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Epi means wheats

Have you ever known how to make the Epi?!

What is Epi? Epi means Stalks of wheats in French. Because of shape of bread looks like that! Hehehe I feel it is so healing to watch how #Epi is made! Don’t you? Please watch the video from our Facebook page! (My sons only eat Epi, and after they watched the video, they were amaze the bread was so soft to cut before bake) Our Epi is available every #Fridays #Saturdays and #Sundays If you want to learn about Epi, please check below What is Epi Bread? (with pictures) by Mary McMahon #NoPorkNoLard EPI (ONION&BACON) EPI (MUSTARD&BACON) EPI (CHEESE&BACON) 3 flavors for you! Order from us now by messaging us… Read More »Have you ever known how to make the Epi?!