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Building a Satellite Bakery: Culmination of 5 Years of Sourdough Baking | Proof Bread

Check out a behind-the-scenes tour as we finish constructing our latest venture – a new satellite bakery on 32nd St. and Shea. Discover the invaluable insights and lessons we’ve learned over the past 5 years that have culminated in this exciting new chapter for our business.


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Proof Bread
125 W Main Street
Mesa AZ 85201

Proof Bread is a modern throwback to a way of life that values small-scale craftsmanship, local community, and creativity.

We are a team of passionate bakers working in a historic building in downtown Mesa that has been converted into a retail bakery.

Everything we bake is long-fermented with our sourdough starter ‘Harriet’. Each product is artisan, crafted by hand, from the best local ingredients, with no shortcuts.

We bake in line with 13,000 years of human history, avoiding artificial processes and unnecessary ingredients. Honoring tradition and serving better bread for our community.

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So this is a satellite facility [Music] Let's set this first one up like we Like with like the edge of the canopy so It's more visible Pretty interesting day here Welcome to Our Back Back of house truly is our up and coming Warehouse I would say it's it's 90 Percent move-in ready right now to you 90 might look still like a ways to go But to me it's just at this point almost Finishing touches this half has had the Least amount of work done to it it's Been actively storing flour for us since We took on this building you know many Months ago this has been a huge help on Our entire season because we don't have This kind of space in the bakery it says Either figure out how to get flour into The basement of Main Street harvest in Mesa or have this place and this is a Lot more convenient to roll the pallets Off the truck and just set them out we Will have the ability to stack too high Here we have a few finishing touches Just raising these lights a little and Then basically sealing the floor adding Some rubber baseboards and so we'll be Able to actually fit 30 pallet it's Right on this wall here and then we'll Have a couple more racking systems here Which in terms of just standard pallets

Could fit another 16. we will be sharing The space with Main Street Harvest dry Storage so I imagine that this area will Be back stock and goods and it's uh it's A really neat facility it's the whole Reason really that this entire complex Is appealing to me between the back and The front retail space because this Space was just right it's not a very Tall Warehouse so it's not useful to a Lot of True warehousing companies that wish to Stack I don't know four levels of Pallets and you know it's just enough For us it's pretty inexpensive real Estate and for what we wish to do with It it's extremely valuable we have Carved out this cavity here it's got old Reach in fridges which are currently not Even turned on we haven't really been Needing them but this cavity is not Designed for fridges just happens to be A convenient place to store them it will Be a walk-in freezer and everything Related to it is ready for the walk-in Freezer so that's already been ordered They come in with their ready to go Panels and they basically lock them Together in a matter of hours they slap The condenser on the roof and it's done The electrical's been run there's Drainage that's ready for the condenser Unit in here basically one morning and We'll have a walk-in freezer the entire

Frame and preparation work is done that Used to just be a bathroom and the Bathroom here got reoriented a little Bit in order to make space for some of These other features like the cavity for The freezer you might recognize this Door in fact if you look at a lot of our Videos I'm certain that you could Pinpoint this door It's from the garage this little white Board here is some strange reminder of Basically our last few days uh operating The garage Bakery and basically we just Took these doors from there and Installed them here in fact we still That's one of the 10 of the work left to Do we need to line This foam insulation With the proper uh commercial FRP we Have these boards ready here and this is Basically like a washable surface you'll See it throughout the rest of the Facility and I'm standing in what will Be our proofing box here well in this Case we're using the exact same design As in downtown Mesa except It's done at a better value for instance Reusing these doors but also lining the Inside with this FRP instead of a Complete stainless steel box which we Have in downtown Mesa and the goal of This room is for it to be 84 degrees and 80 percent humid we will hang a freezer Coil it has heaters on the back of it Will fashion a pan underneath that

Freezer coil with a float valve so There's a water hookup there there's Drain and there's power in the room Ready to go the heaters are typically in A walk-in freezer used for defrosting The freezer in this case the heaters are Basically being used to heat this space While blowing the humid air that's from That water pan below the coil so we have The same setup in downtown Mesa and it's It's interesting to see all the Iterations because we started with Boiling pots of water that moved to Portable personal space heaters and Humidifiers underneath speed racks and Then we actually built the foam Insulated rooms in our garage which we Use space heaters and humidifiers in Order to proof in there with PID Controllers move to downtown Mesa and we Did the whole similar iteration to this But this room for us to build cost like One-fifth of the cost of the downtown Mesa proofer given that it's in a Back Warehouse and is not something that's You know a centerpiece of the open Concept Bakery really were completely Fine finishing it this way and it will Be able to prove 12 speed racks of Pastry at a time which is plenty to feed What this facility is all about So I'm mostly excited about this Facility as you get back here it's a Pretty large cavity that's currently

Filled with some retired equipment that Needs repair and even some equipment That hasn't been deployed yet mostly Refrigeration equipment for Main Street Harvest that stuff's either going to get Sold or repaired we will fill this Cavity with a walk-in fridge same Concept we already have power ready we Already have drain lines ready all that Needs to happen is a walk-in fridge it's Larger than our fridge in downtown Mesa Where's the proofer is smaller and all Of that is somewhat intentional it's a Really interesting interplay because We'll be mixing and shaping our breads As well as mixing bulking laminating and Rolling out our pastries at downtown Mesa and of course some of them will go Into the walk-in fridge at Mesa for cold Fermented station some will go into the Proofer at Mesa for final proofing and Be baked off however we'll also have This other layer now of items that while They could go into the walk-in fridge in Mesa they'll instead go onto a Refrigerated truck Be brought over to this facility and Brought into the walk-in cooler here From here they'll be able to rest Overnight bakers will come in in the Morning grab them and bring them up Front to our old ovens and bake them off Similarly we'll load the proofer in the Evening with pastries those pastries

Will be baked off fresh in the morning For our store here on Shea this is a Really neat facility it's uh in an area Of town where we have a lot of customers That have been built up over the years It's 32nd Street in Shea basically since We have the walk-in here I designed most The plumbing around these walls and on This wall We have basically the prep Kitchen Side and this is a really Interesting space for us because The size of it it's a little bit bigger Than our original two-car garage and It's designed as an r d space and so We're going to be putting a flower Mill Run it right underneath that pretty Large electrical disconnect right there It's currently getting built in Vermont We'll be putting our old garage mixing Equipment here we'll be purchasing Another dough sheeter that goes in the Middle and then having some other baking Equipment on the side on the floor here We'll have a couple extra Baker's Benches the big deal though is flour and So with this Flour Mill will be Milling Our own grains we'll be Reviving The Ancient grain program that we started About a year ago so expect to see that Buckwheat sourdough back on our menu Course on sourdough there's actually Videos on how to make both of those but The videos come from a little tabletop Mill so soon enough in the near future

I'll be probably making some updates to That using a proper commercial Mill all That needs to be done here is rubber Baseboards on the ground and epoxy Flooring so we do have to peel up some Of this stuff that's here and then throw Down a layer of epoxy flooring to seal The floor and then we can start moving Equipment in this is a finished facility Other than that so it's exciting stuff The the way that this will all interact With our Bakery will be really Interesting it's missing some pretty Important components the ovens so let me Show you where those go next Yep Chance of light rain in the next hour This is not light to me but [Music] So we do pop-ups here at Shea we're Battling rain although it's supposed to Stop before we're even started we have Some strange Tricks Up Our Sleeve for The rain like these uh rain gutters uh Made out of tent walls so you can tell That we've done these outdoor rainy Events in the past and interestingly People come out and support us in the Rain as well I I guess rain is not Usually something that prevents people From eating or eating bread rather maybe People think oh rainy day Bread soup so It works all these products were baked Off in downtown Mesa and brought over

Here just like we do for our farmers Markets but soon we'll be baking from The building right behind so we're now Kind of standing in the front of Facility and David's uh on his way to Drop off actually a nearby Farmers Market which uh is going to be running The rain this morning unless the rain Subsides so so hopefully a forecast pans Out and Rain goes away right as we start We're used to it and used to doing what We need to do these pop-up events have Been awesome here and have given us a Little bit of a taste of what it's going To be like to operate from this facility Speaking of trucks Today's kind of an interesting day I Mentioned that the whole key of these Facilities is a refrigerated truck well This is our first truck that we bought It probably got us a little bit in Trouble back in the garage because we Parked this in our driveway and it's not An RV so it doesn't really belong in a Residential neighborhood it's a Beautiful truck we love it it's not Refrigerated so it doesn't do cold Fermentation of our doughs meaning you Really need finished product to Transport in that truck but what we need Here is a Refrigerated Transport so Actually Amanda and I are flying in less Than two hours to Michigan to pick up Our refrigerated truck today we're

Actually driving it across the country And we'll see how that goes So we just walked in the door of our Retail facility a couple months uh maybe Even less uh might be only six weeks Away now customers will walk through That door and we'll have some tables Here for seating a big large community Table here which is suitable to run Classes in the future here will be a Pastry case so all this stuff is getting Built up right now right behind will be Bread racks and behind that in that back Corner will be our old bread oven from The garage so we'll have our old rack Oven around this corner this space is Pretty unique because if you come and Grab bread and pastry from us you could Walk right outside the side door back to Your car or you could continue on this Side and this is all Being built out to be a second location For our grocery concept Main Street Harvest so we'll be bringing in Basically the local farmers market Goods All mostly Arizona food will have Coolers along this wall and so you'll be Able to kind of walk in through here and Do your shopping from produce to Meats To uh to prepared foods we'll also have Grain and flour available that we're Milling ourselves and this space is Coming along nicely basically in one More month it will look a lot more like

What it's going to be which is a retail Bakery so it's an exciting project We're we're looking forward to moving in Here very soon the two units will work Really close together so I'm really Looking forward to bringing back those Garage ovens the Italian deck oven that We have in the bakery in downtown Mesa It's beautiful and it's nice to work on But the one here is just I don't know Maybe it's something about it being our First oven Nostalgia we like operating It's going to be nice to fire it back on Again in this place [Music]

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