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Today, I’m going to be showing Shokupan for beginners, with real-time hand kneading.

I have received so many questions about the consistency of the dough.

My Original Shokupan recipe contains 72% moisture, that is more amount than regular white bread recipe.

That’s the beauty of my Shokupan recipe, the more moisture in your bread, the more the bread fluffy.

But it is not that easy to knead, for beginners.

I reduced moisture in 65%, which I believe easy to handle, and still maintaining the signature texture of Shokupan, fluffy and moist.

Hope you will make your own delicious Shokupan much easier with this recipe!

Level ☆☆★

・One 19×10×10cm Shokupan Mold (1800ml)
250g bread flour
12g sugar
5g salt
4g instant yeast
160ml lukewarm water
15g unsalted butter

Preheat the oven 100℃(212℉)→Re-set to 200 ℃(425℉)
Bake 40 mins in total.

Full recipe:

More info
Udemy SHOKUPAN Bread Baking 101

Stand Mixer method:


~What is Shokupan?~

“Shokupan” is one of the staple Japanese bread that you can find at any grocery store.

The size is the same, but it comes in varieties of thickness.

Shokupan comes in 2 types of shape, one is square, and the other comes in the rounded top like a mountain. It called Yamashoku. Yama means mountain.

Squared one is more moist and dense compared to mountain shape because we bake it with the lid. The moisture stays in the dough. Mountain shape Shokupan is lighter in texture. Perfect for toast. It’s up to you which one to choose.

Shokupan mold:

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Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo Japanese everyday food today i'm gonna Be showing Shock pain for beginners with real time Hand kneading I have received so many requests about The consistency of the dough Some say too sticky and some say It's too wet to handle My shokban recipe contains 72 Moisture that is more amount than the Regular white bread Well that's the beauty of my chocolate Recipe The more moisture in your bread the more The bread fluffy but it is not that easy To need For beginners i reduced moisture In to 65 percent which i believe Easy to handle and still maintaining the Signature texture of shock pain Fluffy and moist the ingredients are so Simple Get your ingredients ready and we can Make the chocolate pan together I will walk you through how to make Chocolate pan From start to finish let's get started These are my shokban mould collection Today i Choose the smallest one If you want to calculate the bread dough To fit your pan

Watch my formal video the recipe is same As always In a large bowl of your bread flour add In Salt and sugar Stir to combine Add in instant dry yeast you can use Active dry yeast for instant dry yeast Just add the same amount You should adjust the time of the Proofing Yeast shouldn't be direct contact with Salt and sugar because they might Deactivate the yeast Pour in lukewarm water in three to four Stages I don't want you to add water all at Once Because it's going to take more time To mix everything nice and even Continue mixing and all the ingredients Forms the dough Cover and let it sit for 10 minutes This step makes your hand kneading much Easier Because the flour absorbs moisture Evenly And gluten relaxes while resting After 10 minutes take out onto your Working surface Set the batter on your side start Kneading By pushing forward and pull it back Press your foot back and forth draw your

Belly button in and use your back muscle Relax your shoulder and enjoy kneading [Music] Knead 5 to 6 minutes Do Do Do [Music] [Music] [Music] The dough stretch is like paper thin and Almost see-through It's time to add butter Spread the dough and put the room Temperature butter on it By adding the butter that dough falls Apart But it comes together soon start Kneading again For two to three minutes until the Dough comes back together So [Music] So So The dough becomes more elastic and shiny And smells so good to check the dough Is ready or not let's take a stretch Test It looks good shape into a bowl By tucking the dough to make a nice Round ball Put it in a greased air tight container Stretch side up

Let it rise for 30 to 35 minutes Or until almost double in size At 30 degrees celsius for the first rice I put in the fermentation course of my Microwave oven do not set the Temperature No higher than 30 degrees celsius In my experience the temperature of the First Rice should not higher than 35 degrees Celsius The reason for this is the higher Temperature Activates the east from the very first So The yeast is not active in the oven So i start growing the yeast slowly To make the most out of it After 25 minutes my dough doubles in Volume Again poke with your dusted finger And the hole you have just made is not Shrink back Take out onto your dust working surface And Cut into two Today eat weight 220 grams Each dough shape into a Roughly round bowl and let them rest For 10 minutes this step is called bench Rest It will access the dough before the Final shaping After 10 minutes the dough relaxed

And pops up a little take one dough And press the seam side up Roll it out with your fingers and then Shape into A bowl pinch to seal Repeat the process to the other dough Put them in a mold cover with plastic And let them rise for 40 to 45 minutes At 30 degrees celsius We are going to bake as mountain shaped Shock pan Let it rise until the dough rises one Centimeter over the edge Pop into the oven bake 35 minutes Today i took cold stud method Start baking at 100 degrees celsius Then set the oven to 200 degrees celsius And bake it 15 minutes In total rotate the mould halfway Through And cover with the aluminum foil if your Bread is start browning Take out the mould and tap it onto a Countertop To remove hot air inside This will prevent from shrinking Then take out onto a wire rack Let it cool to room temperature before Cutting Let's slice and see the inside It's not the salt like my original Recipe But still tastes very nice it makes a Crispy

Good toast it's much easier to handle So i recommend to start baking with this Recipe I hope the video is helpful for you and I hope you learned how to make shukban And i hope you will make this recipe Very soon thank you for watching the Video Give me a big thumbs up and share the Video with your friends and families And don't forget to subscribe to my Channel if you haven't done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post If you give it a try and go to my Website for the printable recipe And more information and my store on Amazon has pretty much everything that I'm using in my video Thanks again and i will see you soon Bye [Music]

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