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Proof Bread
125 W Main Street
Mesa AZ 85201

» Proof Bread is a modern throwback to a way of life that values small-scale craftsmanship, local community, and creativity. We are a small group of passionate bakers working in our garage (thanks to cottage laws) which has been converted into a micro-bakery. Everything we bake is made by hand, from the best regional ingredients, with no short cuts.

#sourdough #bread #bakery

I'd say we're roughly a minute late to These baguettes maybe a minute and a Half They are how I would like them they are Going to be a little bit darker than the Typical customer likes them [Music] So you can see that there are really Caramelized Uh darker Brown they definitely didn't go black so I I wouldn't call them burnts by any Means [Music] These on the other hand probably spot on In terms of color I'm very happy with This particular side of the oven the Other side again I'm also happy with but Less of my customers will be happy with That particular color whereas I think This particular color coming out of this Side will be appealing to the majority Of them

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