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CHOCOLATE SWIRL SHOKUPAN | Japanese milk bread | Get Free Udemy SHOKUPAN course! (EP 277)

Today I am going to be making chocolate swirl SHOKUPAN.

It’s a famous bread in Japan, sweet but not too sweet.
Perfect for breakfast, I like it with a mug of cafe latte.

The dough contains egg and milk, it’s a kind of rich dough, and we fold a chocolate sheet, like making a croissant.


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10×18×10.5cm loaf pan
〈bread dough〉
250g bread flour
30g sugar
3g salt
4g instant dry yeast
1 large egg (60g)
60g water
60g whole milk
30g unsalted butter

〈chocolate sheet〉
15g bread flour
30g sugar
10g cocoa powder
5g corn starch
60g whole milk
70g semi-sweet chocolate
30g egg white (≒1 egg white)
15g unsalted butter



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Sharing output gets better skills.
Thanks! Love from Japan♡


[Music] Hi friends Today i'm going to be making chocolate Flour chocolate It's a popular bread in japan it's a Sweet bread but Not overly sweet perfect for breakfast Served with latte The dough contains egg and milk it's a Kind of rich dough And we are holding a chocolate seed like We are making a croissant And the fun part is shaping we braid the Dough to make this pretty look I think you want to make it right away So let's get started I have a special offer for my first Udemy baking course At the end of the video so stay tuned First let's make rich chocolate dough in A stand mixer Start by building an egg it's 60 grams Today If your egg is smaller than this maybe It's 10 grams less or so you don't have to Care too much Mix milk and water Put the flour into the mixing bowl and Add salt and sugar With the dough attached stand mixer Start mixing on low 2 on kitchen aid run the mixer until Evenly incorporated

And then add in the instant dry yeast I don't want to cure my yeast by Touching the salt So i add yeast after adding the salt With the mixture running pour in the Liquid Slow and steady stream keep the mixer On low speed until it foams the dough It's going to take about one to two Minutes Increase the speed to medium if we are Using a kitchenaid Increase the speed to four and then Knead the Dough for five to six minutes to build Up the gluten structure After five to six minutes of kneading Give it a window pane test To check the gluten structure take a Small piece of dough About the size of the ping pong ball Hold it between your thumb and First two fingers and stretch it if the Dough stretches like a Thin translucent membrane it's okay to Proceed The windowpane test is one of the best Way to tell If your dough is sufficiently needed If the dough breaks need another couple Of minutes And give the test again after developing The gluten structure Add in the room temperature butter keep

The mixer running on low 2 on kitchen aid the dough will separate And it seems like you are failed in Kneading But no worries the dough will soon come Back together After adding the butter the dough Becomes more smooth And elastic the reason why adding butter At the last minute of kneading is the Butter Is hurting the developed gluten Structure Let's give it the windowpane test again If you can stretch the dough without Breaking That means the gluten is well developed And your dough is ready to rise transfer The dough Into a greased bowl it's a rich Dough so it's going to take a while to Rise until double its size meanwhile We are making a chocolate paste seed Put your bread flour sugar cornstarch And cocoa powder into a heat proof bowl Whisk to combine Pour in milk gradually and make a smooth Liquid With no lamb [Music] Cook the microwave 30 seconds on 600 Watt Take out and whisk to even out the Mixture

Cook it in the microwave 30 second on 600 watt Once again whisk vigorously until It makes a paste [Music] Add semi-sweet chocolate cover and let It melt with the remaining heat After a couple of minutes whisk until Smooth The paste is not too hot at this point So you can add the egg white add a half Of the egg white And whisk until smooth [Music] If your paste is too hot the egg white Will cook And it doesn't make a smooth paste add The rest of the egg white And whisk until smooth you have to whisk Really well to make a nice chocolate Seed We cook the paste again in the microwave If the big chunks Of the egg white remain in the paste it Will cook And make a grainy paste cook in a Microwave for 30 seconds And whisk Cook 30 seconds for one last time and it Becomes like this It is firm and pliable paste Transfer to a tray and flatten into a 12 By 15 centimeter slab Allow it to cool to room temperature and

Chill in the fridge While the fermentation Grease the mold and set it aside until Used After 45 minutes my dough has risen Almost double its size let's give it a Poke test The pork test will tell you that your Dough is sufficiently fermented Poke the dough with your flour dusted Forefinger If the dough springs back slowly and Hole stays The dough is ready to go if the dough Spring back quickly And hold can stay and shrink it's under Fermented Let it rise for 5-10 minutes more Once your dough passes the pork test Take it out onto your dusted working Surface Roll out the dough into 25 by 30 Centimeter rectangle If your dough spring back and not easy To roll out Cover with a plastic wrap or damp towel And let it rest for 10 minutes Place the chilled chocolate slab in the Center and wrap it in the dough Pinch to seal Roll out the dough to 20 by 40 To 50 centimeter Fold in three and cover and let it rest In the fridge

For 15 to 20 minutes while resting The gluten relaxes and you can easily Roll out [Music] After 15 minutes take out onto the Dusted working surface Now we are rolling it out for the final Shape [Music] My dough is not easy to roll out at this Point So i decided to let it rest again for 10 Minutes in the fridge After 10 minutes let's try again for Rolling out It's much easier to roll out this time Gradually roll it out to 20 by 30 Centimeter rectangle Now roll the dough up to the top Press down the end to stick to the dough Pinch to seal the end Press the dough seam side down and cut In half With one side attached Open the cut side up and braid Press it in a greased mold that we have Prepared Cover and let it go on to the final rise Start preheating the oven to 100 degrees Celsius Let the dough rise at the warm press no Higher than 30 degrees celsius 86 degrees fahrenheit for 50 to 60 Minutes

Until the dough rises to the edge It's rich though so it's going to take a Little bit more time to rise Before putting it in the oven brush egg White and sprinkle sliced almond If you have on your hand pop in the oven And reset the oven For 180 degrees celsius 356 Fahrenheit bake 45 minutes from start To finish cover after 15 minutes of Baking To prevent from burning the chocolate Seed is easy to burn And it doesn't taste very pleasant so we Bake the bread lower temperature and Longer time To cook through take out the chocolate Mould from the oven Tap your mould onto the working surface And take the shock pan out If your bread dries out easily it's Baked Properly but not 100 Sure right insert a thermometer into the Center of the shock pan Right after taking it out from the oven If the thermometer shows over 90 degrees Celsius It's finished baking smells wonderful In my house let it cool to room Temperature Slice it into desired thickness Let me taste it with the cafe latte It's so moist and soft the aroma from

The chocolate Makes it so wonderful latte goes so well With the bread You should really make this delicious Bread soon Give it a try and let me know how you Like it Before ending this week's video let me Introduce my shokbankos On udemy i have received so many Questions on this channel About the shokban baking It took me months to make this dollar Cost It's not only about chocobo but all About bread baking I am sure you will understand everything You need to know about Break baking the special offer for my Daily subscribers on my youtube channel Is the first 10 people can get the code For free from the link if you cannot get It You can still get it at the lowest price From the link I am sure the coast has a lifetime value Stay safe and stay healthy as always and I will see you soon Bye [Music]

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