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Micro bakery diaries | Writing a book & making sourdough bagels

Hey guys! I wanted to share a few of the projects I’m working on at the moment with you all… I’ve been writing an ebook, as well as doing my weekly deliveries, and also have a go at making some sourdough bagels. Hope you enjoy and give the bagels a go! Lily x

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Sourdough Bagel Recipe: https://www.theclevercarrot.com/2021/06/easy-homemade-sourdough-bagels/#tasty-recipes-28357-jump-target

Thank you Hey guys welcome back to my series if You're new here I'm Lily and I run my Own micro Bakery small business called Lily's Loaf in South London so welcome Back guys it is Tuesday Morning it has Been a very busy morning of bakes and Deliveries so I've done all of my Sourdough morning buns cookies and all The deliveries were out the door by 7 20 So I was very happy with that it's Always I always feel a bit frazzled on These mornings because it is a bit of a Rush to get everything out on time Um but great news is that one of my Wholesale clients who had moved into Central London and we were still Supplying them on the bike they've moved Back to South West London and it's Honestly such a massive relief because It was At least a 40 minute Journey there 40 Minute Journey back so it was a big Burden but I obviously still wanted to Continue our partnership and supplying Them so I'm just so relieved that They're back local again so what else Have I been up to recently I have been Writing my ebook and well it's Definitely A challenge and a different muscle that I'm flexing I've never written a book Before I'm not an author I'm not a Journalist I'm not a writer but I'm

Giving it my best go because I really want to put something out in The world where it's a real Collection of recipes Practical guides and stories on how I've Built my small business over the past Two and a half years or so And I just want one space obviously it's Going to be digital but one physical Space where I'll have my best recipes in There that you guys can try and also Just like the collection of really Beautiful Photography too and yeah just kind of Sharing the journey over the past two And a half years it's also still been Looking for a property to move my micro Bakery into this seems like a very long Journey though Um because it's a transition that I Don't want to rush but at the same time I really want to be there right now and Kind of move my life and move the Business into there Um I'm always looking online on like Um Rightmove and zoopla and these online Estate agent websites and I'm calling up People but it just seems to be very very Competitive and Um just like a long journey to get The perfect location the perfect space Everything Um so it's not something that I want to Rush but it also is at the same time so

This video was actually meant to be a Bagel tutorial but because I feel like I Haven't spoken to you guys in a while Um I'm just gonna add little Snippets of The bagel Um recipe throughout the rest of the Video and I'll pop the recipe down below It's not my recipe I've kind of tweaked The one that I'm using so I'll link that One down below so you guys can give it a Go Um but yeah I just feel like it had been A a little while since I've caught up With you all and all of the various Different projects that I'm doing at the Moment Um so I hope you enjoyed this video Um and yeah let's get on with Bagels so These Bagels were actually leavened with Sourdough starter so they consist of Bubbly active starter whole grain bread Flour strong white bread flour little Sugar a little sea salt I mixed the Dough on Monday morning and then let it Bulk ferment for about 12 to 13 hours Actually And then I put it in my fridge overnight For a long cold ferment And then on Tuesday morning I shaped the Dough and shaped them into the classic Bagel shape before boiling them and then Adding any toppings that I fancied so Here I added some sesame seeds and Nigella seeds and also some garlic

Powder and these ones turned out really Really tasty so I definitely recommend My other ones that I made were just Either plain or cinnamon and raisin but The cinnamon and raisin ones were Wacko when I took them out of the oven They were a little bit odd Um anyway we will ignore those Um I think where I went wrong with these Was I didn't make the hole big enough And in the bake they just kind of closed Up so they turned into more little Sourdough buns instead of bagels but They were still really really tasty and I'm quite impressed that they are 100 Sourdough Um so I definitely give them a go the Recipe is from somebody called the Clever carrot.com I'll leave the link Down below Um but I really hope you guys enjoyed This video leave me a comment down below Let me know what you want to see next Time and I will see you very soon take Care guys bye Foreign

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