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RICE FLOUR TANG ZHONG MILK ROLLS | Amazing Melt-in-your-month bread

Today I’m going to be making MILK ROLLS using RICE FLOUR TANG ZHONG.
Using rice flour for your bread is a little bit tricky because it doesn’t have gluten in it.

And the rice flour needs more moisture than wheat flour.

But when you properly use it in the recipe it’s gonna make fluffy and moist bread.

17~18 Rolls
・Rice Flour Tang Zhong
100g rice flour (plain rice flour)
280ml whole milk
・bread dough
300g bread flour
40g sugar
6g salt
6g instant yeast
50ml water
40g unsalted butter

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[Music] Hi friends welcome back today i'm going To be making white rolls using a rice Flour tanzan using rice flour in your Bread is a little bit tricky because it Doesn't have a gluten in it and it needs More moisture than the wheat flour but When you properly use it you can make a Fluffy and moist bread and you are gonna Love it let's get started Let's start making the rice flour tan Zone Put your rice flour into the frying pan And pour the milk Whisk well and turn the heat to medium Low Constantly stir and cook it until Partially start cuttering Turn the heat off and give it a stir Until it becomes a thick paste Let it cool until slightly chewed Put your flour and sugar in the salt in Your stand mixer bowl Whisk well and add instant yeast Pour in water and run the mixer until it Looks like this It looks like a dry shaky mess Add rice flour tenzing and let the mixer Run until it comes to one lamp for a Couple of minutes The temperature of the rice stand zone Is about 40 degrees celsius at this Point And after it makes a dough turn the

Speed to medium and knead for another 5 Minutes After 5 minutes the dough looks like This It contains less gluten than usual so It's not stretched like a paper thing But still you can see the gluten has Developed Add butter and knead for another couple Of minutes [Music] And let's see the gluten has developed Or not This is called window pane test if you Can stretch the dough without breaking Like this the gluten has developed Enough so you can go to the next stage It looks good so let's give it the first Fermentation Shape into a bowl and put it in a Greased bowl Press it in a warm spot and let it rise Until it doubles in volume It passed 45 minutes let's give it a Finger test When you poke the center of the dough With your dusted finger and the hole Stay as it is it is good to go Take it out onto the dusty working Surface way the dough if you want to Make it into the same size And cut the dough like w shape and make It into a rub And divide the dough into 40 grams

You will have 17 to 18 bowls Shape into a bowl For the round shape you don't have to Take bench rest Just shape into a bowl and press it on a Baking tray [Music] [Music] Do [Music] [Music] Cover with plastic wrap to prevent from Drying out And i made a small dog band shape Take one dough after five minutes of Bench resting tap the dough to flatten And roll them into oval shape fold in Three and then fold in half Pinch to seal the end [Music] Roll it until it becomes 12 centimeter Long And press it on the baking tray Cover with the plastic wrap and let it Rice for about 30 minutes While fermenting preheat the oven to 140 Degrees celsius How to tell the fermentation is properly Done or not It rises almost double in volume and When you touch it gently with your Finger and it slowly comes back it's Good to go and before put it into the Oven spray water on the surface

What this does is give it moisture Because we bake it for a longer time Than usual in a lower temperature And pop it in the preheated oven for 20 Minutes Rotate the tray halfway through [Music] And it's done You can serve as it is as the dinner Rolls you can surprise people with the Melt in your mouth texture I'll make sandwiches For the duck bands i'm gonna make a egg Salad sandwich The feeling is silky smooth to match the Rose moist and sauce texture Sandwiched generous amount of egg Filling And to make a strawberry sandwich mix Greek yogurt and same amount of heavy Cream and a little bit of sugar and whip It up [Music] And sandwich generous amount of yogurt Cream and strawberries and apply the Sliced strawberries How cute is it And the last one is the cream cheese and Jam Any gem and jellies can be used but i'm Using a friction that i made last year The combination of sweet jam and tangy Cream cheese is so good The bread is not chewy like 100 wheat

Flour bread but it is so moist and melt In your mouth texture And you can easily bite through with the Fillings without flowing over I hope you will give this recipe a try At this weekend Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and share the video with Your friends and families and don't Forget to subscribe to my channel if you Haven't done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post if you give it a try And join my happy eating group to share Your food with me And go to my website for more Information In my store on amazon has pretty much Everything that i'm using in my video Stay safe and stay healthy and i will See you soon Bye

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