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Today I want to share with you my English Shokupan and English muffin.

The reason why we call it “English Shokupan” is, it is said that the recipe was imported from England.

English Shokupan is the first bread that I bake over and over.

This is THAT good.

It tastes plain, but the best of the plain. Lol.


・One 205×100×120 mm Shokupan mold and six English muffin (10cm×2cm ring mold)
200g bread flour
2g instant dry yeast
3g salt
140ml water
〈Bread dough〉
400g bread flour
16g sugar
7g salt
4g instant dry yeast
150ml whole milk
100ml water
16g butter
※cornmeal for English muffin

・One 205×100×120 mm Shokupan mold
140g bread flour
1g instant dry yeast
2g salt
100ml water
〈Bread dough〉
280g bread flour
11g sugar
5g salt
3g instant dry yeast
112ml whole milk
70ml water
12g butter

・English muffin 190℃(374℉)Bake 12min
・English Shokupan start baking 100℃(212℉ )→reset 200℃(392℉) Bake 40 mins
“Cold start method”

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Ingredients for this recipe:

Check out my store on Amazon!
You will find what I am using in my video.

※Kitchen Princess Bamboo earn small amount of commission from the store. The profit is saved for “Give Away”!

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Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo japanese everyday food Today i want to share with you my English shock ban And english muffin i have so many kinds Of Chocoban video lately it's only because I love choc pan so much english Chocolate Is the first bread i baked over and over This is that good and easy It tastes plain but the best of the Brain Because i add sponge fermented long Hours In the fridge it has a deep flavor And aroma and the ratio is Less in water content compared to my Regular short pan To make a light and crispy toast and Also easy to handle i make six of English muffins from the same dough so You can save your time to make two Different bread dough Let's get started let's start with Making a sponge The sponge is made of three ingredients Flour yeast and water mix until combined Then cover with a plastic wrap and leave It in the fridge At least 6 hours to overnight The sponge should be used within 24 Hours The sponge is also known as

Pre-fermented dough Gives the bread deeper aroma and makes More extensive And tall bread please watch my whole Wheat shook bam video for the details Since the white bread has no complex Flavor Adding pre-fermented dough makes Excellent bread Similar to naturally fermented yeast Naturally fermented yeast is not a Easy things to do but the east bread is Always bring me up nice and tall bread The next day take out from the fridge an Hour before you are making the bread And leave it it comes to the room Temperature Today i am kneading in a stand mixer but You can definitely do it by your hand This dough is easy to handle Put in your flour sugar and salt Into a stand mixer bowl run the mixer And when it combined add in the yeast Continue mixing and pour in the milk and Water Milk makes the dough moist and flavorful And the water makes it light in texture Pour in the liquid slow and steady Stream Like this to distribute evenly Keep the mixer running until it starts Forming a dough For about one minute And stop blinding the mixer and add in

The sponge Re-run the mixer on low for about 8 Minutes Until the dough stretches paper thin [Music] Add in unsalted butter and run the Mixture for about 3 minutes The ratio of the sugar and butter is low In the recipe It tastes plain and i would say Most suitable for the daily bread Do you remember why we are adding the Butter at the end We should develop the gluten in the Kneading process Any kind of fat include butter within The gluten structure But by adding it after the gluten Structure is developed It doesn't affect the structure Let's give it a the dough stretches Paper thing is good to go Shape into a bowl and stretch the Surface To keep the gas inside grease the inside Of the bowl Put the dough back in the bowl cover With a plastic wrap And leave it at warm spot for about 45 Minutes Until almost double in volume Punch the dough and put it back to the Bowl Leave it another 30 minutes until double

In volume Punch provides the fresh oxygen to the Dough to activate the yeast even more Take out the dough onto the working Surface and that's the minimum amount of Flour To work with Divide the dough into two 350 grams for Shock pan and 6 50 gram for English muffin [Music] Do Cover and take 10 minutes bench rest Bench rest relaxes the dough before the Final shaping For the english muffin grease the ring Mold If you don't have it you can make it With a package of the milk And cover with the aluminum foil just Like my taiwanese castera That's with a minimum amount of flour And then Shape into a disk [Music] Moisten the surface and dust with Cornmeal Put in a mold and cover with plastic Wrap When it rises at room temperature for 25 To 30 minutes Or until almost four in the mold While the fermentation preheat the oven For 190 degrees celsius

After 30 minutes my english muffins look Like this Place a piece of parchment paper and Baking tray on top If your baking tray is heavy enough Just put in the oven but mine is light In weight So put a baking dish on it Bake 12 minutes and carefully rotate the Tray halfway through and it's done Take out onto a wire rack to release the Heat Next shape the shock pan today i shape It into Two mountains roll it out to An inch thickness Fold in three and roll it up give it the Tension On the surface [Music] Pinch to seal the dough and put it in a Greased mode [Music] Keep in mind in the direction the dough Should be rolled out On the opposite direction [Music] [Music] Do [Music] Cover with a plastic wrap or shower cap Let it rise for 45 minutes Or until a little bit over the edge While the final proofing preheat the

Oven for 100 degrees celsius Or your oven is already heated for the English muffin It is ok to pop in the oven And reset the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius Make it 40 minutes in taller take out And tap the mold onto your working Surface to release the hot air inside The bread It prevents shrinking while cooling down And If you have a thermometer stick into the Center And it shows over 90 degrees celsius It is perfectly cooked through Let it cool to room temperature it Smells so good When it comes to room temperature let's Divide in half And wrap in a plastic bag and give it to Your family Or friends or someone you like As a casual gift i made fig jam at this Time of the year And i make two to three jars and i love To give it to someone Who worked with us showing my Appreciation Isn't it a small but great gift Even if it is not expensive And it makes a great toast ever I can't get enough of it because the Summer is almost over

And usually my appetite is growing in This season I should be very careful with overeating Give it a try and let me know how you Like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up And share the video with your friends And families and don't forget to Subscribe to my channel if you haven't Done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post If you give it a try and go to my Website for the printable recipe And more information and my store On amazon has pretty much everything That i'm using in my video Stay safe and stay healthy and i will See you soon [Music] Bye

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