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SAVORY FRENCH TOAST for Mother’s Day Breakfast | My mother’s Tamago-Pan Recipe / Breakfast Recipe

Today I’m going to be making savory French toast. Our family called it TAMAGO PAN.

This is actually my father’s favorite breakfast. My mother used to make it only for my father. Because I am the oldest child of four siblings, she had no time to make this addictive Savory French Toast for all family members!

It was my dream to eat it every morning, but now it’s a special menu for me.

My parents had passed away already, but before Mother’s Day; my memories came back to me, and I make it for their memories.

・1 serving
1 slice of Shokupan
(Japanese whitebread)
1 large egg
a pinch of salt
3 tablespoon whole milk
1 tablespoon butter
bacon, vegetables of your choice

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Hi friends today i'm going to be making Savory french toast Our family called it tamagopam This is actually my father's favorite Breakfast my mother used to make it only For my father because i'm the oldest in Four siblings she had no time to make This french toast for all the family Members so we just ate the toast It was my dream to eat savory french Toast every morning so now it's a Special menu for me my parents had Passed away already but before mother's Day my memories came back to me and i Make it for their memories Let's get started You will need only few ingredients Beat one egg with a pinch of salt Soak a piece of japanese chocolate white Bread in whole milk Coat the bread with the egg Heat the pan on medium low heat Melt one tablespoon of butter in a pan And pan fry the bread for three minutes Covered Rip it over and add some bacon and snow Pea or any vegetables you have on your Hand and cook another 3 minutes When you touch the center and it bounces Back it's cooked Transfer to a serving dish and it's done I don't know where my mother get this Recipes from but it's good to serve Green milk before coating with the egg

The inside of the bread is like a Pudding and so soft And the butter and bacon add richness to It It tastes good as it is but it goes well With tomato sauce It's easy to make and gives you the Energy to start the day And it's good for the mother's day Breakfast I hope you will give this recipe a try Thanks for watching [Music] You

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