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🥐Mini Croissant in two types

Mini Croissant in two types Hello Can you tell the difference between these 2 croissants from their outlook??? Sometime we don’t see the hiding chocolate bar inside the Mini Choco Croissant~ but you can still tell from the surface Monday might be your first day of the week but it is the last day of the week for #PankoboBakery #preorder your bread for Wednesday pick up, or we can #reserve your preference bread for today as well! Let us know earlier ya Please follow : Facebook : PanKobo Bakery 焼きたてパンの店 Instagram : PanKoboBakery since 2013 No.5, Jalan Hijuan 3, Horizon Hills, Nusajaya Johor, 79100, Malaysia +6075539618 info@pankobocafe.com