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Do you like Focaccia? Ciabatta? or PanKobo Bakery Focacciabatta?

Do you prefer Focaccia? or Ciabatta? or Focacciabatta?

Another texture for you to refresh your sandwich menu! 😋🥪 🥪🥪🥪👍
It is available only friday TGIF 🥳
Focacciabatta by PanKobo Bakery Focacciabatta by PanKobo Bakery
So crispy surface with soft inside, so easy to eat❣️
Other than making sandwich, you could cut it to small cube and toast it, and dip with your creamy soup (mushroom soup) or curry or stew🤤🍲
Share your ideas if you have more!💗

Sandwich menu sample Ideas:

Chicken Pesto Focaccia Sandwiches by  PureWow Editors

4d59461a2078394a3417d8c4936a683b- Malaysia, Johor (JB) Wholesaler, Supplier, Supply, Supplies, PanKobo Japanese Bakery was established in year 2013.This grilled caprese sandwich with a balsamic glaze is pack with fresh flavors of summer. #caprese#grilled#sandwich#Italian

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