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How to make ★Shokupan★Fluffy Japanese White Bread~食パンの作り方~(EP74)

Today I want to share with you how to make “Shokupan” fluffy Japanese white bread.

“Shokupan” is one of the staple Japanese bread that you can find at any grocery store.

The size is the same, but it comes in varieties of thickness.

Shokupan comes in 2 types of shape, one is square, and the other comes in the rounded top like a mountain. It is called Yamashoku. Yama means mountain.

A squared one is more moist and dense compared to a mountain shape because we bake it with the lid. The moisture stays in the dough. Mountain shape Shokupan is lighter in texture. Perfect for toast. It’s up to you which one to choose.

Correction: 1:17
The footage was mixed up with Melon Pan’s video.
I added water as I listed on the ingredients list.
Sorry for that.

For Hand Kneading:

For Beginners: 
※I highly recommend trying beginners’ recipe if it is your first Shokupan.

Please read the article before baking:


Makes two 8 inch-by-4inch loaves
(My mold 188(179)×99(93)×h105mm)

<ingredients for 2 loaves>

625g (22 oz.) bread flour

30g ( 3 tablespoons) sugar

12g ( 2 1/2 teaspoons) salt

8g ( 2 teaspoons ) active dry yeast (or instant dry yeast)

450ml lukewarm (38℃/100℉)water

35g (3 tablespoons ) unsalted butter

<ingredients for 1 loaf>

312g (11 oz.) bread flour

15g ( 1 1/2 tablespoons) sugar

6g ( 1 teaspoon + a pinch) salt

4g ( 1 teaspoon ) active dry yeast

225ml lukewarm (38℃/100℉)water

17g (1 2/2 tablespoons ) unsalted butter

If you don’t want the sticky dough, reduce water to 180~190ml. But the texture is not quite the same.

Full recipe:

You have all the answers here!
Udemy SHOKUPAN bread baking 101:

Shokupan playlist:

Shokupan mold: almost the same as mine

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Hi friends welcome back to kitchen Princess bamboo Japanese everyday food Today I will share with you how to make Shock bunk fluffy Japanese white bread Shock bar is one of the staple Japanese Bread that you can find at any grocery Store probably the most eaten bread in Japan Chaka pan comes in two types of shapes One is square and the other comes in the Rounded top like a mountain and it comes In varieties of thickness squared one is More moist and dense compared to Mountain shape because we bake it with The lid the moisture stays in the dough Mountain shape shock bear is lighter in Texture profit for toast We'd like to eat shock pan at breakfast Toasted served with butter almost all The time sometimes we make a sandwich With shock BAM the recipe is very basic As a daily bread and you will definitely Love it let's get started Put the flour into a mixing bowl add Sugar salt and East while mixer is Running at lukewarm water slow and Steady stream Need for six to seven minutes until the Dough forms thin layer when he stretched Out creamed butter the doll ship comes Back together after three to four Minutes the dough becomes very elastic And stretchy when you finish to mix in Grease the mixing bowl shape your dough

Into a nice round ball press the dough Into the greased bowl cover with a piece Of plastic let it rise at the warm place For 40 to 45 minutes punch out the Carbon dioxide foam in the dough shape Into a ball again and get it back to the Ball now it's time to second rising Leave it for 30 minutes until the dough Rises double in volume it looks perfect However we have to check the Fermentation process went properly by Sticking your dusted finger if the hole You have just created women as it is the Procedure is perfect if the hole is Shrinking it was a little bit too early But don't worry we can make it up on the Final fermentation take out the dough Onto a floured working surface divide The dough into four shape it into a nice Round cover with plastic and let it sit For 10 minutes let's shape the dough to Fit the mold take one dough and flip it Over with your rolling pin spread the Dough until it stretches to one Centimeter thick folder in 2/3 way down The dough then fold the bottom to the Upper edge rotate the dough 90 degrees Angle roll up the dough with stacking And stretching motion to make the Surface smooth pinch to seal the end Before putting it in the mouth check the Direction of the door What I mean by that is this the left Side of the door should roll to the left

And the right side of the door should Roll to the right in this way the door Will fully rise in the oven Beautifully make sense cover with Plastic and let it rise for the final Fermentation it takes 45 to 50 minutes Depends on the temperature for the Square shape when the dough Rises one Centimeter below the upper edge it's Time to bake shut the lid and pop into The oven for 35 minutes for mountain Shape let it rise 1 centimeter over the Upper edge pop it in the oven for 35 Minutes in the half way cover with Aluminum foil to avoid burning take out Onto the wire lock and leave until comes To room temperature for the mountain Shape brush soaked in butter to make it Shine looks so good freshly baked bread Is so fluffy and moist I want to taste It as it is this is my homemade butter From leftover fresh cream it has a Wonderful flavor Basically we live on rice so we love the Moist texture This is a typical western-style Japanese Breakfast my family prefer Japanese Style to be honest with you this is my Everyday lunch why not I hope you will Give it a try thank you for watching the Video please thumbs up and subscribe to My channel if you haven't done already For more informations and written recipe Please go to my website

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