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Testing Plant-Based Wedding Cakes: My 2-Day Vlog Experience” – A Must-Read!

Discovering plant-based cakes that are perfect for weddings can be quite challenging. As a food enthusiast, I have always been curious about how vegan and vegetarian cakes taste like and how they compare with traditional ones. Thus, I took a two-day challenge and documented my vlog experience to give you a glimpse of my journey in testing plant-based wedding cakes. This blog post is an absolute must-read for those who are interested in trying out new and healthier options for their upcoming nuptials.

H1: Testing Plant-Based Wedding Cakes: My 2-Day Vlog Experience” – A Must-Read!


As a fellow baker and lover of all things sugary, I decided to document my 2-day experience testing a gluten-free, plant-based vanilla sponge cake recipe for a wedding commission. It was a challenge to say the least, but with the help of Lily’s Loaf’s fantastic recipe, I was able to create a delicious and beautiful cake. In this article, I will be sharing the ups and downs of the process, including tips and tricks I learned along the way. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

H2: Lily’s Loaf’s Gluten-Free, Plant-Based Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

As mentioned, Lily’s Loaf provided an incredible recipe for a gluten-free, plant-based vanilla sponge cake that I used for this wedding cake commission. Her recipe was not only easy to follow but also allowed me to create a moist and fluffy cake that even non-vegans would love. Here are some highlights of the recipe:

  • The recipe requires common ingredients that are easy to find.
  • The instructions are easy to follow and detailed.
  • The baking time was spot on, and the cake came out moist and fluffy.
  • The vanilla flavor was rich and delicious.

H2: Testing the Recipe

Day 1 of testing the recipe was all about preparing the ingredients and making sure everything was weighed out correctly. I followed the recipe down to the tee, making sure that I didn’t miss a single step in the instructions.

After mixing everything together, I started filling my baking pans with the batter and popped them into the oven. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the cake was to bake – it only required 30 minutes of baking time.

Day 2 was the fun part – decorating the cake. But before I could start, I needed to make sure my cake was completely cooled. Once the cake had cooled, I made a four-layered cake and used vanilla frosting in between each layer.

Then, I iced the cake with a vegan-friendly buttercream frosting and smoothed the surface with a palette knife. I added some fresh fruit and some edible flowers for decoration, and the finished product was simply stunning.

H2: Lily’s Loaf’s Micro Bakery

Aside from sending me her delicious recipe, Lily’s Loaf also has a micro bakery where she sells her delicious baked goods. She has an ebook and online course on how to build a micro bakery business – making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to start their micro-bakery.

In addition, she provides links to her favorite bakery products, making it easy for anyone to get their hands on quality ingredients.

H2: Ordering from Lily’s Loaf

To order from Lily’s Loaf, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram to check out her delicious and fresh baked goods. She also sells community loaves to share with others – making her bakery more than just a place to buy treats.

H2: FAQs

Here are some FAQs that you might have after reading about my experience testing Lily’s Loaf’s recipe:

  1. What makes Lily’s Loaf’s micro bakery different from others?
    Lily’s Loaf provides invaluable resources for anyone looking to start their micro-bakery, and her baked goods are fresh and delicious.

  2. Can I order cakes from Lily’s Loaf for my special occasions?
    Yes, Lily’s Loaf takes orders for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and other events.

  3. How can I purchase the RM2020 oven?
    Lily’s Loaf provides an affiliate link to purchase the RM2020 oven.

  4. Are all of Lily’s Loaf baked goods gluten-free?
    No, not all of Lily’s Loaf’s baked goods are gluten-free – make sure to check out her website for more information.

  5. Where can I find the gluten-free, vegan vanilla cake recipe from The Loopy Whisk’s blog?
    You can find The Loopy Whisk’s gluten-free, vegan vanilla cake recipe on their blog.


In conclusion, my experience testing Lily’s Loaf’s gluten-free, plant-based vanilla sponge cake recipe was a fun and exciting process, and a delight to eat. If you are looking for quality baked goods or delicious recipes, be sure to check out Lily’s Loaf’s micro bakery and resources. Alternatively, if you are looking to improve your baking skills, her ebook and online course are fantastic for beginners. So, what are you waiting for? Get baking!

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