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UBE MACARON (No Almond Flour) | Bake easy with Bakersfield UBE Fudge-It

UBE MACARON with Bakersfield Ube Fudge-It
(No Almond Flour)
Ube – Purple yam🍠

2 large egg whites [75 grams]
2 tbsp sugar [25 grams]
1 cup powdered sugar [125 grams]
1/2 cup all purpose flour [68 grams]
3/4 tsp Ube Flavoring (Bakersfield) [4 ml]

1 cup Bakersfield UBE Fudge-It
1/2 cup cream cheese [113 grams]

*Bake in a preheated oven @ 160°C or 320°F for about 15 mins. or until shell is dry and firm. Add up baking time if shell bottom is still wet and sticky. Baking time may vary on the type & function setting of the oven.

Yield: 32 pieces (shells)
Circle template size: 1.25 inch
Shell size (after baking): 1.5 inch

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