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Panettone and Beyond: Creative Recipes Using Leftover Slices with PanKobo

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The joy of Panettone doesn’t end with the last slice โ€“ it transforms into an opportunity for culinary creativity. Join PanKobo Japanese Bakery as we venture into the realm of inventive recipes, turning leftover Panettone slices into delightful treats that prolong the festive magic.

Panettone French Toast: A Decadent Breakfast Indulgence:

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Transform your morning routine into a decadent affair by turning leftover Panettone slices into French toast. Dip slices in a rich egg batter, pan-fry to golden perfection, and drizzle with maple syrup. It’s a breakfast indulgence that combines the airy texture of Panettone with the classic flavors of French toast.

Panettone Bread Pudding: Comfort in Every Bite:

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Embrace the warmth of the season by creating a comforting Panettone bread pudding. Combine Panettone cubes with a luscious custard mixture, bake until golden brown, and enjoy a dessert that encapsulates the essence of the holidays. Top with a dollop of whipped cream for an extra touch of indulgence.

Panettone Trifle: Layers of Sweet Elegance:

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Elevate your dessert game with a Panettone trifle โ€“ a layered masterpiece of Panettone cubes, custard, and seasonal fruits. Assemble the trifle in a glass dish for a visually stunning treat that adds an elegant touch to your festive table. It’s a dessert that combines simplicity with sophistication.

Panettone Ice Cream Sandwiches: Cool and Creamy Delight:

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Take a playful approach to leftover Panettone by creating ice cream sandwiches. Cut Panettone into rounds, sandwich your favorite ice cream between two slices, and roll the edges in nuts or chocolate chips. The result? A cool and creamy delight that adds a touch of whimsy to your holiday celebrations.

Panettone Bread Crumbs: A Versatile Kitchen Staple:

Grind leftover Panettone slices into breadcrumbs, adding a sweet twist to your savory dishes. Use these Panettone breadcrumbs to coat chicken or fish for a unique flavor profile that adds a hint of sweetness to your favorite recipes. It’s a versatile kitchen staple that enhances both texture and taste.

Panettone Muffins: On-the-Go Festive Treats:

Repurpose Panettone into convenient on-the-go muffins. Simply chop leftover Panettone into small pieces, fold them into a muffin batter, and bake. These Panettone muffins make for a delightful snack or a thoughtful homemade gift for friends and family.

PanKobo’s Leftover Panettone Recipe Tips:

At PanKobo Japanese Bakery, we encourage you to explore the endless possibilities of leftover Panettone. From creative twists on classics to innovative flavor combinations, our leftover Panettone recipe tips aim to make every bite a celebration.


As you embark on a culinary journey with leftover Panettone, let your creativity be the guiding star. With PanKobo, the magic of Panettone extends far beyond the initial slices, transforming into a canvas for innovative recipes that capture the festive spirit.

Celebrate the season with PanKobo โ€“ where Panettone inspires endless culinary delights.

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Savor the season with PanKoboโ€™s Panettone Passion Delight 2023 โ€“ a symphony of flavors awaits! Order now and treat your taste buds to the magic of tradition and innovation.

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