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what I eat in a day as a baker | simple, realistic, wholesome plant based recipes

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I wanted to share a little recipe inspo for simple, realistic, wholesome meals I like to make for myself on busy days in my micro bakery… please remember this is just a snapshot into what I eat in one day; each day looks different so honour your own body’s needs and adjust accordingly. Leave a comment down below and let me know if you try any recipes! Lily x

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Foreign Today I thought I'd do something a Little bit different Something I've never done before Um but they are super super popular on YouTube and I feel like if you guys Enjoy baking if you enjoy like baking Content cooking content then you'll Probably enjoy what I eat in the day I Don't know I don't know if you guys will Enjoy this or not Um but I just kind of wanted to show Like a realistic simple Intuitive what I eat in a day Style Video so it is about quarter to seven Now I've been working for the past Couple hours Um all I've had is just some water big Glass of water normally I would have had A coffee by now but I hadn't really been Fancying it or needing it but now I want One so I'm gonna go make one Um and yeah then we'll get on with the Rest of the day but I am mid prep right Now and I like to try and get the bulk Of it done before I take a little pause Sometime in the morning for my breakfast So yeah hope you enjoyed this video Pleasant Hill grain is an online Marketplace which sells kitchen items Bakery items mock Mills Stone based Ovens including Campbell's RM 2020 oven The very same one that I use in my micro Bakery

So this is the perfect One-Stop shop for Keen Bakers or anyone wanting to start a Micro Bakery like me definitely check Out the link in the description box down Below and a big thank you to Pleasant Hillgreen for working with me at the Moment and now back to the video so I'm Gonna put it in this lovely cup I always I don't know why but I'm very Intentional with my cups in the morning And I have to like see which one I'm drawn to and like the colors that I Am feeling for the day even the coffee Pods that I choose so I go by color so For example so these are the pods that We have today and I think today I am Feeling like a Pink one Sometimes I go for the golden one Because I'm feeling golden Um but normally I like going for a nice Bright Pink one it has absolutely no Correlation to the type of Coffee that it is but hey ho it's kind Of fun So here we go Oh we've got a new Oakley Barista that's Made my day I'm in a good mood today Um I thought I was quite tired this Morning but I'm actually okay I haven't even had a coffee yet watch me Go I've got a fun fact actually so I Didn't used to drink coffee

Um I started drinking coffee when I was at University And You know it was just like downstairs in The library there was the Starbucks and I used to go for the enormous filter Coffee there And I had no idea how strong this stuff Was and so it was either in the library On campus or it was in a really cute Coffee shop actually in Nottingham Town Center Um and yeah I knew very little you know I was 18 19. Um So so yeah so I used to just ordered Like a long black or a black Americano In those coffee shops and oh my God I Remember like the first few times I had It I genuinely felt so high so on top of The world so I would work with music in Normally it would be like to the Soundtrack of Theory of Everything Which sounds like really lame but I Swear when you have loads of work and Loads of um Loads of essays to get through or like Coursework or whatever or translations Because I was studying languages Um that stuff gets you through anyway This coffee it had such a powerful Effect on me I was just flying high like It was just phenomenal and I don't

Really get that feeling anymore probably Because I am semi-addicted to it and my Body is used to it but I remember Listening to a podcast with Michael Pollan Um who you guys may know already and He's studied the effects of Lots of drugs and Caffeine being a drug and he took a Break from caffeine for about two or Three months I think and He said the first coffee that he had When he Came off this break he genuinely felt High like it was just incredible Um so yeah that that was like my Introduction to coffee when I was at University And then when I was really really Struggling with my mental health after University After my final year Um For that period of about three years I really I couldn't I couldn't have it Um because I was so anxious and Struggling with depression too uh it Just it made me So incredibly anxious and I would have Heart palpitations and I think when you have a baseline of Anxiety already adding coffee into the Mix It just was not a good idea at all so I

Took a really long break off it and I Used to just have things like I don't Know green tea or Breakfast tea I I know they still have Caffeine in but not as powerful as some Coffees I believe Um but yeah I just used to have like Breakfast tea with oat milk When I was working in post-production Um and that was kind of my my jam and Also matcha I'm a big match fan I really Really love love love matcha um I feel Like not that many places do it really Well like I like it quite strong I don't like any sweetener in it I Really love just like the natural taste Of it Um so I I just tend to have a match Latte with oat milk Um I know it's very very of the time and 21st century but I really love it and I'd love to like get some proper Ceremonial grade Japanese matcha and Even try it in Japan one day how cool Would that be Yeah that is kind of my my story with Coffee Um but then as I slowly started getting Better Um and my mental health improved I Started trying it again and I feel like Over the past Two tournament years Um I've really gotten into it and I

Absolutely love going out for coffee With friends or with my sister or even Just by myself just like trialing out All the different lovely local cafes In London and we're definitely spoiled Choice it so for the most part I go for An oat flat white when I'm out Um and I love it Thank you Thank you So it's a bit later on now in the Morning I've been working solidly Solidly for the past few hours I've got A little break in my day because my Sourdough are interesting so I'm gonna Make myself some breakfast now I'm Pretty hungry and I'm thinking I kind of Want something sweet this morning Um I got this beautiful loaf which I'm Just going to show you now so this Weekend I went to a bakery in whitstable Called grain and half and I would highly Highly recommend I've been wanting to go There for a while and it was so cool That I got to visit this weekend and Just be by the sea I love love love the Sea and I love visiting bakeries and Just seeing their whole layout and how They operate the products that they Offer and so I asked one of their Members of Staff what breads can I have With my food allergies to Dairy eggs and Nuts because I saw this one I had my eye On this one and I was like this looks

Lovely but I don't know if they line Their tins with butter but I can have it And this is their Danish seeded rye Bread and it is so so good as you can Tell I've already Plowed through at least half of the loaf So I'm gonna pair the toast with this Tahini here and this if you haven't Heard of this this is so so good so my Sister bought this for me as a Christmas Present a couple years ago now Um she just got it from a Christmas Market somewhere in London there's like A fluke and oh my God it is so delicious So it's pure maple butter so all it is Is just like whipped up maple syrup I Believe Um and it is just Divine so I'm gonna Have that with the tahini and maybe a Few raspberries Um What else do I want I think that's it I Think that'll do me a couple slices of That and that'll keep me going for a few Hours Foreign Foreign Foreign So whenever I'm sweating veg and the Soup sauce to use whatever Um I'll always add in a little pinch of Salt just to really bring out the Flavors and like really work on Seasoning at every single stage of

Cooking and honestly seasoning is Something that I'm still learning about And I think it's the superpower and it's Just it really is so cool how it Completely transforms dish Um and like my grandparents they're Amazing at it they're so good especially At like veg just like it's just done to Perfection Um and I think it has the power to Really make or break a dish so yeah it's Still something that I'm learning and Getting better at every time Hey guys so I've just fried up some old Rice that we made last night some Basmati rice and just fried it in some Olive oil and then here are the beans Looking lovely so So I just added in another half Can of baked beans as well just because I wanted it to be even thicker Um sorry the lighting isn't the best Here Um so yeah so this is what the beans Look like so they thickened up a bit With the corn flour that I added in and They're looking lovely and gorgeous so I'm just gonna serve it up now on the Bed of rice Thank you So for dinner this evening I threw Together a simple stir fry whenever I Make stuff right I just use up whatever Veg we have in the fridge so tonight it

Was half a leap some of these beautiful Kaylettes and some Cavalier Nero I fried these up for a couple of minutes With a pinch of salt in some sunflower Oil then I added in the cubed tofu which I had marinated in a little soy sauce Honey garlic powder white wine vinegar I fried these for about five minutes Before re-adding in the veg and some Leftover basmati rice that we had in the Fridge I then poured over the remaining Marinade and seasoned to taste if I had If I had had sesame seeds I would Probably add them too for a little extra Flavor and crunch as well as maybe some Miso paste or tomato ketchup but this Was absolutely delicious just like this So I really hope you guys enjoyed this Video and hopefully it gave you some Inspiration for some meals that you Might like to make please remember that This is just a snapshot of one day of How I'm eating and everyday changes some Days I'll have more some days I'll have Less and yeah just adjust it to whatever Your body wants and needs I really hope to see you soon thank you So much for your support bye guys

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