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How to make ★Ham & Cheese Bread★Starting Bread Series!(EP127)

Today, I’m going to be making, Ham and Cheese bread.

Isn’t it look so delicious?!

I am starting the Japanese Bread Series come in every month!

I have introduced you to some Japanese bread, and you guys love it.

We have variety of bread uniquely developed in Japan. Japanese bread is characterized by its softness and moistness.

The summer heat is fading, so I want to start baking again!

Level ☆★★

250 g bread flour(2cups−1tbsp)
20 g sugar(1 ½ tbsp)
3 g salt(⅔ tsp)
3 g instant dry yeast( ⅔ tsp)
35 g unsalted butter (3 tbsp)
1 large egg
130~140 ml whole milk (3/5 cup)
¼ onion
8 slices ham
½ cup shredded cheese processed mozzarella
dried parsley
3 tbsp mayonnaise

Full recipe:

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[Music] Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo japanese everyday food Today i'm going to be making ham and Cheese bread I have introduced you to some japanese Bread And you guys love it i'm starting the Japanese bread series coming Every month the summer heat is fading so I want it to start baking again Let's get started i'm going to need this Hand today It doesn't take more than 5 minutes so Don't hesitate To do so first beat your egg in a bowl Add the milk and mix well Put your bread flour into a medium sized Bowl Add sugar and salt stir the mix Add in yeast and mix yeast should not Directly Contact with the salt because the Salt might cure the yeast add one third Of egg and milk mixture in a slow and Steady stream Toast distribute add the rest of the Egg milk mixture in two times and toast To distribute each time Save a little amount of egg milk mixture To adjust the consistency In this way you can distribute the wet Ingredients quickly And evenly add the rest of the mixture

To dry apart when the dough comes Together in one Rum cover with a plastic wrap Maybe 10 minutes to relax the gluten You can shorten that kneading time by Wasting the dough After 10 minutes take out the dough onto Your working surface Knead until smooth for 3 minutes If it's too sticky to handle that's with Some flour But do not add too much keep in mind That the japanese bread dough should be On the stickier side That makes soft and moist bread spread The dough And add creamed butter folding And knead until the bread dough comes Back together It takes about 2 minutes pinch the dough And your dough stretches thinly Almost see through the other side finish Kneading Shape into a bowl and put it back in a Greased bowl Cover with plastic and let it sit on a Warm place For 45 to 50 minutes until the dough Rises double in bulk Meanwhile let's prepare the toppings Slice your onion thinly against the Grain Separate your hand carefully set aside Until used after 15 minutes

The dough should look like this poke the Center with your Dusted four finger and the hole stays as It is It's good to go if the whole shrink You need to rise it for 10 or 15 minutes More If the dough defrays it is over Fermented Take out the dough onto a dusted working Surface Shape into a log and divide into eight Equal portions [Music] Shape into balls and cover with a Plastic to prevent from drying [Music] Let's shape into a bread roll Take one dough and roll out to cover the Hem In diameter [Music] Rotate the while you roll route Place a slice of ham in the center Roll it up by tucking the dough [Music] Pinch to seal the dough Put each end together Here comes the foam part cut the center Attach the end still open the cutting Side And put it on a cupcake liner And continue shaping the dough Line them on a baking tray and let them

Rise for 45 to 15 minutes until double in bulk Preheat the oven for 200 degrees celsius After 45 minutes the bread rolls look Puffy like this drizzle mayonnaise [Music] Topped with sliced onion and cheese Sprinkle dried parsley leaves and pop Them In the oven for 15 minutes rotate the Tray In half way through and look at that There you have your ham and cheese bread Enjoy the bread While it's still warm i used Processed mozzarella cheese for topping So it Stretches like this Smells wonderful in my kitchen maybe It's the best part of baking give it a Try and let me know how you like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and subscribe to my Channel if you haven't done so Already share the video with your Friends and family To enjoy my recipe tag me on your post If you give my recipe a try go to my Website for more information And my store on amazon has my Recommendations on Baking ingredients and tools thanks Again and i'll see you soon Bye


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