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Indulge in the Elegant Taste of Hyogo’s Exquisite Cream Anpan – Once You Try It, You’ll Want More! A Review of ‘Undepanda’ in Miki City.

Welcome to a gastronomic adventure as we explore the sublime taste of Hyogo’s Cream Anpan at ‘Undepanda’ in Miki City. This delicacy is not your ordinary pastry; its exquisite cream filling and fluffy texture will surely delight your senses. Join us as we delve into this delectable treat and discover why once you try it, you’ll want more. This review will take you on a journey through the elegant flavors of Hyogo’s Cream Anpan and the exceptional experience of indulging in ‘Undepanda’s’ version of this beloved Japanese pastry.


Japanese cuisine is world-renowned for its extensive variety and unique flavors. One of the many hidden gems in Japan is the Japanese bakery, Andepan located in Miki Hyogo. Andepan has a reputation for producing high-quality pastries, specializing in sweet red bean buns, cream-filled sweet bean buns, and other types of Japanese bread. Recently, a video about Andepan went viral on YouTube, showcasing the bakery’s extraordinary dedication to providing its customers with truly exquisite bread using high-quality ingredients. In this article, we will explore the unique taste, history, and location of Andepan and why you should visit it.

Location and History:

Andepan is located in Miki, Hyogo, Japan, at 1-22-8 Midorigaoka-cho Naka. The bakery was established in 1970, and since then, it has been a staple for those seeking the best Japanese bread, making it one of the oldest and most respected bakeries in Japan. Andepan is a small bakery and may be challenging to find. However, once you discover this hidden gem, the journey will be worth it.

Types of Pastries Offered:

Andepan has a vast selection of bread, ranging from traditional Japanese bread to Italian-style bread. However, their specialty is sweet red bean buns and cream-filled sweet bean buns. These pastries have a fantastic balance of sweet and savory, making them an excellent option for breakfast or as a snack. When you order a sweet red bean bun from Andepan, it will come in a generous size, so you are getting your money’s worth, and more importantly, you will not leave unsatisfied.

The bakery pays great attention to detail with its pastry production, using the best quality butter and flour. The result is an exquisite texture and taste, making it a must-visit bakery whenever in Miki City.

Promotion and Attention to Detail:

The viral video about Andepan was aimed at promoting the bakery’s unique bread selection, attention to detail, and high-quality products. The video highlighted the efforts put in by the bakery’s team to ensure that their pastries not only taste good but also look good. The video showcased how the bakers took their time to create the perfect pastry, measuring and weighing the ingredients, and ensuring they are mixed thoroughly.

When you visit Andepan bakery, you will understand the dedication and time spent in creating each pastry. The bakery is always clean, and the atmosphere is calm, making it the perfect place to indulge in a delicious pastry and relax.


Andepan bakery is one of the many hidden gems in Japan worth exploring. The bakery’s unique pastries are a must-try, and their attention to detail and high-quality ingredients used in their production make their pastries even more special. Moreover, with the bakery’s long history and reputation for producing only the best, one can be guaranteed that the pastries they indulge in are of the highest quality.


  1. Can I order pastries from Andepan bakery online?
    No, Andepan bakery does not offer online orders. The only way to purchase their pastries is by visiting the bakery in Miki City, Hyogo, Japan.

  2. Are there any other types of bread other than sweet bean buns at Andepan bakery?
    Yes, Andepan bakery offers a variety of bread, ranging from traditional Japanese bread to Italian-style bread.

  3. How long has Andepan been in business?
    Andepan bakery was established in 1970, making it one of the oldest and most respected bakeries in Japan.

  4. Is the bakery always crowded?
    The bakery may be challenging to find, but it is not always crowded. However, during peak season or weekends, there may be a queue.

  5. Can I order custom cakes or pastries from Andepan bakery?
    Andepan bakery does not take custom orders and only serves the pastries that are available on their menu.

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