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How to make French baguettes from scratch | Micro Bakery Diaries

Hey guys, this week I made French baguettes from scratch for the first time and they were a huge hit! Let me know if you have a go at this recipe. Huge thank you to my friend Leo the Baker for the recipe which I based mine off here.

Recipe (makes 5 traditional French baguettes/ 10 demi baguettes)

750 grams T65 flour
250 grams wholegrain bread flour

700 grams water
8 grams fresh yeast/ 4 grams dried yeast
20 grams fine sea salt
40 grams (second stage of water; add with yeast & salt after autolyse)

Equipment needed: dough mixer/ your hands for kneading, an oven stone, wooden board, tea towel/ couche, tray of water

Follow the video for the method of how to make the baguettes

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Foreign Guys it is Monday morning very chilly Here today in London so I've been up Since five prepping my sourdough my Cookie dough morning bundo want some Crackers and I've also got some loaves That I make without gluten that I have To do later on and if you guys watch my Last video you will know that I promised Either a baguette recipe or a bagel Recipe and so today I've decided I'm Going to make baguettes for the first Time on my bakery starches so when I Went for work experience at a few Bakeries I've always kind of come in at The like second day so I've I've shaped Baguettes before but very briefly and Then I also did a the get Workshop but We didn't actually make the gets we just Decorated the baguettes with like pretty Flowers and that sort of thing so I've Never actually made them from scratch And it's always something that I've Wanted to learn how to do so today is The day and we're going to be doing it Together so I'm a beginner I'm a newbie So I don't really know what I'm doing But I'm gonna follow this recipe from a Baker friend of mine and this is a Yeasted baguette recipe Using t65 French flower Well the flower that I'm using is Actually Wild Farm t65 Um and it's simply got flour water yeast

And salt and that is it so I'm gonna see How it goes I'm a bit nervous Um but yeah let's get cracking so to Make the baguettes I first measure out 750 grams of t65 flour and 250 grams of Whole grain flour as I wanted to Incorporate a little more depth of Flavor into my baguettes as we aren't Using any sourdough starter for these Ones I then mix the flour with 700 grams of Water and let this rest for 30 minutes In the mixer this is the auto lease and This means the flour is fully hydrated Builds fermentation slowly and also Builds beautiful extensibility in the Dough meaning for a better more open Crumb hey guys so it's been about half An hour now so Been Auto losing and I'm going to add in The fresh yeast so this is fresh yeast That I buy from the local Polish Supermarket one of my Baker friends Recommended it to me a while ago because I was always so frustrated as to how to Actually buy fresh yeast online because Normally you have to buy enormous blocks And currently In terms of my production I don't really Use that much fresh yeast I've just kind Of been experimenting with it I use dry Piece I use sourdough Um and it just wasn't working out online So she was like you can buy it from the

Polo supermarkets I was like oh my God This is amazing it's like 50p Um so all I need is eight grams so I'm Just going to measure it out on here and Then I need 20 grams of salt as well but If you don't have access to any fresh Cheese you could always try ordering Some online or swapping for four grams Of dried yeast I then transferred the Dough into a big container and let this Rest for 30 minutes at room temperature Before transferring into the fridge Overnight for a long cold ferment So the next day I brought the dough up To room temperature before dividing and Pre-shaping each baguette at 350 grams If you want to try the mini baby Baguettes like I was here try scaling to 170 grams each leave the dough to rest For 20 minutes and then shape into your Baguette I tried a couple different Methods for this and I'm still learning So bear with me the most successful Method I tried was this one where I Degassed the dough and shape into a sort Of rectangle I then fold down the top Half into the middle bring in both sides Into the middle folding over the top Again to create your seam Then with a fair amount of force I start From the middle and start rolling into a Long baguette shape I pop each of the shaped baguettes onto A lightly floured tea towel or you could

Call it a Koosh but I don't have one of Those yet I then cover these with Another tea towel proofing for about 45 Minutes to an hour I put mine on top of my oven as it's Particularly cold here in London at the Moment but you could always try popping Them near a radiator or in a warm room In your house let me just show you first Of all looking looking pretty good I Think for a first attempt I know there's Like a proper technique to this but I Can't really remember what that is maybe If I start with this This isn't how you meant to do it I do Know that for sure anyway that's the First one on there I said okay so it's kind of like a Flipping motion so I'm taking the the Tea towel on this side with my right Hand Popping the board to the left of the Baguettes Flipping it over It's not long enough but that's okay I'm Just gonna adjust it slightly here And now I'm just gonna simply Score them At a 45 degree angle so it's a bit Tricky because my blade isn't the Sharpest make sure you have a sharp Blade guys it just makes it a lot easier So as you can see I was baking my Baguettes in my RM 2020 oven at 250

Degrees Celsius but to bake these at Home I'd suggest preheating your oven to 250 degrees Celsius and if you have one Placing an oven Stone in the middle rack With a tray of water underneath as this Will add steam to your baguettes Transfer your baguettes onto the oven Stone carefully and bake it 250 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes with the steam Tray underneath See how you go you may have to remove The steam after 20 minutes if you're Wanting a crustier baguette but I am Hoping this should work fairly well for You let me know how you get on So I think what I can see initially is Um because my blade wasn't sharp enough It meant that my cuts weren't deep Enough but I mean they're pretty good for a first Attempt what do you think let me just Pop them down hang on Here is my most traditional style French Baguette smells amazing it's so hot wow Um so as you can see I've still got a Bit of a way to go with my shaping Because it's a little bit Skinny at the end here and it's not that Even but and then also underneath you'll Notice it's just a little bit wonky in General So there's room to grow Room room to improve as well I'm gonna Let these cool down and I'm gonna have

This for my lunch I'm thinking I'm gonna Have it with smoked salmon and rocket And maybe some avocado just like lovely Little baguette sandwich Um but I am I'm pretty happy with these Like they are definitely a labor of love But wow that is so satisfying to see That and I just can't wait to get better And to really improve on my shaping so This is probably my best seeded one and As you can see do you see it hasn't Quite opened up in the cuts that I made Just because The blade wasn't fresh enough it wasn't Sharp enough so I'll know that for next Time and also it did make it a little Bit difficult slicing through the The seeds as well which is interesting So I'll have to figure out a way to to Work on that but I mean come on like That's that's pretty good for a first Attempt isn't it and then my little baby Ones oh see look that is burnt Underneath Um I mean I still have it it's fine but That is just like a lovely size for Lunch for one person so that's a 170 Gram dough one Um Yeah this one is a little bit burnt Underneath as well but that's okay I think it was yeah this deck was Actually 270 degrees so it is just a Little bit

Too dark Um but I mean I'm so so happy with that So guys Um I really hope you enjoyed this video Let me know if you're gonna give Baguettes a go at home yourself you Definitely should it's super super cool Super fun Um there's loads of practice involved Obviously I still have so much to learn And so much to improve on but I really Hope you guys got something at this Leave me a comment down below let me Know what you want to see next time do You like these tutorial Style videos Um yeah tell me what you want me to make Next time and I'll make it and we can Make it together I am thinking of maybe Doing like Bagels next time but if you Have any other ideas at all that you Want me to make just leave me a comment Down below don't forget to like Subscribe and I will see you next week Thank you so much for your support bye Guys Oh my God oh my God that's so good That is so good

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