beauty & healthy
A new pickle specialty store that goes beyond the traditional image of "pickles"

Gentle on the eater and beautiful from the inside. We offer organic and beautiful "pickles" that are a combination of carefully selected ingredients and various spices and herbs, hoping that your mind and body will be healthy. Enjoy the colorful pickles that shine like jewels in the bottle.​


Naturally cultivated vegetables in Hokkaido and organically cultivated safe, secure and nutritious seasonal vegetables. Vinegar is a fermented food that has been useful since ancient times and has various effects. Healing herbs and exciting spices. The possibilities of the selected materials are endless!


"Japanese-style pickles" with irresistible kelp flavor, "Western-style pickles" with herbs, "spicy pickles" that are delicious as snacks for sake, and "sweet pickles" with a sweet dessert feel. When the flavors of various vegetables are mixed with the four types of pickle liquid, a new taste is created, and different harmonies flow in each bottle. Find your favorite pickles.

For daily cooking and special occasions​

There are various ways to use pickles. You can enjoy it as it is, but it is also very delicious when mixed, added to color, rolled, or stir-fried! Instead of a lunch box or salad dressing. Make party food gorgeous with pintxos, pizza, canapes, etc. Enjoy pickles even on such nights as snacks for sake and "I'm hungry ...".​