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How to make ⭐️ANPAN⭐️ The Japanese Traditional Sweet Bread (EP244)

Today I want to share with you
how to make “An-Pan” sweet bread, filled with red bean paste.
Have you ever tried this traditional and delicious sweet bread?
It’s so moist and flavorful!

Level ☆★★

12 buns
・bread dough
250g bread flour
60g sugar
3g salt
5g instant yeast
1 large egg
75ml whole milk
45~50ml lukewarm water
30g unsalted butter
・Red bean paste 12×40g

How to make red bean paste(Ohagi video)

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Saf Red instant yeast (for normal bread)

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[Music] Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo Japanese everyday food today i want to Share with you How to make an sweet bread filled with Red bean paste have you ever tried This delicious sweet bread which is Staple In japanese bakery what i like the most Is kimuraya ginza tokyo They created ampang for the first time In the japanese history They make ampang with takadanese starter Which is made of rice koji just like Miso So aromatic and moist i wanna recreate It at home But it's not easy to access So i experimented to recreate The texture and i have gotten more than 60 pieces of ampang in the end I offered those to my local temple for Their Monthly gathering let's get started First let's make the dough put your Bread flour Into your stand mixer bowl add in sugar And salt Mix to combine meanwhile Beat the egg and add in the whole milk [Music] Save a tablespoon of egg mixture for the Egg wash

[Music] Add in the yeast and continue mixing Because the sugar and salt might Deactivate the yeast Add in later to avoid direct contact Pour in the egg mixture slow and Steady stream adding water To adjust the consistency As i said always do not add one Ingredient All at once if you do that it's going to Take More time to form a dough turn the speed To medium When it forms the dough knead the dough For 5 minutes until very smooth Add in room temperature unsalted butter And mix until incorporated for about 3 To 4 minutes [Music] The dough stretches paper thing it's Good to go shape into a bowl And place in the greased bowl Cover and let it rise for about 45 to 60 Minutes Or until almost double in volume While we are waiting divide ankle into Both 40 grams each After 15 minutes my dough rises Almost double in bulk To know whether or not you're dough Proofed Or not poke the dough with your dusted

Finger And if we not spring back you can go on To the next step Take out the dough and divide the dough Into 12 pieces 40 grams each [Music] Shape into a bowl and take five minutes Pinch rest What bench rest due to the bread dough Is Relaxed the gluten make it easy to shape Lightly flour the working surface then Roll the dough out into 10 centimeter in Diameter Make sure the center is thicker than the Edges This is because when you wrap the ankle With the dough the dough will gather on Top And it makes thick layer on top To wrap the ankle with even layer of the Dough Keep in mind to work out the edges Press the ankle in the center and pull Up the dough And pinch the edges to stick together [Music] Pinch to seal the end be careful Not to dust your dough with too much Flour Your dough won't stick together to seal The other shaping method is like this Roll the dough out into 50 centimeter

In diameter to cover the ankle Press the ankle in the center then put Together The edges as you see My bread dough is sticky compared to the Normal dough But this is what we are looking for If your dough is easy to handle It will make a dry bread that is not What i'm looking for When i was a beginner i was not Comfortable with a sticky dough like This It annoys me a lot but once you Understand How important the hydration You can't go back to any other recipes It makes so moist and flavorful though Like the artisanal bakery [Music] Flatten the dough into a disk and let it Rise for 30 minutes Or until pops up like this [Music] Brush the egg wash we saved earlier For the finishing touch you can simply Cut slits With the kitchen scissors Or use a rolling pin to make a dent With sesame seeds this is the typical Shaping for the ampang Pop in the 190 degrees oven For 12 to 15 minutes or until golden Brown

Rotate the baking tray halfway through The sweet bread though is likely to burn Faster keep your eyes on it for the last Five minutes There you have your and bam take a look At the inside You can see the dough is even it's a Good am pam It's an old-fashioned bread but i crave It Sometimes the dough is melt in your Mouth And ankle is so sweet and flavorful I love to serve an bang with milk It goes so well together it's a classic Combination For detective eating at the long night Isn't it funny It's just like a donut and coffee in the United states I hope you will give this recipe a try [Music] Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up And share the video with your friends And families and Don't forget to subscribe to my channel If you haven't done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post If you give it a try And go to my website for the printable Recipe and more information And go to my website for the printable

In my store on amazon has pretty much Everything That i'm using in my video stay safe and Stay healthy And i will see you soon bye

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