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Making GF vegan carrot cupcakes for a wedding!

Hey guys! Delighted to say that I’ve been asked to bake for a wedding so am testing out these GF vegan carrot cupcakes this week and wanted to share the recipe with you from Loving it Vegan blog (see below). Hope you enjoy this allergy friendly inclusive recipe! Lily x

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Vegan GF carrot cupcake recipe I followed: https://lovingitvegan.com/gluten-free-carrot-cake-cupcakes/#recipe

Foreign Work for tomorrow for my deliveries Tomorrow I've actually got something new To test out today so I've been asked to Cater for a wedding so to cater the Wedding cake for a couple in at the end Of April so I'm super super happy to be Doing this it's like something that I've Never done before obviously I've done Cakes before I've sold birthday cakes But never for a wedding so I just think It it just feels extra special and like A new challenge to take on board as a Part of this process I'm obviously gonna Have to be doing quite a bit of recipe Testing because they have asked for They're not going down the traditional Route of like a full-on like Multi-tiered wedding cake I've kind of Put together a proposal for them and I'm Going to be providing samples for them To test because I was just like there'll Be nothing worse than getting to your Wedding day and not liking your The finished product so I was like we're Gonna have to definitely well I'm Definitely gonna have to offer some Samples so I'm hoping they're going to Be ready March time early March if not End of this month but they have asked For a combination of Gluten-free vegan Carrot cupcakes and gluten-free vegan Chocolate brownies so this is like an

Extra challenge for me as a baker so I Thought today we could try out a recipe Together and if it works out well I'll Yeah I'll share it down below it's not My recipe so I'm following somebody Else's online Um and it the blog is called loving it Vegan but for today I'm just going to be Making like the the sponges and seeing If I like the flavors of that and how They turn out Um so yeah let's make these gluten-free Vegan carrot cupcakes together So I started off by grating 125 grams of Carrot this was roughly two to two and a Half medium sized carrots and I probably Next time would use a coarser grater Setting but this was the only grater That I had in my kitchen at the moment And then in a separate Bowl I whisked Together my gluten-free plain flour I Use Dove's Farm flower here which is Just a very good UK brand but use Whatever type of flour you fancy And then I whisked in 100 grams of light Brown sugar half a teaspoon of baking Powder half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of Soda a small pinch of sea salt one Teaspoon of ground cinnamon and half a Teaspoon of ground nutmeg So in here I've got my Chia egg so this Is just Um chia seeds and water and that's gonna Puff up and kind of

It's the right word coagulant I don't know anyway this is gonna come Together and it's gonna help bind the Mixture and then I've got 125 grams of Grated carrot so I'm just going to pop This in here I think I greeted a bit too Much maybe not Might be perfect yeah I need a little Bit more It's actually such a workout doing this Female of sunflower oil or any sort of Neutral oil That you have because I don't have the Apple sauce I'm just gonna substitute This for that so one tablespoon of apple Sauce so just one extra tablespoon of This So it's that and then we need half a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar So that will be about seven Six seven and vanilla I'm actually Running really long there's vanilla Extract this stuff is so good as well Um so half a teaspoon so well that's Just gonna be like a little Dash Yeah I don't really want to use all that Up Okay guys so my carrot liquid mixture Has kind of just been sitting for about Five minutes or so so the chia seeds Have puffed up a little bit Um not massively but that's kind of what It looks like it looks a bit gross Um but I'm hoping that this is going to

Help bind all the mixture together so I'm just going to add the wet to the dry Now Um It's always funny when I'm filming Videos like this I feel like I'm on some Cooking TV show Um it really makes you think on the spot I would have to say I think I've only Made carrot cake made once or twice in My life because my preference would Always be chocolate cake I don't know About you but As always my preference So just to show you That's what it looks like so very thick For cake batter but this is an Experiment let me see how it goes and Then I'm just going to get a smaller Scoop to scoop this out evenly into my Cute little cupcake things these are Actually muffin liners I think that I Got for another job last year but I Don't have any cupcake liners so I'm Just using these and then putting them In this muffin tray that I actually use For all my morning buns and I just got It from Amazon so It's so funny because I feel like Um even though I'm still in my micro Bakery I don't feel like I'm working right now I feel like I'm off duty and like I'm The old uh

My My bandana or my usual uniform one Um so so I preheated my fan oven to 160 Degrees Celsius but if you're using a Normal oven just preheat it to 180 Degrees Celsius I then baked the carrot cupcakes for About 20 minutes and then double check That they will bake through with a clean Skewer and if it comes out clean then You're good to go I then called them on My cooling rack for about an hour before Testing them so these have been cooling Down out of the oven for about an hour Or so Um and it's time for the taste test so They're smelling really really good so That's what they look like the finished Product will be iced with some sort of Buttercream so I'm gonna play about with Just some simple icings in the future But for now I'm just going to test it Like this and then I'm gonna decorate Them my idea is to decorate them with Pressed petals pressed flower petals or Little carrot decorations on top so we Shall see That is really good it's so light It's got like really lovely Spicy flavors like cinnamon the nutmeg Is coming through it's super soft Oh it's so good it's so fresh and then I Feel like the icing on top will just Give it that extra layer of like

Luxuriousness luxury Um for the wedding so I would definitely give these a go I'm Super impressed I don't think I'd change Anything about this recipe I don't even think you particularly need The applesauce in it you could just like Get away with using the sunflower oil or Some sort of neutral oil Um but wow that is so good and also Um like the chia seeds have worked Really well as well instead of the flax Seeds so yeah I'm super super impressed So I really hope you guys enjoyed this Video leave me a comment down below let Me know if you try out the recipe I want To give full credit to the baker who Came up with this recipe because it's so Impressive Very rarely do gluten-free and vegan Bakes Work for me Um especially when you don't have any Nuts involved so I'm really really Impressed with this it's so light it's So soft it's so tasty and like spicy and Multi-dimensional Um and I just think the icing when I Come up with that that will just like Finish it off and it'll just be Delightful so I'm super impressed with These Um yeah let me know if you give them a Go and I really hope you guys enjoyed

This video I will see you next week for Another one so take care guys bye Foreign

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