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Haraguchi Tomohisa

🍛PanKobo Japanese chicken curry – how to make Japanese golden chicken curry

🍛PanKobo Japanese chicken curry – how to make Japanese golden chicken curry Happy #Saturday! It is another weekend again! How have you been doing? Preparing the #fresh ingredients for cooking our signature #JapaneseCurry     We stand for cooking our own filling to provide you completely authentic Japanese flavor for your satisfaction Call us or Message us to reserve your #CurryPan now! Although you can always try your luck 07-5539618 #PanKoboBakery #JapaneseBakery #ArtisanBread #HorizonHills #Nusajaya #JohorBahru #NoPorkNoLard Please follow : Facebook : PanKobo Bakery 焼きたてパンの店 Instagram : PanKoboBakery since 2013 No.5, Jalan Hijuan 3, Horizon Hills, Nusajaya Johor, 79100, Malaysia +6075539618 info@pankobocafe.com

💞How do you find your peace?

What time zone are you in? In this fast speed society, most people want things fast to be done Sometime we forgot to appreciate the efforts behind Sometime we take things as granted without feeling grateful Maybe sometime, we can slow down, we can give appreciation, we can give acknowledgement, we can let go of our pride, we can write a message or give a call just to show we care, we love For baking, we need to slow and steady stage by stage. Each process is equally important, so we don’t focus on only the result of the taste of bread, but also every process since how we choose… Read More »💞How do you find your peace?

Have you ever known how to make the Epi?!

What is Epi? Epi means Stalks of wheats in French. Because of shape of bread looks like that! Hehehe I feel it is so healing to watch how #Epi is made! Don’t you? Please watch the video from our Facebook page! (My sons only eat Epi, and after they watched the video, they were amaze the bread was so soft to cut before bake) Our Epi is available every #Fridays #Saturdays and #Sundays If you want to learn about Epi, please check below What is Epi Bread? (with pictures) by Mary McMahon #NoPorkNoLard EPI (ONION&BACON) EPI (MUSTARD&BACON) EPI (CHEESE&BACON) 3 flavors for you! Order from us now by messaging us… Read More »Have you ever known how to make the Epi?!

PanKobo Bakery X JB City Guide

PanKobo Announcement The video is out thanks to 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide It was also the first time I watched the video last night! I am so surprised that we were doing the shooting for a couple of days, and they spent days for editing! Finally the video is less than 3 mins None of the final product has easy process We should always appreciate what we are having now! If you have 3 mins, please feel free to watch the video https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2823596344622592 And if you don’t mind to click “share” with good comments your small action could lead a big effect for us thank you for supporting always… Read More »PanKobo Bakery X JB City Guide