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Turn RICE into BREAD | Blender Rice Bread without a high-speed blender | The Best Gluten Free Bread

Today I’m going to be making Rice Bread from Rice.

I have made rice bread from rice flour before, but today I use rice grain to make delicious bread.

I have seen other videos by Emmy made and chef steps; they use a high-speed blender which I don’t have, so it’s a little bit intimidating to try, but I did it with my regular blender. And it turned out great after several trials. Rice batter takes more time to cook than wheat bread, and there is a trick to baking perfectly cooked rice bread.

I can’t show you how to do it!

Top 95×208mm Bottom80×200mm Height 85mm

270g Rice(short grain)
20g sugar
4g salt
6g instant yeast
20g vegetable oil
180g lukewarm water

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Today I'm going to be making rice bread From Rice Yes you heard me right I turn Rice into fluffy bread I have done the Rice flour bread before but I was using A rice flour that is made in Japan and It's not easy to find anywhere in the World so I just turned the rice into Fluffy bread and I watched the videos of Emmy made and Chef chefs and they're Using a high speed blender which I don't Have so I try making it with my regular Standard blender and it turns out great After several trials I found a crucial Point to make a fluffy bread I cannot Wait to share these tips and tricks with You let's get started I use Japanese short grain rice but long Grain rice can be used as you could see In other videos Moisturize and soap in water for 2 hours To overnight overnight for the best Result Rice should turn white after absorbing Water this is a very easy and simple Recipe but this is a crucial part Soak overnight so the rice can be Pulverized even using the standard Blender Drain and transfer to the blender along With salt sugar and oil Pour lukewarm water about 36 degrees

Celsius 97 degrees Fahrenheit Because we are using a blender the Batter gets a chance to warm up so the Temperature should not be too high At ease then start blending It's quite a lot of yeast but the rice Is a heavy particle so we need more than The wheat bread Blend for one minute and take a look at The butter It's still grainy somehow so we need to Blend more Scrape down the sides and turn in the Blender and keep blending for another One minute Let's check the butter one more time When you touch it and you feel still Grainy and the butter is not sticky You should go another one minute And here we go And here is the butter after blending For 3 minutes in total as you see the Butter is sticky and the rice grains are Blocking This is the butter you are aiming at Pour the butter into the parchment lined Low pan The butter should be filled one third of The height It's easy to dry out so spray the water To add extra moisture Cover with a plastic and let it rise in A warm place Meanwhile start preheating the oven to

100 degrees Celsius 212 degrees Fahrenheit and it's been 20 minutes and Has risen about double in volume And it looks good and you feel the isty Smell But very comfortable now we can bake it Before bake it Place parchment paper on Top and cover the lid If you don't have a lid you can use Baking tray instead carefully put it in The oven Because the batter is almost like a Liquid and reset the oven to 190 degrees Celsius then bake for 30 minutes This is called code start With a lower temperature to cook through Inside when you start cooking with a Lower heat it's going to cook slowly and Fully After 30 minutes take off the lid and Cook another 10 minutes Or until the surface is golden brown [Music] It looks so gorgeous Gently take it out onto the wire lock to Release the steam I love the bread Baking smells in the air and it feels so Good and relaxing Let it cool to room temperature for an Hour to two hours before slicing It's no good to slice still hot because The clam still needs to be set and you Cannot get the clean cut And the moment of truth

Look at this beautiful clam it's so soft On the inside and crispy on the outside It is gorgeous and amazing You can bake it without a lid but is That the case the top will become like a Rice cracker and really crispy But it's okay it'll still be a great Bread It's so moist compared to the wheat Bread roughy but dense in a way but has A melt in your mouth texture I love to Have it toasted it's so good It's a great gluten-free bread ever I hope you will give this recipe a try Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and share the video with Your friends and families and don't Forget to subscribe to my channel if you Haven't done so already and tap the Bell Icon not to miss any of my new videos Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post if you give it a try and go To my website for more information in my Store on Amazon has pretty much Everything that I'm using in my video Thanks again and I will see you soon Bye [Music]

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