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Tirol Chocolate Bread Japanese Popular Chocolate

Tirol chocolate is popular bite sized chocolate. There are many kinds of variation like biscuit, muscat grape, Unagi eel and so on. This time they collaborated with convenience store Familymart and released Tirol Chocolate bread ‘Kinako Mochi’ and ‘Milk’. Kinako is roasted soybean flour. Tirol Chocolate Kinako Mochi is recent popular item and Milk is classic popular item. Kinako Mochi chocolate is Kinako roasted soy bean flour chocolate with mochi gummy filling. Kinako Mochi bread is a bread with Kinako cream and Gyuhi mochi gummy filling. Milk is milk chocolate with milk cream filling. Milk bread is a chocolate bread with chocolate cream & white chocolate cream filling. They are all yummy! I like both! The drink is Kinako Mochi flavored latte boba. It’s like a sweet Kinako milk and yummy. Tirol Chocolate is 20 yen(0.2 USD) each, Kinako Mochi Tirol Choco bread is 138 yen(1.2 USD), Milk Tirol Choco bread is 130 yen(1.1 USD).
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