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days in my life as a baker | farmers market | business plan | micro bakery vlog

hey guys, I’m sharing a couple recent days in my micro bakery life! Everything from my sellout farmer’s market stall, to writing a business plan for the first time and working on an online course on how to start your very own micro bakery! Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about the course! Lily x

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Thank you Good morning guys welcome back to Another video it is Um Tuesday morning All the deliveries are out the door Um I'm looking incredibly pale and Probably a little bit tired because I Didn't really sleep last night I didn't Get to sleep for ages um My water bottle recently broke so Um I've been I've been having to try and Get sleep without one and I don't know I Just feel like my feet are so cold Without a hot water bottle anyway that's Probably a bit too much information Right at the start of the video I just Kind of felt like updating you Um so all the deliveries are out the Door Hot Cross Buns a few sourdough Loaves it's pretty quiet today in terms Of deliveries but It's Good Friday This Friday as I'm sure you're well Aware Um and I'm already getting quite a few Orders in for that day and that tends to Be the case Tuesdays are generally Quieter delivery days and then Fridays It all ramps up a bit and Gets a bit hectic and very very busy Um towards the end of the week because I Guess most customers want their baked Goods on Fridays to enjoy over the Weekend

Um so I thought I'd start the video here I have no real plans for this video but I just wanted to say hi catch up Um I'm gonna fill you in on my farmer's Market stall that happened this past Weekend because it went really really Well Um And yeah we'll see where the Vlog takes Us I think today I'm going to be doing a Bit more sort of admin style bits and Bobs because I don't have any prep for Tomorrow Um I've got a bit of kind of Bakery Cleaning to do a bit of maintenance So it might not be the most exciting Bakery Vlog but we shall see what Happens Um just having some breakfast now I I Made this baby Seeded loaf for myself Um and it's quite funny because the past Few days I actually haven't had any of My bread Um but this is like I think I've shown you this one before It's Multi-seeded and it really comes live With the Nigella seeds it's just so good So I've had one piece already With avocados and extra Seeds all the lovely good stuff and Loads of olive oil of course Um

And then I've just posted up I don't know I feel like it's always Sacrilege toasting fresh bread but I can In one tips I want that crunch with um With my wow butter and I don't think I've shown this to you guys actually so This is what I'm having my other piece Of toast with this stuff is absolutely Amazing and as an allergy girl as a girl Who's allergic to so many different Things including nuts including peanuts I have never been able to have peanut Butter I don't know what I'm missing out On but now I do kind of Um because this is made from roasted Soya Beans Um or toasted soybeans same thing Um and it is so good honestly I'm Getting through like a jar a week and Um I just feel like it's the best thing in The world because I have it in my porridge I have it on my toast I have it with Apples with chocolate and it's just Amazing so I'm gonna enjoy this now Um And this yeah so it's called wow butter And over here in the UK you can get it In Holland and Barrett or Um you can get it online on Amazon but It's like it's quite expensive and I

Think it's actually a US brand so you Guys in the US you may well have heard Of this already but oh my God It's just amazing and like I've asked my Sister who can have nuts If it's similar she was like it's fairly Fairly similar to peanut butter but yeah Wow butter and I get the crunchy one They have a creamy one as well but I'm Like this stuff is just so good I don't Even want to change anything about it so Yeah I'm gonna have this with probably a Little bit of Honey on top for extra Sweetness But yeah that is my um my top tip of the Day for you guys wow butter Foreign Good Morning Foreign Hey guys so it's Wednesday morning now Um I'm so sorry I didn't check in for The rest of the yesterday the day just Kind of got carried away and or I got Carried away with the day and I was kind Of head down working on my business plan Which I'll talk more about in a second I was also working on a Secret online Project too and it was just lots of Stuff that Isn't particularly interesting to film Um and it's just while I'm getting to The next stage of hopefully opening up My own space there's lots of like

Homework and lots of serious sort of Finance money planning Um Side of things that I am just grappling With at the moment Um but I wanted to check in because I had a farmer's market on the weekend And it went so so well we sold out in Under two hours which was amazing so I Was selling hot cross buns I was selling Epic morning buns some sourdough Um some plant-based irresistible sausage Rolls Some crackers some olive oil Um and it was really really wonderful Like there was such a buzz there it was First down farmers market and all the Customers are super super lovely there Was so many people there great footfalls So On days like this it really makes all The hard work all the more worthwhile I Was pretty tired like Thursday Friday Saturday last week we were like long Days on my feet Um And I'm kind of getting better at just Like recognizing when to just simply Rest after a long day and when to when To go for a walk to kind of de-stress or When to go to the gym but even on those Days I just took it off because like Your body is pretty um Slammed as a baker already

Um so yeah that went really really well I was super happy I had my mum and my Sister on the stool helping me too And we just had loads of really nice Chats with the customers and Um some people came all the way from Like dalston which is the other side of London and they cycled there and I met Other people who are already following Lily's love so yeah it's just super Super lovely and um It was just a great day other things That I've been up to recently have been Writing a business plan so back in January I actually started writing a Hypothetical business plan For the next stages of Lily's loaf so Bricks and mortar Bakery Cafe shop Somewhere in South London and As you'll probably know over the past Year or so I've been looking at so many Properties And it's proving pretty pretty difficult I must say Um I have a very specific image in mind Of what I want the bakery cafe to look Like where it's going to be The sort of property Um how sunny the property is if it's North facing or south facing I am very Very picky very particular but this is a Decision that I'm not taking lightly and I'm not rushing into it because this is My forever dream and

Recently I'm not going to say too much About it but recently May have found A space Um It's not confirmed in any way shape or Form but it is pushing me to Write a more specific business plan and The books that I've been using have been These ones if you guys aren't interested In business plans or whatever then you Know it's absolutely fine because I Probably wouldn't be either Um but my grandfather actually bought These for Christmas for me because he Worked in business his whole life and He was always a big proponent of writing A solid business plan So I've been using these I first of all Based my first one off this one but then Actually I found this one a bit easier To follow so I'm working my way through Those and it's not something that I find Easy at all it's something I find very Very daunting terrifying But at the same time really going Through all the figures and Understanding how much the business Needs to make every week to sustain Itself to cover the costs and everything Um It also does make it seem a bit more Feasible So that's what I was doing yesterday

That's what I've been doing the past few Days really And I've also been working on another Online project which is kind of related To my ebook but it's I would say it's going to be more of an Online course for anyone who wants to Start their own micro Bakery And it will feature all sorts of Different topics and just really guide You through the process of Um what sort of equipment you need how To scale up how to refine your Production production hacks Um how to attract new customers how to Create your own brand image all of these Things I'd be really interested to hear If you guys are interested in that as Well as the ebook so the ebook will Probably be more centered around like my Business journey and recipes so maybe For like the home Baker and then the Course will be more for the really Keen Bakers who are looking to start their Own small businesses small business Micro bakeries so yeah leave me a Comment down below and let me know if You're interested in either of those Things maybe I'll do like a pre-sale Um early launch for a discounted price That can be kind of cool Um so yeah that's kind of what I've been Up to recently I feel like my brain is Worrying a lot of the time with so many

Things so many projects to juggle Um as well as doing weekly deliveries to My customers and local businesses Um yeah there's just a lot going on but I am hoping because on my vision mood Board I've got July 2023 to be in my new Bakery space so I'm hoping It's gonna happen I can feel it I can Really feel it Um but yeah I just wanted to check in Today and see how you guys were doing And I really hope you enjoyed this style Of video That's basically just like a couple days Um in my life as a small business owner Um As a baker sort of thing so yeah leave Me a comment down below let me know if You enjoyed it don't forget to like Subscribe all that shabang and I will See you next week for another video let Me know what you want to see next time If it's a recipe Um if it's just like more Vlogs Um so yeah thank you so much guys for Your continued support sending you lots Of love wherever you are in the world Bye bye take care Foreign Foreign Foreign

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