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days in my life as a baker; ebook photo shoots, farmer’s markets

hey guys, here’s a little catchup of my past week in my micro bakery! I’ve been baking for my local customer’s orders, local businesses I work with and supply to as well as working on my ebook & preparing for a farmer’s market this weekend. Hope you enjoy. Lily x

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Hey guys welcome back to my series I Hope you're all really well so this week Because it's been so busy I haven't had Time to have a proper sit-down catch up With you all but I still wanted to say Hello and fill you in on everything that I've been up to So this past week I've been preparing For home deliveries to my local Customers local businesses that I work With and have also been gearing up for a Farmer's market which is to celebrate Mother's Day here in the UK So as you may be aware farmers markets Involve so much preparation many long Days of hard work but what's really cool Is the more and more I do these farmers Markets is that I feel I'm getting a Little bit quicker and more efficient And there's such a sense of satisfaction In that So for this market I'll be preparing a Limited edition range of shortbread Cookies pressed with pressed flowers Which I think should hopefully go down a Treat I'll also be selling my epic Morning buns and sourdough Some sourdough sandwiches with seasonal Fresh produce Some sourdough crackers Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece and I've also been Making my birthday chocolate cake for a Couple orders one for a local customer And one for a local business which I'm

So excited about I genuinely love making This chocolate cake so much because it's The chocolate cake of my childhood that I used to make for all of my friends Birthdays my family Birthdays too And it is honestly just one of the best Recipes of all time I have also been working on other Projects recently so I've been working On my ebook my sister has been helping Me photograph All of my products and just like General Reportage as I work in my micro Bakery And I feel like the ebook is slowly Slowly coming together I'd say I'm about 70 of the way there and I'm so excited To share it with you all Um it's gonna be a collection of my Favorite recipes Stories from my childhood of baking and Cooking business stories and practical Guides of how I've actually built my Small business over the past two and a Half almost three years and We probably have another couple of Shoots still to organize just to really Get all of the photos of the recipes Together and photos of me as well When it's not gray and raining which it Has been here in London the past few Weeks but yeah it's been a pretty busy Week over here so I look forward to Catching up with you properly next week

And in the meantime take care guys lots Of love as always bye bye

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