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Christmas Market in London | 2 day micro bakery vlog | making vegan mince pies & croissants

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Hey guys, we’re in the middle of the busy Christmas period at Lily’s Loaf HQ! This week I chat about my (somewhat) disappointing Christmas market I recently traded at, because it was SO cold and quiet. I’m also making lots of vegan mince pies and trialling new vegan croissants. Hope you enjoy! Comment below as to what you want to see next week,. Lily x

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Foreign Good morning guys welcome back to Another video if you're new here I'm Lily and I run my own micro Bakery small Business in South London called Lily's Loaf so welcome back guys as you can Tell I'm back in my micro bakery in South London I wanted to start filming Today because I've got a few things to update you on We're in the midst of the very busy Christmas period Um so I've been making loads and loads Of mince pies already and all of the Festive lovely products Um so Today is Wednesday and I've got a bit of Prep to do for my a couple of my Wholesale clients so I've got morning Buns to prepare I've got mince pies to Prepare so the pastry and Oh do you have some leftover mince meat But I also need to make a new batch of Mince meat and what else have I got to Do Um I want to try vegan croissants again Because I had very exciting delivery of This brand that I wanted to try for a While you guys if you're Keen Bakers Like me Um you may well have heard of it it's Called be better my friend I discovered This a few months ago and I got in touch With the brand and I tried ordering it

Online but there were a few Complications and then I tried again the Other day and then a few days later via Their supplier this arrived well Actually five of these 2.5 kilo butter sheets so this is like This is what normal laminating butter Would arrive in to bakeries so this is Just amazing that this is vegan and how Cool is the packaging as well I just Feel like it's so satisfying and what I Was trying to find yesterday was my Land and monkeys recipe book that one of You guys recommended to me and I've made I think I've tried making their Croissants before but with the homemade Vegan butter which was not successful at All it was like it was very very lumpy It's very time consuming it consisted of Cocoa butter and Like making a butter in advance and I Was like that's one step too far if I'm Making vegan croissants that's difficult Enough so I think this is fine so a Quick thank you to Coco cart for working With me this week Coco cart is an online Platform which empowers small businesses To manage their own sales without apps That charge unsustainable fees and Commissions if you run a small business Or a micro Bakery like me and you're Looking to set up a website that is Really really simple then Coco cart is The solution for you it only takes

Maximum three minutes to set up you can Upload your own photos prices product Descriptions manage your orders and Accept payments Coco cart are kindly offering my Followers the first month for free with The link down below so definitely check Them out thank you to Coco cut and now Back to the video I had my first Christmas Market last Saturday and I was Really really happy with the stool so my Mum made it really really beautiful with All of the fairy lights and Christmas Decorations and it looked really Stunning I had previously worked on the Friday for like 13 14 hours and I was Really hopeful I was hopeful that there Were going to be loads and loads of People there that people were going to Be in the Christmas spirit and buying Loads of products so I purposefully Planned My menu to fit that and to produce more Than I normally would make for a market Um but unfortunately it was just one of Those days and genuinely I was so Heartbroken when I came home with loads And loads of products so we did we did Fairly well but I had a lot of wastage So for example I had 10 loaves left over 10 to 15 ginger cookie gingerbread Cookies 20 of my like mini sandwich Rolls left over all freshly prepared so For me it was really difficult to accept

That Hard work and long hours doesn't always Equate to a successful market and I think just like because I was really Tired and um I don't know I just find it really hard To separate those two things that I in My head I'm like if you work harder then You'll get more reward but that's not Always the case clearly I think it's Also because I've had a good run of Markets the past few months where pretty Much always sold out and It just didn't work because it was Really really cold there it was pretty Quiet Market there weren't that many People there I did have a few regular Customers which was lovely and a couple Of my friends and their families came Which was so nice so you know it's not Just like It wasn't all bad luckily enough I got My delivery guy Harry to donate it to The food bank yesterday so It wasn't all lost and for me as long as It goes to a good home and as long as It's being used then that's better than Going in the bin so it's just it's a Whole learning curve for me this is the Other thing so like say when I have my Shop or my bakery the next day we could Most definitely use up those products But because I am only operating for home Deliveries and for wholesale clients and

For the markets it's not like I'm open Every day like a normal shop so it's not Like we could put use that bread for Toast the next day or I don't know if we Could use the sandwiches again but you Know what I mean Um So yeah it's just one of those things I've been waffling for about 13 minutes Now I've got to get going So Yeah Thank you Thank you Foreign Foreign Good morning guys Um wow very bright so it is Thursday Morning now Um been up very very early today I have Had a very busy productive morning Already so First thing I had some bakes to do I had a couple Deliveries first to 40 acre Forest Coffee in Collier's wood and then to Grave me gin in tooting Market Um And the first issue I encountered was When I went to Switch on the car It was not turning on so I had to get an Emergency taxi to do those two Deliveries because on days like today

When I'm very very busy with prep and Bakes and deliveries I Just choose to do it in the car not the Bike because it's just too much it's Just all too much for just one person to Do so yeah Um so I've done them anyway all done Came back I've been prepping some more This morning Um I've had quite a few last minute orders Like quite a few last minute orders of Mince pies morning buns Um so I thought I was gonna be done Fairly early today with prep but it Actually seems like it's gonna take a Bit longer which is not a bad thing Because if the orders are coming in I'm Gonna take them unless it's really Really late Um so that's kind of what I've been Doing and I'm just making myself some Porridge now so I better stir that On these really cold days it's Absolutely freezing here today in London It's it's really really lovely actually Because it's so Frosty outside and when I was out first thing at like Just before 7am There were hardly any people out on the Roads and it was so pretty Um so on these cold mornings I like Making myself some porridge to warm up And set me for the day

So over here I've just been preparing my Packages so I've got my South London Sourdough all here Individual bags and then A few flyers for some new customers here Um and then I tend to write just like a Little message on the back And then here these are for the bigger Orders so I need to pop my stamp on all Of these and then I've got A few morning buns Here Um and then my mince pie Boxes here Which look lovely and festive Um and that is about it for tomorrow's Orders it doesn't look like that much But it's actually a pretty busy day Tomorrow I'll also have a big box of Those morning buns going out in there to 48 Forest coffee tomorrow Um so that is the current setup Foreign Foreign Foreign Hey guys so it's a bit later on in the Day now Um I've kind of been non-stop pretty Much the whole day Today Um I've just finished my prep finally For my deliveries tomorrow so I've done All of my sourdough I've done my morning Bundo I've prepared my mince pies and a

Few week freeloaves as well So now I can chill I've done all of my Packaging as well so we're in a good Place and it's three o'clock now so What's that from five until three so So it's 10 10 hours so that's not too Bad actually so I hope you've enjoyed This kind of mishmash of a video and a Little glimpse into what it looks like Running a small business in the festive Period Um leave me a comment down below let me Know what you want to see next time if You want any sort of like Christmassy Recipe videos maybe if I do like my Mince pie recipe from start to finish That may be a nice idea or gingerbread Um so yeah just let me know what you Want to see and don't forget to like Subscribe so thank you so much for Watching guys I'll see you soon bye Foreign

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