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spend the morning with me in my micro bakery ✨ #microbakery #bakery #sourdough

Spend the morning with me in my micro Bakery So my working day starts anywhere Between half four and five in the Morning and the first task of the day is To get all of the sourdough loaves out Of the fridge get them scored and loaded Into the oven to be baked Then I shape all of my morning buns Which are kind of like a cinnamon bun With orange zest they are my best Selling product and they are amazing I Sell them to my local customers local Businesses and at farmers markets too I'm also doing a new product a Plant-based sausage roll with miso Mushrooms and lentils and they are Amazing For the rest of the morning I continue All of my bakes for my local customers And businesses and pack them all up and Then we deliver them by bike all over South London

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