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Today I want to share with you my raisin Shokupan
Another delicious Shokupan!

This is a very popular daily bread you can find at any grocery store.

And it is often served as a school meal.

I was not too fond of it as a kid, but I like it as I grew older.

I found it better toasted, or as sandwich!

I am showing you how to enjoy in 3 ways!

Level ☆★★

・180×100×105 mold
250g bread flour
20g sugar
5g salt
3g instant dry yeast
25g unsalted butter
200ml whole milk
80g raisin

・Fruit Sandwich
100ml heavy cream
1 tablespoon yogurt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 kiwi fruit

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Shokupan ingredients list:

You will find what I am using in my video.

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Full recipe:

More info
Udemy SHOKUPAN Bread Baking 101



Ingredients for Japanese sweet:

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Thanks! Love from Japan♡


Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo Japanese everyday food today i want to Share with you My raisin shokutam another delicious Choco pan This is very popular daily bread you can Find at any grocery store And it often served as School meal to tell you the truth I didn't like it as a kid but i liked it As i grew older i found it Better toasted or sandwiched rather than Eating As it let's get started First let's prepare the raisin the razor Is from california And i didn't expect in that size Take off any stem remaining And then pour over boiling water Rehydrate Just outside and remove the oil If coated leave it 10 seconds And drain pot dry and let it sit until Used If you add raisin as is it will absorb The moisture And end up with dry bread In a stand mixer bowl put in the bread Flour Salt and sugar and mix until well Combined Add in yeast and keep the mixer running Add the milk in a slow and steady stream

The milk should be at room temperature To be on the Proper baking process if you take out Milk just before kneading you can warm It up In the microwave oven but keep in mind Not too warm when you stick your Finger into the milk if you feel Nothing or feel slightly warm that's Good to use Run the mixer for seven to eight minutes In most cases after seven to eight Minutes of mixing Gluten has developed already Add in room temperature butter and knead 3 more minutes The dough still stick to the side of the Bowl But no need to worry some people Ask me my dough is too sticky to handle And they want to add more flour but Don't do that i want you to do is Work quickly and you can get a soft and Moist bread All the liquid in the dough is milk So it's sticky and it's not easy to Handle At this stage after 3 minutes Add raisin mix until just evenly Incorporated [Music] Transfer to a greased bowl with a wet Spatula Shape into a dough with tension on the

Surface Handle the dough with a wet spatula or a Damp Hand makes your chokepam Making process much easier Cover and let it rise at the warm spot For 45 minutes While the first fermentation grease the Mold With vegetable oil or oil spray After 45 minutes the dough rises double In volume Now punch down the dough what this does Is providing the dough With fresh oxygen and activate The yeast cover and let it rise for Another 30 minutes after 30 minutes The dough rises even higher Poke the dough with your dusted finger And the hole stays as it is it's good to Go If the holes spring back leave 10 to 15 Minutes more If your fermentation goes too far the Dough will corrupt Take out the dough onto your dusted Working surface With your dusted hand Keep in mind use a minimum flower to Handle Divide into two and shape into bowls Cover and take 10 minutes bench rest [Music]

While the bench rest the dough relax and You can shape the dough easily today i'm Going to shape into Double mountains roll out the dough Into 20 by 15 centimeter rectangle [Music] Or as wide as your pan [Music] Roll it up tucking the dough towards you And give tension on the surface Pinch to seal the end Repeat the process [Music] [Music] Put in the dough side by side in the Mold And gently tap the surface to even the Level Cover and let it rise up to one to Two centimeter over the edge It's going to take 40 to 15 minutes While fermentation preheat the oven for 100 degrees celsius Pop in the oven and reset the oven to 200 degrees celsius and bake it to Expand As high as possible and cook through Choco pan is a large volume bread it Might not cook through If start baking on high heat I hope this makes sense to you When the surface starts browning cover With aluminum foil Take out from the oven and tap the mold

Onto the working surface to remove the Hot air inside Take out onto the wire rack to cool it Down Smells so good as always but sweeter Than the plain chocolate It is so soft so carefully slice If you want to eat soon after baking I always slice the homemade bread the Next day And after slicing i keep it in the Freezer Let me show you my favorite way of Enjoying the latin shock ban First fruit sandwich The sugar content is not so high But the resin gives the sweetness to the Bread dough So it makes a nice dessert sandwich And i like laying with cheese Any kind of cheese makes a great cheese Sandwich But i have a good one today And don't forget the toast I love applying a lot of butter on top To the raisin shock pan the biggest Reason I love homemade chocolate is containing No additives and any suspicious agent But mostly tastes wonderful Store-bought chocolate is too light to Eat for me and there is no satisfaction What do you think about homemade bread Let me know your thoughts

On homemade bread in the comment Give it a try and let me know how you Like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up And share the video with your friends And families and don't forget to Subscribe to my channel If you haven't done so already follow me On the social media and tag me on your Post If you give it a try and go to my Website for the printable recipe And more information and my store On amazon has pretty much everything That i'm using In my video stay safe and stay healthy And i will see you soon bye

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