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180×100×120 mm Shokupan mold

300g rice flour (or normal rice flour)
5g instant dry yeast (you can also use active dry yeast)
25g sugar
4g salt
250g water for Mizuho Tikara, 300g water for normal rice flour
12g vegetable oil (canola)

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Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo japanese everyday food Today i'm gonna be making rice flour Shokban Yes it's a gluten-free version of choc Bam that has been requested by many of You i did my research online for a Gluten-free recipe Some of those a little complicated like Making wool using sorghum or kisantengam Which i don't even know how to pronounce To thicken up the dough to develop a Structure I think the recipe should be simple Because the chocolate is supposed to eat On a daily basis I did my experiment with rice flour and It came out so so It came out As i expected nothing more nothing less But i found a rice flour which has been Improved for bread baking That rice flour makes perfect shock pan Looks just like chocolate pan made of Wheat flour The instruction is very simple you don't Even need to knead the dough Let's get started Today i prepared two rice flours Let's have a close look at these The right hand side is a type of rice Flour Called Mizuhochara

It contains more amilos which is a Component of starch in rice makes rice Dry in texture like long grain rice like Jasmine rice can be milled so fine Which is suitable for baking On the contrary the normal rice flour Contains less aminos Which makes chewy and moist texture It's not easy to meal finely So it doesn't make a good bread That means finding a rice flour which Made from long grain rice is the key to Make a good Rice flour bread First let's combine rice flour and sugar And salt Whisk until evenly mixed [Music] Add in yeast and mix to combine [Music] Pour the water slow and steady stream It looks a lot of moisture But it's okay Add in vegetable oil I am using canola oil Whisk on medium It's a fall on my stand mixer for 5 Minutes As i said rice flour doesn't contain any Gluten it doesn't create dough structure Mix really well and holding as much as Air to activate the yeast It's crucial at this point It is a butter rather than the bread

Though but it's totally fine The consistency is like Icing for the cake topping Do not add any more rice flour if it Looks very wet It is what it is Do the same to the other rice flour [Music] Cover with a plastic wrap and let it Rise for 30 minutes at 28 to 30 degrees Celsius While waiting line a parchment paper in The shock pan mode Grease the inside and line the paper a Little bit taller than the edges after 30 minutes the butter should rise like This After 30 minutes the butter should rise Like this Smells yeasty and it doesn't seem to be Making a bread but it is okay Give it a stir and bring the fresh air In the butter It's a punch as we always do to the Bread dough Leave another 30 minutes until the Butter rising almost double in volume Meanwhile Let's see what alex is doing He is so cute After 30 minutes the butter should look Like this We can't do the finger test to the Batter so we should judge to look at the

Volume It seems to be good and smells just like The normal bread Transfer to a prepared mold and leave it At warm spot for 45 to 50 minutes Or until double in volume Make a mark with the butter at the Double in volume point In that way you can decide when to start Baking Preheat the oven to 100 degrees celsius As always We are baking from the low temperature We call it as cold start For this kind of large volume bread it's Going to take longer to cook completely And to make sure to cook really inside We'd better start baking on low When your butter rises up to the point Where you marked pop it into the oven With the lid on The surface of the rice flour bread Tends to dry and get crunchy quickly And butter contains more moisture in it So we need longer time to cook To cook thoroughly with the nice golden Brown crust we start cooking with the Lid hopefully my bread rises like Mountain shape so i put the other chakra Mode as a lid You can put the lid or a piece of Aluminum foil Bake 25 minutes with the lid on Then take off the lid

Bake 20 more minutes The other one has a dent on the surface But it's still okay i think But i can't take out nicely Be careful with your parchment paper This is so this and the texture is so Moist It doesn't taste like rice but super Moist bread If you don't know what it is made of You have no idea why it is so moist But once you toast it You know what it is made of It tastes just like mochi The one with the normal rice flour makes Spongy texture So i drizzle honey on it I salt it by soak it up It tastes so good With this recipe you can enjoy the same Bread with your friend allergic to Gluten And the rice flour keeps you full longer So it is healthy Healthier than the wheat flour bread I hope you learned something from this Recipe and please give it a try and let Me know how you like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and share the video with Your friends and families And don't forget to subscribe to my Channel if you haven't done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me

On your post if you give it a try And go to my website for the printable Recipe and more information And my store on amazon has pretty much Everything that i'm using in my video Thanks again and i will see you soon Bye

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