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day 2 of our Scottish road trip! Edinburgh you Loch Lomond #vanlife #roadtrip #tinyhome

[Music] Day two of our Scottish road trip we Picked up our van just outside of Edinburgh and then we headed out west to First stop on trip but on our way we Stopped off at Sainsbury's and picked up Some Road snacks and a few bits for our Dinner we decided we were going to make A lovely chili non-cani for our first Night in the van and this was part of Our trip it was absolutely stunning I Think it's probably one of the most Beautiful places I've ever been to it's Just absolutely magnificent but the Drive was pretty scary I must say on These little Scottish windy roads and You can see how relieved we were to Arrive at our campsite at about six in The evening so we popped the roof we got Cozy and got all of our bed stuff in to Gear and then we also picked up some Wine because the trip was pretty

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