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The Rush of Artisan Sourdough Baking | Proof Bread

Every business will face different pressures but running a sourdough bakery comes with its own set of unique challenges.


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Proof Bread
125 W Main Street
Mesa AZ 85201

» Proof Bread is a modern throwback to a way of life that values small-scale craftsmanship, local community, and creativity. We are a small group of passionate bakers working in our garage (thanks to cottage laws) which has been converted into a micro-bakery. Everything we bake is made by hand, from the best regional ingredients, with no short cuts.

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[Music] We're originally going to proof these For pre-orders which we plan on packing Up at the end of the day although we Made some adjustments to our production Numbers and so these will be ready Several hours before any extra proofing That I need to do so these are now two Hours into their proof and this is the Kind of day we have today it's one of Our busier weeks all year lots of things Happening everywhere and so my role is Just to keep everything organized and Keep from things falling apart so I'm Doing a quick set of counts here to Figure out what I have and compare it to What I need As I'm doing this I also have to check Dates on everything and make sure that What I'm grabbing is the stuff that uh Needs to go first got some Rosemary Twists some palmiers punished a lot The pastries can live in here for two Days before they become very urgent to Bake off weeks like this are a little Bit irregular for us because all of a Sudden in the middle of the week we have A much larger amount of production than We normally do and so anytime there's a Such an irregularity It makes for a more challenging Environment for us to uh To try to mitigate what's unfortunate About a Sourdough baking especially with

The pastries if I need more pastries out For sale at Best I'm like six hours away From having them yesterday when a lot More people came in the door than we Were expecting We sort of realized that we're probably Going to be facing that most of the week Off to the proofer It's not too many rooms like this in the World we designed this custom proofer Based on our learning in the garage Always 84 degrees in here always 84 Percent humid we're about to build Another one in our new Satellite facility all right so we've Now set more pastry to prove And on to the next thing where I can Kind of help be a pressure relief Quick hand wash and off to the bank Morning you guys welcome in made our own Little Sharps container out of a one Quart it's just for used sharp blades They're called UFO lombs they're a lot Easier to use For the baker because they're form Factor and you can actually find them Right on our website for for shipping You can find a proof version of them but You can also go straight to wire monkey And it looks like somebody already set This second deck here for me we've got 80 percent of the heat coming from the Top 20 from the stone it's set to 480 Degrees Fahrenheit they are proofed and

So we have to be gentle when placing Them on the board I'm usually going to use the bottom side Up it's not very dry but it's a little Bit dry here on top on the Koosh I'll Put the dry side down and that will be The bottom crust of the baguette The key to the baguettes is uh achieving The right amount of of proofing so that When you bake them the crumb is nice and Airy the last thing anybody wants is a Dense baguette if you were to visualize The baguette in thirds you want to keep Your score in that Center third the Whole time If you go across you're not going to get The nice beautiful open ear that you're That at least I'm going for on these Odd amounts of scores look better than Even amounts so I like to do mine in Threes but you can also do them in fives Some people even just do a single score Up the middle I think that loses a bit Of its visual appeal it looks like I'm Just staying in the middle but I am kind Of very subtly arching to my my side Towards me and then back out so I'm kind Of going on a on a bit of a bit of an Arc it's just very subtle each score has A slight overlap so the next score Overlaps the previous one by about Let's say uh nearly an inch [Music] And I'll try to go a little faster on

This one To catch the steam It's a fairly fragile product I'm going to score this one incorrectly Just for the visual and go across which Some people do and you'll see the Difference in the final product it will Still obviously be edible it'll still Rise evenly but you'll lose a little bit Of the visual appeal [Music] I'm setting a 15 minute timer so that's How long the baguettes will Bake with the steam trapped inside the Oven so this valve is currently shut Once I open it the steam releases and The oven gets a lot more dry at that Point the crust develops so for the First 15 minutes of this bake we'll be Trapping the steam in that will create a Really nice color on the crust also add To the oven spring and then for the last Nine minutes we will release the Steam And the crust will fully develop We're trying new things all the time Because it's fun the the risk of trying New things is there's things to learn so For instance How do you get a simple heavy cream and Chocolate ganache to not dry out in the Oven it's something that we're learning In the last minute here this is already A bigger bake of babka and it's uh been Improved

Several times over the course the last Couple weeks but the last bit of Improvement is going to happen right at The wire over the next couple days we're Going to bake hundreds of these vodkas And so we actually really only have one Or two more opportunities to improve Upon the final product it's already Delicious but we're very self-critical In this case we want a slightly more Creamy ganache at the final product we Want it to be more like what it's like At room temperature when we first make It and to do that we need to add two Ingredients to the ganache simple syrup And butter the simple syrup has the Effect of retaining moisture and keeping The creaminess need to add it at the Right exact moment meaning it has to be Added to the heavy cream before the Emulsification emulsification meaning The combination of these two wet Ingredients into that kind of pudding Like texture of the ganache the butter Needs to be added as the ganache is cool Down and both of them have a role in Retaining the final texture after the Bake because while the ganache is Perfect at room temperature we found That it's a little less ideal in the Final product and I've got another oven To empty I'd say we're roughly a minute late to These baguettes maybe a minute and a

Half They are how I would like them they are Going to be a little bit darker than the Typical customer likes them [Music] So you can see that there are really Caramelized uh darker Brown they definitely didn't go black so I I wouldn't call them burnt by any Means if I was to have a bag at home I Would probably choose any one of these All day long but again we're appealing To thousands of different customers and For the most part you know a golden Brown is more acceptable [Music] These on the other hand probably Spot on in terms of color I wouldn't Really want to go any lighter any Lighter and the sides really won't bake It's funny we were talking about the Single score down the middle the scores On this one broke and so it ended up Like a single score down the middle with An ear Here is the weird one that I scored Across the baguette and so it's very Clear when you put it up against a Specimen as nice as that one Or this one You know what you're dealing with in Terms of difference for one uh it's not Quite as even throughout and it's Probably one of the most common mistakes

In scoring baguettes right here where People take their blade across too much I'm very happy with this particular side Of the oven the other side again I'm Also happy with but less of my customers Will be happy with that particular color Whereas I think this particular color Coming out of this side will be Appealing to the majority of them I Intentionally scored this weird Very curious how this one looks on the Inside [Music] You can tell that it doesn't even open Up quite as much on the inside because Of the scoring Putting the final touches on this Chocolate hazelnut vodka now applying a Simple syrup glaze most people don't Realize sugar is a great moisturizer so Like when we make our sandwich bread why Is there sugar in the dough it's not as A sweetening agent we're not using high Fructose corn syrup we're using cane Sugar because the baking properties the Cane sugar and you don't put so much as To make an overly sweet dough you put Enough sugar in the science of baking in Order to moisturize the dough in the Application here the simple syrup does The same thing as what I'm describing Will happen to the ganache when we add Simple syrup to the actual heavy cream In making the ganache the moisture will

Be better retained sugar has that Quality to it where it grabs onto Moisture and holds on to it while I'm Glazing these another holiday bread is In the oven we have both our brioche Rolls in the oven as well as the braided Challah and and the braided holla is Made from brioche as well I think we can Make some of the best products out there Taste wise even technicality wise but if We lose our focus on kind of the final Touches the visual appeal the scoring of A Sourdough loaf with uh with the Artful Scoring or you know this glaze which on The inside is functionally less Important but on the outside makes a Pretty big difference the first thing That that people see when they come to a Farmer's market for instance where There's a huge selection of things that I'll notice you know the wide assortment Of pastries the spread if you will and Well before they've ever tasted the Quality of our fermentation That outer Presentation is a representation of the Work that goes on the inside of the Product too it's important to meet People where they're at and that's their First impression uh the visual appeal of A product [Music] There it is [Music]

The hollow braids And made from the same dough ryosh rolls The Frio trolls are very popular for the Holidays around here and they're just Really variants of the same red in this Case When you bake this kind of Artisan Style Bread pastry what ends up happening is There's this connection to memories and Connection to culture and it is in my Opinion kind of the The best part of the job because it's a Time portal connecting customers to you Know maybe their childhood or a Different place and time and a memory I Don't know Perhaps Perhaps you get a Semblance of that in industrial food but I don't think it's quite the same I Think that when food is made in a in a Traditional way when it's made and kind Of the way that you made it at home with Your family you know Grandma's Kitchen That kind of thing it's not just the Eating of the food but it's also the the Delivery of the memories the through Line between the past and the and the Present I'm leaving behind this somewhat sad Babka that was seemingly smaller and the Rest of these will be out for sale here At the bakery The nice thing about the uh The the ones that don't quite make the Quality assurance cut up they still

Taste the same so we usually sample with These just like the poorly scored Baguette that I made a little earlier That I think it's already been devoured In samples by this point If any remains it's uh just a portion of It the market has already seen quite Almost twice the typical traffic for This particular Market So we better get over there because it's Currently being manned by a single Person and my guess is he's going to Have a line when we get there we're Gonna have to jump in and give him a Hand so on a way the car just wanted to Take a quick look uh next door we have a Big holiday event happening at our local Grocery store and A lot's changed here Since uh the last time we did anything We put in this produce fridge so we're Able to Source a lot more fresh produce Starting to look more and more like a Grocery store today in particular we Even have stuff going going on Downstairs We brought in a lot of local makers uh You know people like that make local Puzzles locally make puzzles for for the Holidays so people can find some unique Gifts in addition to shopping a farmer's Market style store we've added a lot More Refrigeration the store keeps kind Of moving back this is is another way in Which we retail our bread these days

This lets us take bread that otherwise Would would be unsold and slice it up And sell it at our wholesale discounts All right I'm gonna pull up the truck We'll load it up and we'll head out [Music] We're either gonna get there just too Late after the whole rush or just in Time we'll see Foreign [Music] So just the three pastries all right That is pear ginger and cranberry Uh it's a different kind of chocolate This is a locally made dark chocolate in Here and this is more of a milk Chocolate a Baker's milk chocolate these Are really nice I love that flavor Combination yeah we have our standard Country we also have a rosemary Sourdough I had a quiche Danish at our Bakery Today we like make a broccoli cheddar Quiche danishes This is a broccoli cheddar quiche made On a Sourdough Danish two minutes back In the oven and it's a hot breakfast I'm So hungry can't wait to take a bite Really good great breakfast don't eat Anything else it's not a market item I Buy health code really nice brioche Rolls and Six Packs we also have a Variant of them in the fully made Challah but that's uh more of a loaf

Country sourdough Brioche rolls and a pack of buns hey How's it going today can I get a loaf of Sourdough bread please a loaf of Sourdough bread in other words this Slope of sourdough bread this last Standard local sourdough bread yeah I Really wish I would have brought more Bread we're already out of sourdough We're out of morning buns we're out of Almond croissants we're out of probably A good half the menu right now so I Could have brought a lot more But it does give us a chance to talk About some of these more seasonal items Which I brought plenty of So it's just going to be a different Different than normal strategy for the Last half of the market talking about The new things okay time to put out Another big one yeah these are our Holiday centerpieces we only bring them Out around the holidays it's our country Sourdough made a lot bigger so it's one Of those days just uh pressure relief Wherever I can be whether it's slicing Bread or baking the baguettes or Advising on a special pulling things out Of the oven running extra product to the Market that is the life of a business Owner on a holiday week we just uh be Where we need to be to relieve pressure That's what we've done here and now it's Time to head back to the bakery

Anything else for you today nope that Should do it perfect

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