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PanKobo Bakery featured by Media

👩‍🦰PanKobo Bakery customer review and sharing – pan kobo 2021

👩‍🦰PanKobo Bakery customer review and sharing – pan kobo 2021 Thank you for sharing @Kin Na ! It is very much appreciated Review and sharing on Sep/2021 https://www.facebook.com/groups/eat.whereveruare/permalink/4380165415436225/ Review and sharing on Jan/2021 https://www.facebook.com/groups/eat.whereveruare/permalink/3664899646962809/ We always welcome PRE-ORDER to reserve your preference bread to avoid disappointment ya Feel free to PM us https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=5034252513258711&id=578861195464554 吃的平台 Review and sharing Platform https://www.facebook.com/groups/eat.whereveruare/   Please follow : Facebook : PanKobo Bakery 焼きたてパンの店 Instagram : PanKoboBakery since 2013 No.5, Jalan Hijuan 3, Horizon Hills, Nusajaya Johor, 79100, Malaysia +6075539618 info@pankobocafe.com


📸PanKoboBakery Featuring with Food Online Official

📸PanKoboBakery Featuring with Food Online Official Thank you for sharing and featuring Pan Kobo Bakery 焼きたてパンの店 Please have a look Food online and follow them as well elpissambalbelacan : ELPIS Sambal Belacan’s is a jar of freshly cooked modern kitchen authentic Sambal Belacan direct from the “New Kitchen” in Ipoh and uniquely spiced season-adapting condiment to add zest to any dish. The jar of luscious Elpis Sambal Belacan is made with fresh ingredients. This refreshing and appetizing sambal can be eaten with main dishes such as chicken, beef, or fried shrimp. Pour it on nasi lemak or pasta too. It has a fantastic aroma and will bring great flavor to… Read More »📸PanKoboBakery Featuring with Food Online Official

PanKobo Bakery X JB City Guide

PanKobo Announcement The video is out thanks to 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide It was also the first time I watched the video last night! I am so surprised that we were doing the shooting for a couple of days, and they spent days for editing! Finally the video is less than 3 mins None of the final product has easy process We should always appreciate what we are having now! If you have 3 mins, please feel free to watch the video https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2823596344622592 And if you don’t mind to click “share” with good comments your small action could lead a big effect for us thank you for supporting always… Read More »PanKobo Bakery X JB City Guide