever you have on your hand First let's cook the pumpkin i am using The japanese kabocha squash If you don't want to use the microwave Steam or boil in the pot while cooking Let's prepare the ring mold grease Inside with the butter wrap your finger With the plastic wrap and take a Generous amount of butter and grease the Inside crack your egg and beat until the Yolks and egg quite well combined we Need 30 grams and save the rest for the Egg wash take off the skin from the Pumpkin and keep the rest for the later Use We need 100 grams of pumpkin puree If you are using a canned pumpkin puree Add rice milk as i indicated today i Also make sweet pumpkin bread i mix the Rest of the cabbage squash puree with The white bean paste i make it into a Cylinder and rub in a plastic and set Aside mix all the wet ingredients Together Add bread flour and salt and sugar in a

Bowl and mix well Add instant dry yeast and mix I always told you salt and sugar might Deactivate the yeast so do not add at The same time add wet ingredients into Dry in two to three parts and mix to Combine Add more milk if needed When you hold the dough and if the Consistency is like play-doh it is okay To proceed Take out onto the working surface and Start kneading Do you remember my kneading position Of the feet and shoulders Watch my cream palm video After three to four minutes of kneading The dough becomes elastic and smooth Like this And when you pinch the dough And it stretches like paper thing the Time to add the butter when you add the Butter the dough will fall apart but it Comes together in a couple of minutes After adding the butter the dough Becomes more elastic and shiny like this Shape it into a bowl and put it back in The bowl Cover with plastic and Let it rise until double in box at the Wrong place It took 50 minutes at 30 degrees celsius Let me check the fermentation went right Or not

Poke the dough with your dusted four Finger in the center The dough stay as it is it's okay to go If the whole shrinks leave 10 minutes Longer Divide the dough into four pieces of 60 Gram And leave the rest Shape into both and cover with wrap to Prevent from drying To make a small pumpkin Take 1 60 gram dough and shape into a Log Cut into six equal portions Shape into a bowl and put them in a Prepared ring The dough is so small it's not easy to Stretch the surface but have fun with That Maybe your kids love to help For larger pumpkin i'm using 12 Centimeter in diameter cake tin we need 12 pieces of 15 grams dough Keep the rest for the tasting This is how i tried the pumpkin shaped Bread with the kitchen strings This is 30 grams of dough with 20 grams Pumpkin and white bean paste inside take A 1 meter long string So clean oil to prevent from sticking Get your string around the dough and Cross on top and go another way to go Around and repeat two more times and tie It loosely on top

Line them on a baking tray and cover With the plastic wrap to prevent from Drying Leave it on a warm place about 30 Minutes until double in bulk Brush the egg on the surface Put it in a 190 degree celsius oven for 10 minutes Or until golden brown on the surface Rotate the pen halfway through how Adorable they are but here's the problem How can i take out the strings Snip off the strings at the bottom and Top and take out like pulling out i have A feeling that this method will not go Well but not too bad Take a look at the small pumpkins It looks so good The small pumpkin bread takes 10 minutes To bake but the larger pumpkin takes 50 Minutes to cook through So leave it another 5 to 6 minutes in The oven And reduce the heat to 160 degrees Celsius For the small pumpkin Stick in a skin cut into strings in the Center To make it more attractive apply butter While still hot The butter makes it shine and make it Even more flavorful It looks so gorgeous Let me taste it

Take out one from the small pumpkin and You can see how fluffy it is Some of you asked me about how can i Keep the roughness for the next couple Of days The homemade bread has no additives of Course so the homemade bread just keep The roughness until the next day If you want to keep more extended days Just freeze it or i recommend the Overnight method When you finish kneading the dough keep In the fridge overnight 8 hours to 15 Hours Longer proofing time makes the Long lasting dough You have to eat in 2 days in any ways I keep the bread for the next day but i Always freeze it for the rest of the Bread Take it out from the freezer one to two Hours before you eat And reheat in the warm oven It is just like a freshly baked from the Oven My pumpkin bread is really good for Upcoming holidays and of course Halloween party Give it a try and let me know how you Like it [Music] Today i want to share with you my Pumpkin sock pam Do you like that taste of fall

For me one of the taste of fall is Pumpkin It's the time to enjoy baking for your Halloween and holidays It's amazingly soft and fluffy and the Natural sweetness is so comfortable It's not so sweet as sweet pants so you Can serve with savory dishes Let's get started You can use pumpkin or squash whatever You have on your hand Or you can use canned pumpkin puree Let's cook my kabocha I'm using the japanese kabocha squash Rub it in a piece of plastic and cook in The microwave for 800 watts for 2 Minutes or until fully cooked If you don't want to use the microwave Steam or boil instead While cooking combine the dry Ingredients Today i used dried milk which is Commonly used in the japanese bakery Dry milk adds milky flavor without Making the dough sticky Scrape the fresh from the kabocha you Will need 180 grams of the fresh mash the kabocha Into a paste As you can see Japanese kabocha contains less water And very starchy And sweeter than any other Pumpkins if you are using canned pumpkin

Puree skip this process Add in half the amount of water from the Ingredients to cool it down before Adding the egg Crack in your egg and beat until well Combined Do not worry if there are small chunks Remains Pour in the pumpkin puree into the Stand mixer bowl In slow and steady stream Add in the rest of the water Do not add all of the water at this Stage If you are using canned Pumpkin puree Or Pumpkin has more moisture Use less water to keep the consistency I add all the water into my dough The dough is a little bit sticky than You think But it's the ideal consistency to make a Fluffy and moist bread If you are not comfortable with the Consistency Add less water to keep it easy to handle When you pinch the dough And it stretches like paper thing It's the time to add butter When you add the butter That dough Will fall apart but it comes together in A couple of minutes

After three minutes of mixing the dough Becomes more elastic and shiny like this [Music] Shape into a bowl and put it back in the Greased bowl Cover with plastic and let it rise for The first rice Until double in bulk At the warm place for 40 to 45 minutes Punch the dough and let it rise for the Second rice for about 30 minutes or Until double in volume [Music] Let's check the fermentation when white Or not with the finger test Poke the dough with your dusted finger In the center The hole stay as it is It's okay to go If the hole shrinks or bounces back Leave 10 minutes more If the dough starts to corrupt Work quickly as you can Divide the dough into six It's about 140 grams each dough Shape into both and cover with plastic Wrap to prevent from drying Take 10 minutes bench rest After 10 minutes roll the dough out and Shape into a bowl What this does is removing excess carbon Dioxide And

Provide oxygen to evenly rise for the Final stage Put the dough balls into a well greased Mold [Music] Leave it at one place about 40 to 45 Minutes until the dough rises one Centimeter from the edge While the final fermentation preheat the Oven for 100 degrees celsius Pop in the oven and immediately we set The oven for 200 degrees celsius Bake for 40 minutes If your bread turn brown quickly Cover with a piece of aluminum foil After 40 minutes take out from the oven And tap the mold onto your working Surface to remove the hot air inside To make it more attractive Apply butter while still hot The butter makes it shine and make it Even more flavorful How adorable my pumpkin sauce pan Leave it until Cool to the room temperature Before cutting It's really soft so i decide to leave it For the next day Look at that bright yellow crumb You can see how fluffy it is You can make a great toast which i love The most And it makes a great chicken sandwich With your leftover chicken

[Music] But today halloween and holidays are Approaching let's make french toast French toast is not an everyday thing so I want my french toast Indulgent it should be thick and fluffy With caramelized crunchy outside [Music] Soak a thick slice of pumpkin chocolate Well Some people want their french toast soak Up the custard just outside but i want Mine soaked up into the center and i Like it pudding like [Music] Texture drop half a tablespoon of Unsalted butter and put it in the frying Pan On medium low heat and cover cook for 3 Minutes [Music] Whip it over and cook another 3 minutes When you touch the center and it bounces Back it's cooked This is how i finish my french toast Set your french toast aside and adding Half a tablespoon of sugar in the space Cook until sugar caramelized and slice Your french toast on the caramel Rip it over and cover both sides with The caramel There you have it This is my favorite french toast Drizzle maple syrup as much as you want

Dust with cinnamon and a little bit of Nutmeg And powdered sugar [Music] Let's take a bite [Music] Fluffy and moist inside Crunchy outside makes the french toast Next level It's homemade but restaurant quality The smell of the warm spice Makes you relaxed And it's good to have on a sunny weekend Give it a try and let me know how you Like it [Music] Hi friends today i'm going to be making Stuffed pumpkin in japanese style Have you ever tried japanese kabocha Squash it's a good time of the year to Try it has a natural sweetness to it and The texture is similar to potato and Packed with The simmered kabocha is a staple dish But today i make it into stuffed pumpkin With the ankake sauce the angkake sauce Is a soy sauce based thick sauce and It's so delicious the sweetness of the Kabocha and the savory aroma from the Sauce is complement each other And you can make ahead and freeze it for The busy weeknight dinner or a party Let's get started First scoop out the pop and seeds from

The kabocha Cut into four It's really firm so be sure to hold the Knife tightly not to sleep and hurt Yourself Shave the skin where you see the Scratches on the surface and the dirty Part and keep the smooth skin on it [Music] And then cut into chunks and press on The heatproof tray and cover with Plastic wrap Microwave it for Five to six minutes Or until softened on 800 watt Meanwhile let's prepare the other Ingredients Mixer onion and shiitake mushroom [Music] You can use the stem when you mix it Finely [Music] [Music] Now let's cook the filling Put your ground chicken into the pot Not heated yet Add grated ginger and sake Stir with chopsticks until sake absorbs Now turn the heat on and start cooking On the medium heat Use 4 chopsticks to separate the grains And keep cooking until it's cooked Through Add minced onion and shiitake mushroom

Cook another couple minutes until the Onion looks translucent Add milly and soy sauce and cook until Almost all of the liquid is evaporated It's going to take five to six minutes It depends on the onion's moisture but Take your time to evaporate the moisture To make the next step easier Set aside until used Now let's shape kabocha into the Individual stuffed pumpkin Take out a piece of plastic wrap on the Counter top and press the cooked cabocha On it We are going to make 5 small stuffed Pumpkins so you should divide them into 5 portions Rub it loosely and smash the kabocha With your palm and spread it out to 12 To 15 centimeter in diameter Open the plastic wrap place a spool full Of fillings in the center and wrap it Around and shape it into a round shape It's really like you are making a round Shape of onigiri The kabocha squash is cooked in the Microwave so it doesn't add any moisture So the consistency is just good If your pumpkin is watery cook in the Microwave without the plastic wrap and You can evaporate the excess moisture And there you have your five small Stuffed pumpkin You can freeze it at this step and it

Will last a couple months in the freezer And you can keep it in the fridge for About a couple of days Now let's make the ankake sauce Pour in a cup of dashi into a small pot And bring it to a boil Add milling and soy sauce preferably Light soy sauce When it comes to a boil Add potato starch solution little by Little to thicken the sauce Give it a nice stir each time you add The potato starch solution If you do not stir You will have lumps in the sauce and it Is not what we want here You want to make sure to add the potato Starch solution to get the desired Consistency You can use cornstarch instead but it Looks a bit cloudy and needs more than The potato starch The consistency is like this When you ladle it and it has a little Bit of thickness A little bit thicker than the gravy Sauce For the garnishing cut your scallion Diagonally Press your stuffed pumpkin in a bowl and Pour over the anchor cassels And topped with scarrings Just three to four pieces is enough to Add intense flavor to the dish

There you have it Kabocha is so delicious with the ground Chicken filling and the aromatic and Cake sauce The texture of the kabocha is creaky Just like potato and the balance of the Angkake sauce and the filling is so nice I love this dish so much and isn't it Look like a kaiseki style high-end Restaurant dish you can entertain the People at your home with this easy but Delicious and harley autumn dish Give it a try and let me know how you Like it [Music] Hi friends today i'm going to be making Pumpkin skunks I don't usually choose skulls at the Coffee shop because sometimes it's too Dry in a mouthful but this is an Exception It was so delicious and i love Everything with pumpkins i want to make My own in my kitchen and i think i did a Great job It's perfect for sweet breakfast and Four o'clock snacks with the freshly Brewed coffee Let's get started [Music] Scoop out the seasoned pop [Music] Rub in a piece of plastic and microwave It for 5-6 minutes at 800 watts

Meanwhile chop the toasted walnut [Music] Scrape out the fresh from the cooked Pumpkin Mash it with a fork into a chunky paste Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius Now let's mix the wet ingredients Put your pureed pumpkin into the medium Sized bowl Add yogurt and one large egg Whisk well until evenly mixed [Music] Sieve together all-purpose flour and Baking powder And cinnamon powder and just a little Bit of nutmeg into the shallow container [Music] Even now the spices into the all-purpose Flour [Music] Put in unsalted butter into the Container Slice your butter in the flour The butter should be cold enough to cut Through Then cut into matchsticks do not touch Too much to your butter with your Fingers Your butter will melt with your body Temperature and your scone ends up hard Like rocks You can use a cupped pie blender and a Bowl but this is much easier to work With for me

Dust all the strips with the flour Rotate the container and chop the butter Into small dice You can use food processor for this Process But it doesn't take too long to do this Process And i don't want to clean up my food Processor Continue chopping the butter in the Flour until the butter becomes smaller Than the piece or looks like Panko bread crumbs Pour half of the pumpkin mixture And toss to combine Be careful with not melting the butter And try not to knead the dough Do not develop the gluten to make the Light and flaky pumpkin scones Add the pumpkin mixture to the dry spot And toss to combine Just to moisten all the dry parts with The pumpkin and egg mixture [Music] Scrape off the dough Every once in a while to make it evenly Moist [Music] It looks like the pumpkin mixture is Enough so leave it out You want to make sure the scone dough Should not be too wet but not too dry It's just good put all the ingredients Together

Dust your cutting board or Working surface with a generous amount Of all-purpose flour Transfer your pumpkin scone dough onto The cutting board and put it together With a scraper It looks just like a mess but no worries It's going to be a good scone though Pack it flat to hold it together and cut Into three Put it onto itself and pat it out to Keep it together Repeat the process two more times It looks like it doesn't keep it Together but this is what you want The butter and flour make the layers and When you bake it the butter melts in the Dough and it makes the pocket inside the Dough and your skull will be light and Flaky and the outside is so crispy If your pumpkin has too much moisture Adjust the consistency with the amount Of the wet ingredients to add the dry Ingredients Be sure to leave it out if your dough is Moist enough Cut into two and put it onto the other [Music] Pull it out into a 20 by 12 centimeter Rectangle Cut into six squares And cut each square into two and make 12 Triangles [Music]

Look at that sharp edges this means the Dough is perfect in the moisture Remove excess flour with your dry brush And brush a little bit of milk on the Surface What this does is make a thin crust on Top And it makes easy to apply the icing While baking let's make the Mix powdered sugar and milk in a small Bowl and adjust the consistency like This When you drop it and frost slowly that's The best consistency If your icing is too thin it doesn't Stay on your pumpkin scones But if you don't like your scone too Sweet It's better to make it thinner than mine Take your pumpkin skulls out from the Oven and put it on the wire rack and Leave it for 5 minutes After 5 minutes brush the icing while Still warm It will be dry out quickly Set your wire rack on the baking tray to Catch the excess icing [Music] After applying all the pumpkin scones Add cinnamon powder to the rest of the Icing If your icing is too thick add a little Bit of milk to adjust the consistency Here comes the fun part

Put your cinnamon icing into the coconut The small piping bag and draw the lines On the pumpkin scone How cute are they Let it dry and transfer to a serving Dish [Music] You can see how soft the pumpkin scone Is and it's very airy and so light and So moist The skull itself is not so sweet so that You can adjust the sweetness with your Icing on top or you can just keep the Icing Enjoy your beautiful autumn day with the Pumpkin skulls and freshly brewed coffee It's good for your halloween dessert Give it a try and let me know how you Like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and share the video with Your friends and families and don't Forget to subscribe to my channel if you Haven't done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post if you give it a try And go to my website for the printable Recipe and more information And my store on amazon has pretty much Everything that i'm using in my video Stay safe and stay healthy and i will See you soon Bye

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