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Hot Cross Bun


Looking for the best hot cross bun in Malaysia? Look no further than PanKobo Bakery! Our hot cross buns are made with nutmeg, cinnamon powder, raisins, whipping cream, unsalted butter, milk and lemon zest – and we use only natural yeast for the perfect flavor.

This Limited Christmas Pre-order is till 23rd Friday, and collection date is only 24th Sat. and 25th Sun. at PanKobo Bakery Horizon Hills. Don’t miss this limited items during Christmas!!

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PanKobo Bakery Christmas Hot Cross Buns Bundle Deal

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マレーシアで最高のホットクロスバンをお探しですか? パン工房ベーカリーをお見逃しなく!



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Hot Cross Bun

Hot Cross Bun


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