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Japanese Koppe Pan! | The Best Japanese Sandwich Bread + 9 Popular Koppe Pan Sandwich Recipes

Japanese Koppe Pan! | The Best Japanese Sandwich Bread + 9 Popular Sandwich Recipes

Koppe Pan is a Japanese take on hot dog buns we grew up eating as school lunches.

This recipe is a little sweeter than regular hot dog buns so that you can enjoy them with soup or salad.

Commonly eaten as sandwiches. I am going to show you the step-by-step instructions.

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Egg salad sandwich



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Hi friends welcome back today I'm gonna Be making Kopepan is a Japanese steak on hot dog Buns we grew up eating at school lunch This recipe is a little sweeter than the Regular hot dog bun so you can enjoy it As it is with soup and salad but Commonly eaten as sandwiches I'm gonna Show you the step-by-step instructions To make a perfect cope and turn them Into the Japanese style delicious Sandwiches let's get started In a stand mixer dough combine the bread Flour whole wheat flour sugar salt and East and East Run the mixer until the dry ingredients Are well combined and in a jar mix whole Milk and lukewarm water and pour the Liquid snow and steady stream The temperature of the liquid is about 36 degrees Celsius 96 degrees Fahrenheit Keep the mixer running on low speed Until it forms the dough then turn on The speed to medium and run for the 5 to 6 minutes Now let's give the dough a window paint Test Take a small piece of dough and pinch it Between your fingers and stretch the Dough creates a thin film that almost Sees through the other side this is okay To go Add unsalted butter and run the mixer Until the dough comes back together and

Elastic and smooth And give it a window pane test again to Make sure the butter is all mixed in Shape the dough into the bowl and give The attention to the surface to hold the Gas inside and place it the dough in a Grease the bowl and cover it with Plastic I always use a shower cap that you can Use several times to save the materials Allow it to rise in a warm place for About 55 to 60 minutes until it has Doubled in size Once the dough has risen now let's we Will give it the finger test Poke it with your flower dusted finger And the hole states that it's okay to go And take out the dough onto the dusted Working surface and divide into five I Am making a double batch so divide into 10 equal portions It's about 70 grams per piece Roll each piece into the bowl and cover It with plastic wrap to prevent it from Drying out and let it rest for about 10 Minutes After 10 minutes we will shape it into The copper pan Roll out the dough to one centimeter in Thickness 1 3 of an inch Fold from the bottom and top and then Fold it in half and pinch to seal the End Roll the dough to stretch a little and

Press on the parchment lined baking tray Seam side down Okay let's see one more time I have five cop paper mode so I put five In but the rest of the five is naked and Spray water to give them a nice moisture And cover them with a plastic wrap and Let them light for another 30 minutes My kitchen is still cold so I put a Baking tray filled with a hot water Underneath Meanwhile preheat your oven to 180 Degrees Celsius 350 Fahrenheit When you see the dough Rises almost Double brush each pan with a beaten egg White and bake for 15 minutes or until Golden brown Let the coffee pan cool on a wire rack Before serving Look at those beautiful copper pan The one baked in a Culpeper mode looks More reason and probably because the gas Keep inside in the mold and goes higher But both copy pan looks so beautiful Here comes the fun part you can add the Feeling of your choice but let me show You a popular choices Cut in the middle of the bread and fill With ankle azuki bean paste and thin Slices of butter This is my absolute favorite and it's a Trend in the Japanese Bakery And the next one is a all-time favorite Egg salad

I'll put the link in the description box Below for the complete recipes The next one is Dipping the sauce and fill in the copper Pan the most comfortable and affordable Sandwich is for us My number one favorite when I was young And the next one is protein rich salad Chicken sandwich Keep you full all the afternoons if you Have it for lunch and it's suitable for The kids and if you have exercises it's Good for you this is a convenience store Start but I make my own salad chicken in My kitchen And here comes the weird sandwich Napolitan spaghetti sandwich and Yakisoba sandwich I don't know who makes it but Surprisingly delicious And you can make a vegetable sandwich or Yogurt and use a card I made last week And pray around your favorite and create Your own hundreds of coffee pans I hope you will give this recipe a try On the weekend Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and share the video with Your friends and families and don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Tap the Bell icon not to miss any of my New videos And follow me on the social media and Tag me on your post if you give it a try

Enjoy my happy eating group to share Your food with me And go to my website for more Information at my store on Amazon has Pretty much everything that I'm using in My video Thanks again and I will see you soon Bye [Music] Foreign

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