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The Approachable Loaf | Proof Bread

In order to educate the modern marketplace, we encourage our customers to expand their understanding of bread by creating a pathway through the “approachable” loaf.

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Proof Bread
125 W Main Street
Mesa AZ 85201

Proof Bread is a modern throwback to a way of life that values small-scale craftsmanship, local community, and creativity.

We are a team of passionate bakers working in a historic building in downtown Mesa that has been converted into a retail bakery.

Everything we bake is long-fermented with our sourdough starter ‘Harriet’. Each product is artisan, crafted by hand, from the best local ingredients, with no shortcuts.

We bake in line with 13,000 years of human history, avoiding artificial processes and unnecessary ingredients. Honoring tradition and serving better bread for our community.

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Our sandwich bread comes in a plastic Bag but I really wish it didn't [Music] [Applause] [Music] This demo I think is going to lead to a Little bit of controversy which I Welcome in the comment section I want to Talk about Bag gloves Versus Hollows and I'll start by saying We sell these we also sell these this is A frozen loaf uh just so it happens but We sell it in its non-frozen state as Well and some of you will hate this idea That we sell these plastic bag loads Covering a beautiful Artisan product Let's take that fact aside and go to Personal preferences of mine You don't usually see this bread in my House you'll always see the whole bread In my house and different parts of the World have different bread Traditions so If proof existed in a certain place on Earth the outside of the Arizona in the U.S We might omit this stuff from our menu Entirely the standard form factor for a Loaf of bread in our entire Marketplace Is this in other words if you go to the Supermarket where most people find their Bread you'll find an entire aisle of Just various versions of bread that Looks like this none of it is actually

Like this one the one that we made However it all looks like this at least In form this form factor is probably Arguably the most approachable form Factor this form factor is more of a Traditional loaf of bread meaning you Can go back hundreds of years and the Loaves of bread would look more similar To this We got here through the Industrial Revolution through mechanized bread Production through industrial slicers Namely the idea of convenience the fact That you can take a slice here pop it in A toaster toast it up and have it the Typical bread produced at an industrial Scale has over 15 ingredients they're Four or five syllable words that are all The various preservatives and additives Dough enhancers this particular loaf of Bread the ingredient label flour water Sourdough starter butter brown sugar Milk and salt All of those little extras above flower Water and salt have the effect of Creating a soft sandwich Loaf the sugar Is not for sweetness it is for moisture Retention this loaf keeps on the counter For about eight days before the microbes Get to it that's the way I like it Because I don't really want to eat Something that the entire biome doesn't Want to touch meaning if bacteria Doesn't want to eat the food that you're

Eating should you be eating the food That you're eating I don't know there's An argument for this type of bread and The argument is that this is Approachable meaning let's say that my Goal is to get more people to buy this Loaf if I omit this all together from my Menu and now I'm left with this I have a Market for it but I have a market that's Already been educated that has already Experienced this kind of bread that Understands how to handle it and the Rest of the market in this case an U.S The majority of the market just simply Goes to the bakery that only serves Bread in plastic if I incorporate this Loaf And this loaf I now have a pathway of Having conversations with my customers To getting them here this low fresh Meaning not frozen Has historically been our best-selling Bread it is the form factor of our Country sourdough but it's pre-sliced And so it hits on two sort of desires One is people are not comfortable Slicing through their own bread but it's A lot harder to slice bread with the Straight serrated knife I'm going to take this fresh bread And then slice it with this knife And mind you I have a lot of practice Slicing bread But even for me this knife provides some

Challenge I still don't have an even slice and now I'm going to try to Make two sandwich slices for myself All right so it certainly can be done I Got two fairly even slices with the Straight edge serrated knife but even For me that was a bit of a challenge and I can't count how many slices of bread I've sliced in the last six years Certainly more than just the average Person walking through the doors of my Bakery Add the slight Bend to the knife And the entire action of slicing becomes Significantly easier And this isn't even a fancy knife we Have nicer ones that are longer and make The process even easier but no question That this even slicing happened faster Than with the straight serrated edge and So the knife matters the quality of the Knife matters it is worthwhile to get Yourself a nice bread knife and to me The angle seems to be the the trick old Habits die hard so if I would like Somebody to try whole bread I can meet Them halfway and pre-sliced some bread For them and then have conversations Like this one about what you can do with A whole loaf or how you can make your Life easier a customer of ours can take This Loaf and stick it in their freezer And they can now enjoy this preservative

Free loaf for a month with no problem Maybe that is their actual bread Consumption at home meaning they're not Eating that much bread at home another Objection people have with even just the Artisan form factor the traditional form Factor is the lack of consistency in all The slices meaning I'm buying this loaf Of bread and my perception of bread is Sandwiches only and now what am I Supposed to do with this piece it's a Tiny piece I mean what am I supposed to Do with this piece compared to this one Yeah It's not the same quality as sandwich And The marketplace has been sort of drilled In for uniformity consistency I'd like To highlight a book it's by Chef Massimo Botura it's called bread is gold it's a Really interesting take on all the Various uses of old bread mind you new Ones there's a lot you can do with this End for instance let's say you prepare a Simple soup at home on a rainy cold day This piece this end piece Is a really nice compliment to that soup And just as enjoyable As this more sandwich favorable piece if You have that in your repertoire Or if you wish to gain that in your Repertoire now all of a sudden that loaf Of bread has more uses than just Sandwiches but let's say it's even stale

Beyond the level that you're comfortable Dipping it in soup I can take this piece Slice it into Such crumbs Such small chunks Now I can toss these in olive oil maybe Season them with a little bit of salt Throw them in the oven low and slow say 350 375 degrees let them crisp up and Add them to any salad as freshly made Croutons another good use of old bread I can take the same application actually Hydrate it in various forms of sweetened Dairy and turn this into bread pudding I can take These and even stale versions of them Dip them in an egg batter and turn them Into French toast part of getting from Here To here Is teaching the versatility of the loaf Of bread Because oftentimes after years and years And years of going down the supermarket Aisle and seeing this and also frankly Seeing the texture of this heavily Enriched artificially preserved bread It's not quite as good for some of those Other applications or quite as enjoyable Nor do you have the need because the Bread doesn't stale easily it stays Fresh in this Con fresh and dead in this Container of plastic for a really long

Period of time and so you know a month Later people are still making a sandwich On that bread well that's not going to Happen even with this loaf you know a Week into it you have to choose to Freeze or start to use that bread for Some other purpose it's best to take it Out of its plastic After day five if you're not going to Freeze it because if you keep it in this Trapped environment where moisture can Collect that is what invites mold Whereas This whole loaf of bread that's sitting Out and getting drier by the day it does Not invite mold very easily in fact I Have yet to see it happen in any Reasonable amount of time the bread Stales and hardens more and more over Time but it doesn't mold and so you have A long shelf life if you know how to Handle the bread and if you start using Different techniques to enjoy your bread Other than just the straight Sandwich at our Bakery what we end up Doing is taking any unsold bread from Today slicing it And throwing it in the freezer where we Actually sell it at a discount so that Discounted bread invites a conversation We actually make it somewhat Inconvenient for people to get this Bread from us in particular when we sell It fresh meaning not the Frozen version

We actually up charge for it for the Cost of the slicing the cost of the bag The cost of the extra processing and the Fact that this is not Are bread and butter so to say this is We also make people walk out of our Bakery go next door to our grocery store Have a completely separate transaction To even have this spray The bread here in our Bakery is all just The whole uncut versions We also are reducing waste so instead of This bread going out to the dumpster When we don't sell it we're preserving It for another month in the freezer Where it's just as good for our Customers so there's a lot to this Conversation I agree with those of you who believe That there's better Solutions than this Petroleum-based plastic bag we have been Working with these These are produce Bags they're not quite um freezer bread Bags but actually interestingly when I Go and buy these bags They are labeled as produce bags too so Pretty similar thickness size everything Next door at Main Street Harvest we Purchased these compostable bags but the Problem that I've had with them oh here We go So in just the normal operation of Ripping the bag from its perforated Edge Two uh one out of three

Rips the actual bag itself and doesn't Have a clean break and this has been a Problem with this particular product now They are compostable but they are only Compostable in a commercial composting Facility meaning I can't take this to my Existing compost pile at my house which I have toss it in and expect it to Compost like normal it even says Commercially compostable only facilities May not exist in your area I agree that This is a better alternative to this Although not if this ends up in the Landfill anyway and not if it's so cost Prohibitive and has a worse quality that It creates more frustration than it's Worth even just filling them they're More brittle I can poke a hole more Easily than in the other bags so putting Potatoes in this bag or some other Produce simply did not hold up to the Task so my question is have I just not Found the right resources am I looking At this incorrectly or do we need to Have a different conversational together And that's some of you Ought to leave your computer screens and Start commercial composting facilities And bring that to Market I will Participate I'm with you I don't want to Use the petroleum-based plastic bag any More than the next person who's watching This video however my consumer Marketplace demands this I would say

99.9 of all bread sold the United States Comes in a plastic bag so that's where My audience is right now I can choose to Alienate them or I can choose to bring Them into my fold and have conversations Reducing the plastic now if you insist On a pre-sliced bread meaning if you Come up to my counter and say do you Have a slicer can you pre-slice it for Me and bag it for me I'll say I don't Have a slicer here And you'll have to walk all the way out The door Next door Pay an extra dollar and take your Precise loaf home if I happen not to Sell my whole loads which they're my top Selling bread here then I will cut them Up for you and freeze them in order to Prevent them going to the dumpster this Is the way that I've resolved this this Particular conflict it's not an easy Discussion I think the entire Marketplace needs to shift some and That's going to happen through a lot of Conversations it doesn't happen through Just pure alienation abandonment of the Mainstream process you got to meet People where they're at we've got to Have conversations starting from that Point of meeting people somewhere in the Middle a preservative free approachable Loaf of bread that's good for sandwiches And meets the form factor requirements

From there I can get people to maybe try The Artisan form of that bread the flour Water salt form from there I can maybe On their third or fourth interaction Sample a whole loaf talk about the Refreshing method maybe Point them to This particular video and get them to Try a whole loaf at home maybe they'll Take home a bread knife and make that Whole experience themselves easier so Over time I can move the needle and we Have A few years ago that pre-sliced Pre-bagged loafs outsold our whole Loaves two to one today our whole loaves Outsell our pre-sliced loaves although Slightly and it's very competitive so That is just where it's at demand wise Albeit we make all these efforts to Steer people in a different direction It's an interesting conversation I'm Really looking forward to engaging in The comments here and seeing what Everybody else has to say on this Foreign

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