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HOW TO MAKE ★PUMPKIN SHOKUPAN★ Halloween & Holidays (EP236)

Today I want to share with you my PUMPKIN SHOKUPAN recipe.

It’s the time to enjoy baking for your Halloween and holidays!

It’s amazingly soft and fluffy, and the natural sweetness is so comfortable. It’s not sweet as sweet buns, so you can serve with savory dishes.

Level ☆★★

215×110×120mm Shokupan mold
         (Baker’s Percentages)
375g bread flour (100)
40g sugar (10)
5g salt (1.3)
12g dry milk (3)
1 large egg /60g (16)
7g yeast (1.8)
38g butter (10)
180g Kabocha puree or pumpkin puree (48)
100~150ml lukewarm water (26~40)

Full Recipe:

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Udemy SHOKUPAN Bread Baking 101

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Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo Japanese everyday food today i wanna Share with you My pumpkin choco pan do you like that Taste top four For me one of the taste of fall is Pumpkin it's the time to enjoy baking For your halloween and holidays it's Amazingly soft and fluffy And the natural sweetness is so Comfortable It's not so sweet as sweet pants so you Can serve with savory dishes Let's get started you can use pumpkin Or squash whatever you have on your hand Or you can use canned pumpkin puree Let's cook my kabocha I'm using the japanese kabocha squash Rub it in a piece of plastic and cook in The microwave for 800 watt For two minutes or until fully cooked If you don't want to use the microwave Steam or boil Instead while cooking combine the dry Ingredients today i used dried milk Which is commonly used in the japanese Bakery Dry milk adds milky flavor without Making the dough sticky Scrape the fresh from the kabocha you Will need 180 grams of the fresh Mash the kabocha into a paste as

You can see japanese kabocha contains Less water and very starchy And sweeter than any other pumpkins If you are using canned pumpkin puree Skip this process Add in half the amount of water from the Ingredients To cool it down before adding the egg Crack in your egg and beat until well Combined Do not worry if there are small chunks Remains Pour in the pumpkin puree into the stand Mixer bowl In slow and steady stream Add in the rest of the water do not add All of the water at this stage If you are using canned pumpkin puree Or pumpkin has more moisture Use less water to keep the consistency I add all the water into my dough The dough is a little bit sticky than You think But it's the ideal consistency to make a Fluffy And moist bread if you are not Comfortable with the consistency Add less water to keep it easy to handle When you pinch the dough and it Stretches like paper thing It's the time to add butter when you add The butter That dough will fall apart but it comes Together

In a couple of minutes after three Minutes of mixing The dough becomes more elastic and shiny Like this [Music] Shape into a bowl and put it back in the Greased bowl Cover with plastic and let it rise for The first rice Until double in bulk at the warm place For 40 to 45 minutes Punch the dough and let it rise for the Second Rice for about 30 minutes or until Double in volume [Music] Let's check the fermentation when white Or not With the finger test poke the dough With your dusted finger in the center The hole stay as it is it's okay to go If the hole shrinks or bounces back Leave 10 minutes more if the dough starts to Corrupt Work quickly as you can Divide the dough into six it's about 140 grams each dough Shape into both and cover with plastic Wrap To prevent from drying take 10 minutes Bench rest After 10 minutes roll the dough out and Shape into a bowl

What this does is removing excess carbon Dioxide And provide oxygen to evenly rise For the final stage Put the dough balls into a well greased [Music] Mold Leave it at one place about 40 to 45 Minutes Until the dough rises one centimeter From the edge While the final fermentation preheat the Oven for 100 degrees celsius Pop in the oven and immediately we set The oven For 200 degrees celsius Bake for 40 minutes if your bread Turn brown quickly cover with a piece of Aluminum foil After 40 minutes take out from the oven And tap the mold onto your working Surface To remove the hot air inside To make it more attractive apply butter While still hot the butter makes it Shine And make it even more flavorful How adorable my pumpkin shocked pan Leave it until cool to the room Temperature Before cutting it's really soft So i decide to leave it for the next day Look at that bright yellow crumb You can see how fluffy it is

You can make a great toast which i love The most And it makes a great chicken sandwich With your leftover chicken [Music] But today halloween and holidays are Approaching Let's make french toast french toast Is not an everyday thing so i want my French toast Indulgent it should be thick and fluffy With caramelized crunchy outside [Music] Soak a thick slice of pumpkin chocolate Well Some people want their french toast soak Up the custard just outside But i want mine soak up into the center And i like it pudding like texture [Music] Drop half a tablespoon of unsalted Butter And put it in the frying pan On medium low heat and cover cook for 3 [Music] Minutes Whip it over and cook another three Minutes When you touch the center and it bounces Back It's cooked this is how i finish my French toast Set your french toast aside and add in Half a tablespoon of sugar in the space

Cook until sugar caramelized and slice Your french toast on the caramel flip it Over and Cover both sides with the caramel there You have it This is my favorite french toast Drizzle maple syrup as much as you want Dust with cinnamon and a little bit of Nutmeg And powdered sugar Let's take a bite [Music] Fluffy and moist inside crunchy outside Makes the french toast next level It's homemade but restaurant quality The smell of the warm spice makes you Relax And it's good to have on a sunny weekend Give it a try and let me know how you Like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up And share the video with your friends And families and Don't forget to subscribe to my channel If you haven't done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post If you give it a try and go to my Website for the printable recipe And more information and my store On amazon has pretty much everything That i'm using in my video Stay safe and stay healthy and i will

See you soon Bye

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