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How to Make Homemade Rice Buns Using a Blender: Quick Recipe Ready in Under 1 Hour!

Looking to whip up a delightful homemade snack in no time? Learn how to make delicious rice buns using a blender! This quick and easy recipe will have you enjoying freshly cooked treats in under 1 hour.


Kitchen Princess Bamboo, also known as Japanese Everyday Food, has released another mouthwatering video showcasing how to make Homemade Rice Buns using a blender. This quick and easy recipe is perfect for those looking to add a unique twist to their culinary skills. In this article, we will delve into the details of the video, highlighting key steps and ingredients to create these delicious Rice Buns. Let’s explore the world of Kitchen Princess Bamboo and her innovative cooking techniques that leave viewers craving more.

Unveiling the Recipe

In the video, Kitchen Princess Bamboo demonstrates the art of creating Rice Buns using a blender. The recipe emphasizes the importance of using short grain rice for optimal results.

  1. Ingredients Needed: Kitchen Princess Bamboo lists the following ingredients for the recipe:

    • Short grain rice
    • Rice flour
    • Water
    • Filling of your choice (e.g., vegetables, meat)
  2. Preparing the Rice Flour Batter: The video meticulously guides viewers through the process of preparing the rice flour batter, ensuring the right consistency for the Rice Buns.

  3. Baking the Rice Buns: Viewers are taken through the steps of filling muffin tins with the rice flour batter and baking the Rice Buns to perfection.

Social Media and Community Engagement

Kitchen Princess Bamboo encourages viewers to connect with her on various social media platforms and websites, fostering a sense of community around her culinary creations.

  • The website princessbamboo.com serves as a hub for all her recipes and updates.
  • On Facebook, fans can follow Kitchen Princess Bamboo at kitchenprincessbamboo.
  • The Happy Eating Group on Facebook provides a space for fans to share their cooking experiences and tips.
  • For those looking to hone their cooking skills further, the SHOKUPAN course on Udemy offers an in-depth learning experience.

Music and Collaboration

The captivating music in the video is courtesy of Migiwa Miyajima, adding an extra layer of charm to the cooking process showcased by Kitchen Princess Bamboo. The seamless collaboration between music and culinary artistry enhances the overall viewing experience.


Kitchen Princess Bamboo’s video on making Homemade Rice Buns using a blender is a delightful exploration into innovative cooking techniques. The recipe’s simplicity combined with the expert guidance provided makes it a must-try for food enthusiasts. As the aroma of freshly baked Rice Buns fills the kitchen, viewers are left inspired to experiment with new flavors and textures in their own culinary adventures.


  1. Can I substitute long grain rice for the short grain rice in the recipe?

    • The recipe works best with short grain rice due to its sticky texture, which helps bind the Rice Buns together effectively.
  2. Are there variations recommended for the fillings in the Rice Buns?

    • Yes, Kitchen Princess Bamboo encourages creativity with fillings, ranging from traditional vegetables to savory meat options.
  3. Where can I find more recipes by Kitchen Princess Bamboo?

    • Explore princessbamboo.com for a collection of delectable recipes curated by Kitchen Princess Bamboo herself.
  4. How can I support Kitchen Princess Bamboo’s content creation efforts?

    • By visiting the Amazon store through provided links, you contribute to Kitchen Princess Bamboo’s giveaways funded by commissions earned.
  5. Is the Rice Bun recipe suitable for beginners in the kitchen?

    • Absolutely! The video provides detailed instructions making it accessible for cooks of all skill levels to recreate the delicious Rice Buns.
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